How Does a Synth Keyboard Let You Create Your Own Sounds

Synth Keyboard A Synth Keyboard gives you a lot of control by letting you modify sound related parameters.

Here’s how a synth keyboard let you create your own sounds.

Sound Generating Elements

A synthesizer includes sound generating elements which creates a basic set of audio waveforms.

Now, to create a different sound you should be able to modulate or change these waveforms. This is the reason synthesizers come with so many knobs, sliders and buttons.

These controls let you modulate the basic waveforms so that you can create sounds with totally different patterns. Using the knobs and sliders, you can change the waveforms pitch, frequency, amplitude and other parameters to create entirely new sounds.

The following are some of its features:

It produces waveforms and lets you modulate (change) them to create new audio waveforms

It doesn’t contain accompaniments nor do they have built-in speakers

It contains loops, arpeggios and effects
• Extremely versatile

Used to create sounds that can be used as sound effects in background scores

Used mostly in studios

Used by lot of keyboardists to play in a band because of their stunning sounds and effects.

Here are a couple of videos explaining the Fundamentals of Synthesizer Programming

How To Add Effects?

You will find this section in all the synths and this is what lets you alter the waveform to produce that different sound.

A particular sound or timbre sounds that way because of the waveform generated and you can change it by altering these four things:
Attack – This is the time taken for a sound to reach its maximum level after a key is pressed.

Decay – This is the rate at which the volume decreases from that maximum level.

Sustain – This is the level of the sound while the key remains pressed.

Release – this is the duration of the sound after the key is released.

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