Stageline GS550A Wooden Acoustic Guitar Stand

Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand reviewed here. The GS550A guitar stand is a beautiful, furniture quality stand that looks futuristic, has a nice design & construction.

Stageline GS550A Wooden Acoustic Guitar StandThere are a lot of quality products out there, but most of the time it is seen that the better the product, the more expensive it becomes to purchase.

But there are certain products, which are just too attractive for the price they sell for, and the Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand also falls in that category.

There are some music stands that are built not for holding sheets, but to safely hold the music instrument when you are not playing it.

This acoustic guitar stand does precisely that, and that is to securely hold it when you are not playing, and feel too lazy to put it back in the bag.

Are you worried that keep your expensive acoustic guitar will have marks on it if you keep it on these stands? No way, as these come with foam rubber padding on the contact points to protect the guitar’s finish.

As with most of these products, these are also foldable that makes them quite convenient to store and for transporting.

Stageline GS550A Wooden Guitar Stand

And what about the brand?

Stageline is a popular brand, and are known for their music accessories, that are not only of high quality but also come with unique design and attractive looks.

The same goes for this Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand and you can use them for displaying your guitar in the living room, bedroom, studio or in your music store, if you own one.

Overall, the Stageline GS550A wooden acoustic guitar stand is a great product that’s simple, sturdy, good looking and does a great job of supporting a wide variety of guitar sizes, include electric guitars as well.

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