Steinway Model A Art-Case Grand Piano

Steinway Model A Art-Case Grand Piano: A Steinway needs no introduction; its one of the most famous piano brands that makes the best acoustic pianos in the world.

If you’re a piano player, or even a music enthusiast who wants the best in life, this is your opportunity to own a Steinway. Available at a discounted price (because its refurbished), its an authentic grand piano employing the best craftsmanship.

About the Model
This is a Model A Steinway piano (and its only becoming rare to find them). Decades back (most of the 20th century), these were produced only in Hamburg, Germany (today it gets made both in Germany and New York).

Art-case Steinway pianos are seldom found so this is a great opportunity.

Restored Steinway Grand Piano
Its a restored Steinway grand piano, and a beautifully restored one with a gorgeous art-case.

This piano has been completely overhauled. It has been rebuilt with a new pin block, strings and tuning pins (for excellent tuning stability). It also has new Steinway hammers and shanks. The case is refinished, the plate is re-gilded, all the metal hardware is re-plated and there are many other new parts.

Top re-builders of the piano have worked on it, and concert technicians have tuned the piano to a very high standard, to match the standards that Steinway has set for themselves.

This Steinway Model A Art-Case Grand Piano looks and plays very much like a new one. With proper maintenance, professional musicians can enjoy playing this piano for many years to come.

Features of Steinway Model A Art-Case Grand Piano:

  • Made in USA 1897 – Rebuilt 2015
  • Model A Art-case Grand
  • Ebony Satin finish
  • 6′ 2″
  • Refinished case and re-gilded plate

Useful Accessories

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