Solid Body Electric Guitar Reviews

Solid Body Electric Guitar Solid Body Electric Guitars reviewed here. These are among the more popular string instruments used in rock, metal, blues, and country music.

In a Solid body electric guitar, the body is made of solid wood; hollowed in certain places only to accommodate electronics and pickups.

The quality of the sound produced by these guitars depend on the wood used and components/electronics used in the construction. These guitars are also far more resistant to unwanted feedback, as compared to hollow-bodied guitars.

Solid body guitars are among the most common types of electric guitars. Here’s a selection of the best-selling solid body electrics.

Recommended Solid Body Electrics

Squier (by Fender) 3/4 Mini Guitar
This is a 3/4-size (22.75″ scale length) that makes it ideal while travelling for players of all ages, and also serves as a great first guitar for young beginners. It comes with three single-coil pickups and five-way switching. It’s available in various colors, including Pink.

Epiphone LP-100 Les Paul
You get all the features of a Les Paul but in a more affordable version. It features an open-coil Alnico-V Humbucking pickups on a carved top with individual pickup volume and tone controls.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar
Delivers all the signature sound of a Gibson Les Paul at a fraction of the cost. It comes with mahogany body and Alnico Classic humbucker pickups for excellent resonance and loads of warmth. The set mahogany neck with slim-tapered profile and rosewood fretboard gives the fast action that every Les Paul player desires. The LockTone Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece provides more sustain and makes it easier to change the strings.

Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute
The SG Special 60s Tribute is a guitar modelled on the hugely popular SG Specials, and comes with the versatility and playability demanded by modern musicians. It comes with a Slim Taper Neck and dual P-90 soap bar single coil pickups. Its’ a limited Edition and a stylish gigbag is included.

Electric guitars come in two more types: hollow body electric guitars & semi-Hollow body electric guitars.

So how does a Solid Body Electric Guitar differ from the other two?

Solid Body Electric Guitar


When it comes to playability there is no difference between the Solid Body when compared with the other types.

That being said, guitars are available in different sizes and weights. Moreover a solid body electric guitar is likely to be heavier than the hollow bodied types, because of the way they are constructed.


Take any solid body guitar and you are likely to get a much longer sustain than the other types.
Though more experienced guitarists may prefer the semi-hollow bodied guitars for their roaring sound, solid body guitars do have a different sound characteristic. And for that reason, most guitar players also have one as aprt of their music gear.

So if you want your guitar to throw in more of a percussive punch, then a Solid Body Electric Guitar may be more suitable.

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