Synthesizer Keyboard – Editing Features make it Different from Arrangers

Synthesizer Keyboard
A synthesizer keyboard with its amazing sounds, patterns, audio recording capability and editing features makes it quite different from an arranger keyboard.

Synthesizers come in various sizes – 61 keys, 76 keys, 88 keys and less than 61 keys…but the most common ones are the 61-Key or smaller Synthesizers.

In terms of features, except for the number of keys, all of them have more or less the same functions.

A 61-key synth looks similar to an arranger keyboard; you will also find a synth-action on both these instruments… but that is where most of the comparison ends. A synthesizer is far more sophisticated and is meant to be used by advanced users.

Most of the 61 key synthesizers do not have built-in speakers, so you will need good external speakers to hear your keyboard synthesizers output.

Synthesizer vs Electronic Keyboard

A Synthesizer Keyboard is basically a sound-generating machine and unlike an Arranger keyboard, it does not contain built-in musical sequences, intros, accompaniments, and fill ins. It contains loops and arpeggios which can be modulated and stored to be played back later.

Synths can produce melody as well as percussion sounds ranging from reed instruments to drums. But its true power is its possibility to create completely new and unheard of sounds.

All these keyboard synthesizers provide you with different ways to create extremely sophisticated sounds. You can choose to either program these in, or you can operate in real time to give your sounds a high degree of expressive life.

Synthesizer Keyboard

61 Key Synthesizers – Important Benefits!

Here are some of the important features that you can find on a keyboard synthesizer!

  • Studio quality sounds
  • All in one Instrument
  • – Amazing sounds, patterns & sequencer!

  • Multi-track Recorder
  • for Audio & MIDI, with onboard mixer and dedicated transport controls!

  • Tweak the Sounds
  • – Knobs and Buttons to tweak the sounds as you wish.

  • Built-in Arpeggiator and Multi-Effects
  • Interface to PC
  • – Easily connected to a PC or Mac through the USB port

    Free Bundled Sequencing Software

    Besides the features listed above, most of the 61 Key Synthesizers will offer you free sequencing software along with the instrument, when you make a purchase.

    So if you have been planning to buy a sequencing software program, just hold on. You may get it free along with your 61 Key Synthesizer.

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