Stage Fright – 7 Effective Ways to Perform Piano on Stage

How to master stage fright

Get rid of Stage Fright with these effective tips, and see how you can enjoy performing on the piano.

Does stage fright really bother you?

I am sure it would if you have not been on stage before. It is something which every musician would also have experienced at some stage of their life.

Even if you have not performed yet on stage, be informed that it is not the same as playing in front of your friends/family members.

Performing in an alien environment and in front of people you don’t know can be a challenge. At the same time, just like any other skill, you can learn to be comfortable on stage and with practice it does become easier & fun to perform on stage.

Overcoming Stage Fright – Steps to Remember

One thing worth remembering is, most of the time the anxiety on stage is not because it is indeed scary on stage, but it is because we ourselves are not prepared to play the pieces, which adds to the anxiety.

So here are some suggestions for conquering stage fright – some stage fright tips!

1. Check out the place
If possible, check out the place where you are going to perform. Note the commuting time, lighting, acoustics and temperature. This will make you feel comfortable on the day you perform.

Mastering Stage Fright: How To Overcome Your Stage Fright And Conquer Performance Anxiety

2. Be Prepared
Most important tip! How much ever confident you are on stage, it will not help if you are not prepared. Do mock recitals before the actual event!

3. Breathe
Breathe, breathe & breathe to stay calm and composed on stage. You will not be tempted to play faster and you can recover easily from slips/mistakes.

4. Stretch
If you have a long session or if you have a break between performances, make sure to stretch during the breaks.

5. Don’t rush
Take you time to get settled and to get back your focus, before you start. There is no need to rush through things.

6. Participate
Always look for opportunities to play on stage. The more you play on stage, the more you will feel comfortable on stage.

7. Interact
Always look for opportunities to interact with the audience; you can give a brief overview of the piece that you are going to play.

Start Using Them Right Away

As mentioned earlier, most of the anxiety is because we are not prepared; keep that in mind and start using the suggestions listed here. I hope you will be able to give your best shot for your next performance!

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