Squier ‘Stop Dreaming, Start Playing’ Electric Guitar Set (Affinity Series Stratocaster & Fender Frontman 10G Amplifier)

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Squier “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” electric guitar set reviewed here. It includes the Squier Affinity Series Strat guitar with Fender Frontman 10G Amp, Tuner, Instructional DVD, Gig Bag, Cable, Strap, and Picks…basically everything that you need to start playing the electric guitar – all these for entry-level prices.

Squier Stop Dreaming, Start Playing There’s no doubt this is a great starter pack, that’s not just affordable but also easier to play. Opening this box opens a whole new musical future for you, with a great-sounding, cool-looking, and easy-playing guitar, that comes with an amplifier and some cool accessories.

  • PROS: Good looks & features, useful accessories, affordable, easy playing, holds the tuning well, amp is great for practicing at home.
  • CONS: Great for beginners but for performances, you’ll need to upgrade certain things such as the amp, tuners, strap.

Watch: Squier “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Electric Guitar bundle demo

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Minor limitations but still a Great Starter Kit
The strings are not the best, the frets are not finished well (but can be filed off), the tuners adjust sloppily but not a big deal for beginners. But then its priced well and you get everything you need to start up.

Perfect for playing at home
It includes everything, even a headset (which is not mentioned in the description). Amp is cool, its loud enough for home use. It has Bass and Treble effects as well which is very cool. A guitar stand is also included which makes it easy to keep the guitar when not in use.

Good brand, great guitar & price
Overall, a great guitar for a great price. The amp is more than is needed for a begining guitarist. I think it will be a great guitar for a long, long time. And Fender is a trusted brand.

Here are the main features of the Squier “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Electric Guitar bundle.

  • Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster guitar
  • Fender Frontman 10G guitar amplifier
  • Great value for money, perfect for beginners
  • Agathis body with gloss polyurethane finish
  • C-shape maple neck with 9.5 in radius, rosewood fingerboard and 22 medium jumbo frets
  • 3 Single-Coil Pickups
  • Synchronous Tremolo Bridge, Master volume w/ 2 tone controls and 5 position pickup selector switch
  • Pack includes Instructional DVD, Cable, Electronic Tuner, Gig Bag, Guitar Strap and Picks

The Squier by Fender Stop Dreaming Start Playing Set is a great value for money. For learning and initial stages of playing the guitar, you definitely can’t go wrong with this guitar kit. The enclosed Fender CD is a great bonus for guitar beginners. Overall, a great value for money beginner guitar pack that includes everything that one needs to get started on the electric guitar. Comes with a practice amp and several useful guitar accessories.

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