Sound Engineer Degree Engineering Colleges in India

Sound Engineer Degree Engineering Colleges in India. Please tell me about such degree colleges in India? What would be the prerequisites to get admission to a sound engineering course? What subjects do you need in 12th? My son wants to work in some capacity as a music director in the Bollywood movie industry. Will an audio sound engineering degree help him to get more work? – Tushar (Ahmedabad, India)


Pune Film Institute has courses in audio and sound engineering. It is one of the oldest institutes in India and quite renowned. I think you need to have science subjects in 10+2 but I am not sure. They have entrance exams for admissions. – Suresh

Besides Pune, you also have a Film and Television Institute in Chennai. I think Chennai also has the SAE College which has many courses in sound engineering and music production. Then there is the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute in Kolkata which also offers courses in music sound engineering. – Subir

How is sound engineering going to help him become a music director? If he wants to compose music and if he is young, he should become an expert in playing a musical instrument like the piano. He should study music. – Thomas

In India, some do join sound engineering degree courses so that they can develop contacts with people from the industry, with the hope of composing/arranging music some day. It is not easy to just walk in a studio and tell them that you want to compose music, particularly in the absence of some good music schools in India – Sharath

Here are a few more colleges in addition to the ones mentioned in the earlier post. They conduct Audio / Sound Engineering courses.
Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (S.A.C.A.C.), New Delhi
National Institute of Film and Fine Arts (N.I.F.F.A.), Kolkata
Institute of New Media Development and Research, Pune
Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) – It has a correspondence course by the name “Post Graduate Diploma in Audio Programme Production”. You may do it for theoretical knowledge or if you just need a degree.
– Arun

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