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Takamine brand

Takamine Guitars Takamine Guitars Buying Guide: Checkout their range of guitars, including some top class acoustic, classical and even electric guitars.

Takamine Guitars

Takamine, as a brand, is known for their acoustic guitars. They have a range of affordable guitars that are easy on the pockets, but still produce excellent tone and sound. Takamine also has a good range of acoustic electric guitars on offer. And the price varies from as low as around 250 dollars to as high as a few thousand bucks.

Takamine Guitars

I have seen several big-time performers using Takamine guitars, and the sound quality from them was as good as it gets.

Are you wondering if any well-known musician uses this brand? Of couse Yes!

Their classical guitars are one of the most respected brands the market. Some of their patrons include famous musicians such as Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Garth Brooks, and Linkin Park.

Takamine Guitar Reviews

Here we take a look at some of the bestselling guitars from Takamine that are being used by guitar players from around the world.

Jasmine by Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar

Jasmine by Takamine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar

Takamine GD30CE-NAT Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Takamine G Series GS330S

Takamine G Series GS330S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The GS330S dreadnought guitar is already an established name and quite popular, as one of the best playing acoustic guitar in this price band; highly recommended!

For just around 300 bucks, you can expect such a nice & warm sounding guitar only from Takamine. Even though the G-Series guitars are created from the hobbyist to the more professional guitar players, cost-wise they are much more affordable compared to some of the other brands on the market.

Pros: Value-for-money, Great sound for the price, Stays in tune for longer periods
Cons: No pickguard, No inlay on fretboard

Key features of this guitar:

  • Solid Cedar top for warm, deep resonant tone, and the tone only gets better over the years
  • Ultra light satin finish adds to the overall resonance of the guitar
  • Nato side and back
  • Mahogany neck and dual action adjustable tension rod for true guitar playing
  • Rosewood fretboard and bridge
  • Chrome tuning pegs
  • Factory setting up is good, low enough for most beginners.
  • Stays in tune very well.

Takamine Classical Guitar Reviews

Takamine Classical Guitars One of the more popular guitars in the market; they have a wide range of products to suit the skills of various wannabe guitarists.

This is a Japanese brand and is endorsed by famous guitarists such as Jon Bon Jovi, Garth Brooks, Bruce Springsteen, Avril Lavigne, and Linkin Park.

The sound is warm and mellow, with or without amplification, and will perfectly complement your skills to perfection.

Takamine classical guitars are categorized under the Hirade series.

Takamine Classical Guitar

These are made from the finest wood such as mahogany, cedar wood, rosewood and ebony.

The designs are also quite beautiful with tri color mosaic wood which encircles the sound hole, the turning heads are also finely inlaid with pearl and gold.

Buying Options
Takamine classical guitars are easy to hold & play, and use the finest craftsmanship. No wonder they are quite popular amongst the top star musicians. You can buy them online for great deals and bundled packages.

About the Brand

Takamine is a Japanese based guitar company; and have been in the business of making guitars for several decades now (it was established in 1962).

The name actually is named after the Takamine Mountains in Sakashita, Japan.

In 1978, they were among the first companies to introduce acoustic-electric models, where they pioneered the design of the pre-amp/equalizer component.

This brand now has grown quite big and has grown into a multinational guitar manufacturing company that produces guitars for beginning guitarists as well as for professional musicians.

Though they have a range of guitars, they are actually quite popular for one thing, and that is their steel string acoustic guitars.

Why Takamine?

There is no doubt that a majority of beginners go for this brand, because of their value-for-money proposition. These are known for their affordability and quality.

Cannot afford the high end guitars? Why not use these till then?

In fact, there are many experienced players and performing guitarists who think that most of the top-end Takamine guitars (five hundred dollar price range) are actually outright copies of Martin Guitars.

So if you are a beginner who is serious about learning to play the guitar, or an intermediate level guitar player, then this brand can offer you some high-quality instruments at relatively low prices.

Takamine acoustic electric Guitars

Though Takamine makes great guitars, they are more popular with learners and with those guitar players who want a value-for-money guitar. Having said that, they do have a wide range of guitars for the skilled players as well. In general, this brand is known for their steel-string acoustic guitars.

Takamine Guitars

Various Series

Takamine has several series, each varying somewhat in construction quality, materials used and specifications which gives a particular tonal result.

Here are the various series available, select one that suits your playing style.

Limited Edition

Takamine celebrates 51 years of acoustic tradition and peerless guitar craft with the special-edition LTD2013 SE “Peak” model.

Signature Series

These are equipped to inspire great performances from singers and songwriters alike.

Pro Series 7

For the serious performers, featuring solid spruce tops and solid rosewood backs and sides, beautiful flame maple body and neck binding and the CTP-2 CoolTube preamp for unmatched amplified performance.

Pro Series 6

A stunning collection of guitars with bold looks and features that will help you stand out visually and sonically. With solid spruce tops, solid flame maple backs and flame maple sides, plus the CT4-DX preamp.

Pro Series 5

For the performer in mind, featuring solid spruce tops, solid rosewood backs and rosewood sides, and the CT4-DX preamp system for peerless amplified performance.

Pro Series 4

With a refined style and strong, clear voice, the P4DC offers an immediately rewarding acoustic experience. With a solid spruce top, solid sapele back and sapele sides, and CT4B II preamp.

Pro Series 3

Elegantly appointed with resonant tonewoods, decorative touches and state-of-the-art electronics. An exquisite acoustic experience onstage and off.

Pro Series 2

Great projection, balance and harmonic richness. Split-bone-saddle bridge provides faultless intonation.

Pro Series 1

Resonant X-braced solid cedar tops, sapele backs and sides, and the acclaimed CT4B II preamp system for outstanding amplified sound and performance.

Legacy Series

A distinct collection of many longtime fan favorites from past Takamine® series with great names such as Keystone, Tradesman, Nouveau and Santa Fe.

Classics & Hirade

Solid cedar or spruce tops with rosewood backs and sides for a brilliant and rich classic tone.

Bass Guitars

Takamine has put 40 years of experience into producing some of the finest electro-acoustic bass guitars the industry.

G Series Jumbo

As the name implies these guitars are big, bold and very beautiful. The jumbo body creates a sound that is loud and strong with excellent articulation all the way up the neck.

G Series Classics

Our classical guitars pay homage to tradition but are built to modern standards of construction and performance. Tone is of utmost importance.

G Series Bass

G Series jumbo acoustic basses are known for excellent tone, stable tuning and state of the art pickups and preamps.

G Series FXC

The FXC is a small body voiced to cut through other instruments and a great choice for a player used to playing electric guitars.

G Series NEX

This is our version of the “auditorium” sized guitar. This body size is extremely comfortable to play on stage whether seated or standing.

G Series Dreadnoughts

The dreadnought is built for power and projection. The tone is deep,rich and complex. Suited for a wide range of musical styles from rock to country where volume and “cut” is essential.

G Series Ukulele

Takamine ukuleles are available in soprano, concert and tenor sizes. Each feature quality craftsmanship and the tonal quality you’d expect from Takamine.

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