Sustain pedal on Digital Piano Doesn’t Work

Hi, the sustain pedal on my Kawai CN41 digital piano doesn’t work. While moving the piano, the pedal wire that clips into the underside of the keyboard was inadvertently jerked out. The edge of the plastic clip is broke and now the sustain pedal doesn’t work. I think I have a connection problem where the clip gets plugged into the underside of the piano keys? Are there replacement parts or suggestions?

Sustain pedal on Digital Piano Doesn't Work

Sustain pedal on Digital Piano Doesn't Work

Here are videos on How to Fix the Sustain Pedal on a Piano:

In some cases, when the keyboard is switched on, it sustains by itself, even when the damper pedal is not depressed. In this case, try doing either a factory reset or when you switch on the piano, make sure you keep the pedal pressed. It should reverse the action.

With digital pianos, usually the pedal is either not registered or is registered in reverse if the power is on when you plug in the pedal. So you just need to turn-off your digital piano keyboard, plug in the pedal to the sustain jack and then switch-on the power. This solves the problem most of the time.

If you’re playing the piano after a very long gap, the Damper, Sustain, and Soft pedals may not work. Occasionally it works, but the very next moment it doesn’t work for the same keys. If you have moved recently, something may have been jarred during the move process, which may break something related to the pedal. And most don’t understand the internal wiring to fix it by themselves.

In some cases, a wire from the pedal gets ‘unplugged’ or broken. The problem with the pedal sometimes is that the wire at the back is not put in a right place.

In some cases, even after opening the pedals box, you may not notice anything wrong. Opening the cover of the piano to check connectors or if anything else looked wrong, but it may all seem very clean and nothing seemed to be unplugged. In that case, you may need professional help.

With sustain pedals on digital pianos, there are a couple of places where things could go wrong. The first is the physical connection itself. May be while moving the piano, connection between the pedals and the cable / cable stops would have become loose. These fixes are easy to diagnose and to fix. It could mean tightening up some screws, or if the cable is broken then probably replacing it. If the main board itself is not recognizing the Pedal presses then it becomes a bit tricky, since you have to trace if the signal for the “Pedal Press” is reaching the circuit board.

When trying to reset the program (to make it go back to normal) make sure to save all your file so you have a copy, again if it does not work you need to consult a technician or service centre because sometimes we need to check the inside of the unit to make sure or wire and contact is place. To do a reset you will need a service manual of your Digital Piano. – Craig (South Dakota, US)


Foot Pedal is Always On
by: John Robitaille (Bloomfield, CT, USA)

The far left foot pedal is always on – Hammond concerto 33 digital piano

The pedal is always on and extends the notes. It doesn’t appear stuck in the down position. Is there a switch or something that is defective?
Sustain Pedal/Rotor Problem with Nord
by: Suresh

I think its one of the known issues.

Nord has been aware of the sustain pedal/ rotor control issue for a while, I’m not sure if it has been fixed or not.

Here’s what I read on one of the sites:

With “local off”, the dedicated Rotor speed control pedal, the MW (for morphing important) and the pitch stick doesn’t work. The CC values are not transmitted.

You should check with Nord support to see if there’s a fix.

Hope that helps.
Sustain Pedal Problems with Rotor Speed and Sustain
by: Dan


I’m having problems with my sustain and Rotor speed pedals when using my Nord stage EX.

The Alctron PS1 pedal I use to operate the Rotor is not reliable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it cuts out after a short time.

Has anyone any ideas? The pedal is new and it has the same effect when used as a sustain pedal for my Yamaha p90. I’ve taken it back to the shop where I bought it and they have tried it with other keyboards which work fine.

I have found when I don’t press the pedal really quite hard this cutting out happens more often. Is this Half pedaling something to do with it?

Any help welcomed,

Common problems with pedal
by: Noel

More common problem is that the Damper pedal doesn’t work most of the time; occasionally it will sustain notes briefly. Over time, a pedal can wear out.

In that case you may try unplugging the unit, check jack connections, vacuum around pedals. Plug in and remove several times to see if there is a loose connection or twisted/broken wire.

The physical connection is loose, in which case the circuit is probably not getting completed. If you open the pedal assembly, it could reveal that.

In some cases, vacuuming does solve the problem. Cleaning works most of the time. But if it happens most of the time, probably some connection is loose, which probably breaks the circuit when you press the damper.
Sustain pedal stopped working.
by: Dan Webster (Dracut Ma USA)

Sustain pedal just plain stopped working. Anything I can do before I start splicing wires?

Dan Webster
Dracut Ma.
Sustain pedal not working
by: Suresh


Pedals being always in the sustain mode could be because of reverse polarity. Check if your sustain pedal has some sort of switch, and put it in the other direction, it should work fine.

Regarding the buttons not working, it could be because of several reasons….keyboard is old…dust in the circuit or something loose inside. will need to get it checked.
Does anyone has a repair manual for a GEM DP140 grand piano
by: Charles Fisher (Phoenix AZ, USA)

Buttons on the keyboard do not work as well as the pedals are always in the sustain mode. Is there a problem with the electronic board?

Concert FC-500 Korg electric piano
by: Ben

Hi Lisa,

Check the settings of the piano where you can change the polarity. The polarity has been switched to a different setting. You may want to check the user manual if you’re not sure.
We have a concert FC-500 Korg electric piano
by: Lisa (Canada)

When I play the keys sound like I am pressing the sustain pedal down, when indeed I am not.

I have tried to find the problem, but have not. What could be the possible cause and is there anything I can do?
Sustain Pedal for Williams Concerto Digital Piano
by: Suresh

There are several things that you could do, and hope that it works. I am not sure how comfortable you feel about opening things up.

But most of the time it is easy and you’d be surprised that most of the time it’s a simple thing. Just looking at something tells you the problem and most often the problem is dirt, even when it is an electrical device.

There is a simple electrical contact inside, and cleaning the contact surfaces could help as that is probably interfering with that contact. The problem could be in the main keyboard also but that seems to be less likely, however not completely ruled out if the cleaning of the contacts doesn’t work.

If you have multiple pedals, and if they look similar, you may try replacing one of the others and plugging in to see if that works.

You can even take this one step further and use an ohm meter, which checks for conductivity, to test the connection (in case you or any of your friends has it).

You can set the meter on ohms and see if the connection is completed (makes a circuit between the two contact surfaces at the end of the plug) when the pedal is pressed.
Sustain Pedal for Williams Concerto Digital Keyboard
by: Andre Franco (Mentone, Ca)

The sustain pedal on my Williams Concerto Digital Keyboard doesn’t work.

I bought my keyboard off of someone on craigslist, and the pedal worked fine. Now out of nowhere the sustain pedal no longer works.

Everything is intact, no tears or pinches in the wiring, not quite sure it stopped working. My keyboard just isn’t the same anymore without my sustain pedal.

Please help
Sustain pedal on Digital Piano Doesn’t Work
by: Ben

Sustain Pedal on Roland Digital Piano
by: Ben

This is a common problem on most digital pianos, and if you play a lot you will come across this problem several times. I know it as I play a lot and typically get it replaced almost every year.

Digital pianos have a circuit mechanism and the pedal controls the contact points to it. So, most probably, the problem is dirty contacts. When you press the pedal, the metal face connects the circuit which then performs the sustaining function.

The contacts are similar to the ones you find on most remote controls for televisions (little buttons on a rubber membrane).

So you may try opening it up and cleaning that area. If it is a lot dirty, then it is good because then you know it will work once cleaned. However, if that’s not the case, then you may have to buy another pedal.

In case you decide to go for a replacement, you need to be aware that sustain pedals on digital instruments can act in reverse if you get the wrong one, i.e. pedal up is sustained. Most piano pedals do come with a polarity switch to solve this problem so that they can work with most pianos.
Sustain Pedal on Roland Digital Piano
by: Anonymous
The sustain pedal works intermittently on my Roland digital piano.I’m trying to figure out why the sustain pedal only works irregularly. This piano is 8yrs old, and not moved from its original placement. Am looking for suggestions before requesting a piano repair person. Any ideas?

Pedal Problem on Technics Piano SX-PX
by: Sandra (LA)

Pedal Problem on My Technics SX-PX201/M Digital Piano.
I am having problems with the sustain pedal on my piano. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. A friend of mine said that the sustain pedals on my technics piano wont work as It needs a whole new wire. Where can I find it? It’s a regular pedal attached to the piano, not a portable one. Any solutions?

Sustain pedal on my Kawai Digital Piano Doesn’t Work
by: Jack
Check if your pedals working are inverted. While turning the keyboard off and back on, make sure you don’t press the pedal when the piano is turning on. If it still doesn’t work, you will need to see the connection for any broken connection, and probably get replacement parts. See for broken connection, if you are good at checking electrical problems. If that is not the case, try talking to Kawai support for help, and check if they offer any replacement parts or Sustain Pedal Repair Kit.

The Sustain Pedal on my Yamaha PSR E413 does not function. After owning the Yamaha PSR E413 over a year I decide one day to use the sustain pedal funcion but it did not work…I’ve tried several pedals but no luck, I’ve even tried the reverse -polarity thing where you hold down the pedal while powering up etc. but it’s not working. Any suggestions would: is the cost to fix problem more than the Instrument is worth/who’s the most reasonable &competent shop or person to repair the problem in the Leominster Massachusetts area? – Ray

I have a Technics digital piano that I inherited from my father about twelve years ago, and he had had it several years before that. It has served me well until recently. Now, the notes do not cut off when I take my hand off the keys. It is as though the sustaining pedal is on continuously. Sometimes this will happen and the next time I go to turn on the piano, it will work correctly. It is getting more frequent now though. Another thing I notice is that the decay in the sound is much shorter than usual, especially in the upper pitch register. I know it is supposed to do that, but it is particularly marked now compared to before. My son noticed this latter problem when he returned home from university this week without knowing about the more fundamental problem. So I am not imagining it. No doubt the two issues are related. Any ideas what is happening? How do I get it repaired? – David

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