Ten Guitars That Had the Most Impact on the Sound of Music

Ten Guitars That changed the Sound of Music The good thing about having an innovative mindset is that things become better over time, and the same happened with guitars as well. The quest to get a different sound resulted in several unique guitars being developed over the years.

Here are TEN Guitars that have had the most impact on the sound of Music. These guitars changed the way people perceived the sound of music.

The best part about these guitars is that they are so easy and fun to play, in addition to having a great sound.

Harmony Danelectro & Harmony Stratotone Guitars

Gibson ES 295 electric guitar

Gibson L5 electric guitar

Gibson ES 335 electric guitar

Gibson Les Paul electric guitar

Fender Telecaster electric guitar

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

Gretsch Chet Atkins electric guitar

Gretsch Country Gentleman electric guitar

Rickenbacker 12-String electric guitar

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Do you know how some of the more affordable guitars looked like? One of my uncles bought his first guitar way back in 1968; it was a Harmony acoustic dreadnought guitar, which was priced around $30.00 then, It had little plastic pin covers on the bridge which were used for anchoring the strings, it had plastic tuner handles and barely-there pick guard. It was inexpensive (I guess not considering it was more than three decades back) but it was a good guitar.

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