RockJam RJ661 61 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

rockjam rj661 keyboard

RockJam RJ661 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard comes with 61 full sized keys and has plenty of features for the young learner. It doesn’t come with touch-sensitive keys though. This keyboard comes as part of of a package that includes several useful accessories. Pros: Value for money, 61-keys, great accessories, good features Cons: No touch-sensitive keys, […]

Cordoba Guitars: Buyers Guide

Cordoba produces some top quality nylon string classical guitars, are one of the most popular factory-made brands and going by the quality of their guitars, they surely deserve that kind of popularity. Cordoba guitars combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create beautiful acoustic instruments. Cordoba guitars are lightweight, very responsive, and apt for guitar […]

Premium Piano Bench Cushions

Premium Piano Bench Cushions: It is not just the piano players who are using benches; other musicians also want to be seated comfortably while playing their favorite music instrument. This means that benches are becoming more and more comfortable. Besides, if one buys an expensive piano, using the best accessories makes sense to complement the […]

Sustain Pedal Produces Opposite Effect

Question: I am trying to use a sustain pedal with my brand new Yamaha YPG 235 76 key portable grand piano keyboard. I plugged in the Yamaha FC4 footswitch into the sustain jack and am trying to switch sustain on and off. The footswitch (for sustain) surprisingly seems to produce the opposite effect on my […]

Home Recording Equipment Reviews

Home Music Recording Equipment Reviews Recording our own music is easy nowadays, and its affordable as well. There’s definitely a learning curve involved because you need to learn how to use the various recording equipment together, in order to create music that sounds really good. But there’s tons of free information and tutorials out there, […]

Singorama review

music videos

When it comes to online singing lessons and courses, Singorama is among the top choices available. It’s one of the most comprehensive singing program. The face of Singorama is Melanie Alexander who was the lead singer in a girls pop group from Australia in the 90s. They were a huge success in Australia, and came […]

Superior Singing Method Review

music videos

The Superior Singing Method is a great singing course for anyone who wants to improve his/her singing. The course is designed by Aaron Anastasi, a professional singer and world-renowned vocal coach, who wants to spread the joy of singing to everyone via his singing course. Table of ContentsWhat is Superior Singing Method?Contents of Superior Singing […]

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