Toy piano: Musicians specialty

Even though the toy piano is seen as an instrument for kids and appreciated for its cuteness, there’s actually more to the instrument. Its capable of displaying a range of emotional expressions, as demonstrated by musicians below, and is used in music across genres. Table of ContentsInside a Toy PianoToy Pianos Used by Music ComposersMusicians […]

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review

yamaha-c40 classical guitar

The Yamaha C40 is an affordable, classical guitar perfectly suited to beginners and young learners, and from a brand that is quite popular & trusted in this price range. Whether you’re stepping up from a 3/4-size guitar or looking for your first classical guitar, you’ll be happy to own the C40. The Yamaha C40 is […]

ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar


ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar reviewed here. The ESP LTD AX50 features a body that resembles a battle axe (a metal tone to match), has bolt-on maple neck and ESP humbuckers for powerful sound. PROS: Nice action, good looks, great price CONS: Too light, long neck Here’s a well-made electric guitar that combines advanced body […]

Symphony for a broken orchestra, breathes life into hundreds of ‘broken’ school instruments


“Symphony for a broken orchestra” is a piece composed by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang written as part of a project to repair over thousand damaged instruments that were rendered unusable because of severe budget cuts to Philadelphia’s public school music programs. For students, the lack of funding meant they often had to arrange for […]

New regulations on international movement of rosewood hits music industry hard

woodworking for beginners

New regulations on international movement of rosewood hits section of the music industry hard; the wood is used to make several kinds of musical instruments, including guitars, cellos and clarinets. So where is all the rosewood going? Its going to China…to satisfy Chinese consumers’ growing demand for rosewood or “hongmu” furniture. Considering China’s big appetite, […]

Casio SP33 Pedal Board

casio logo

Casio SP33 Pedal Board reviewed here, easily attaches to the CGP-700 and CS-67 stand, for a real piano like experience. Using the piano pedal is an important part of playing the piano, and that is why its available as an accessory for digital keyboards & pianos. The more popular pedal (accessory) is a sustain pedal, […]

Top Musician t-shirts & sweatshirts

orchestra musicians dress

Checkout these cool & stylish Musician T-shirts & sweatshirts . Broadway Musicals Ugly Christmas Sleeve T-shirt Solid colors: 100% Cotton; Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; All Other Heathers: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat Christmas T-Shirt, Merry Christmas T-Shirt, […]

Learn and Master Piano Review

Table of ContentsTop Reasons to Consider Learn and Master Piano Global AppealAny Downside?What Does it Contain?What’s in for Intermediate Players?Final Verdict: Excellent Learning Resource Top Reasons to Consider Learn and Master Piano Learn and Master Piano is your chance to master the keys of this beautiful instrument! Learn & Master Piano has been around for […]

How music stores are trying to boost piano sales

double two pianos

While the electronic keyboard, and musical keyboards for kids are still popular items, music stores are trying to come up with several innovative methods to boost the sale of pianos, which has taken a hit in recent years. Table of ContentsDeclining Piano SalesPeople Are Still Learning PianoIntroducing Newer TechnologiesAnnual Piano Sales in Music Schools/Colleges Declining […]

Song Writing Journals, Music composition notebooks (Blank Sheet Music)

how to write a song on the piano

Song Writing Journals, Music composition notebooks (Blank Sheet Music) for song writers, teachers and musicians. Music composition notebooks with blank papers (for notes) and music manuscript paper (for writing notes, lyrics). The blank staff paper includes the five line staff. Use it for what? These lined notation papers are perfect for composing, lyrics, songwriting, ideas […]

Best Classical Guitar Strings, Reviews

classical guitar strings

Table of ContentsAll About Classical Guitar StringsString TensionBest Classical Guitar StringsGuitar ActionTo Conclude All About Classical Guitar Strings The fingerboard on Classical guitars makes it possible for intricate finger picking, by providing sufficient room. In general, the longer the string (that runs from saddle to nut), the better is the bass response and sustain. String […]

Guide to Yamaha Keyboards: Music Keyboards for all ages, skills

digital keyboards

Yamaha Keyboards: Learn about their products and features, and what makes them so popular. Their products are technologically innovative and also up-to-date with the latest in digital trends. Table of ContentsYamaha’s Keyboard Line-UpIntroductionWhat Makes Them Click?Competition CheckMatching Steps with the TimesAre They Really the Cheapest?Develop Well Rounded Music AbilitiesThe Best Arrangers AroundTips for BeginnersMore than […]

Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack

Yamaha gigmaker EG electric guitar package

The Yamaha GigMaker EG Electric Guitar Pack provides you with everything you need to start learning the electric guitar, available for entry-level prices. The package includes the dependable Yamaha Pacifica 012 electric guitar, and accessories like amplifier, guitar bag, guitar picks, auto tuner, guitar strings, guitar cable, manual. These starter packs are inexpensive and great […]

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step 'n Play Piano

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano is a great entertainer – meant for physical, musical, all-around fun! It comes with hand keyboard & a soft feet keyboard. Let your little musician discover new sounds and textures with this multi-instrument toy. . Table of ContentsFisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano: Pros & ConsFisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n […]

Midi Sound Module: Simplified Guide

music production

A Midi Sound Module is a synth / tone generator without a playable interface such as a Keyboard! It has to be "played" using an external device. Table of ContentsIntroductionMIDI Sound Module – How Does it Work? Midi Synth Module – EvolutionTypes of MIDI Sound ModulesSound Modules – Characteristics Introduction There are various instruments, both […]

Kids Playing Guitar: Amazing Videos

If you’ve only seen children playing video games or watching TV, then this video is surely going to surprise you. Watch this video where a group of talented kids are playing the guitar together (those guitars are actually bigger than they are), and they do have talent. These kids are from North Korea, and actually […]

PianoForAll Review: Effective Way to Learn Piano & Keyboard

begin piano books

Table of ContentsTop Reasons to Consider the PianoForAll Learning SoftwareIt’s not WHAT you learn, it’s HOW you learn that MattersSuitabilityYour Purchase Is 100% ProtectedObjectiveAccessing the PianoForAll SoftwareThe Approach to LearningWhat Do You Get? PianoForAll Video ReviewSummary Top Reasons to Consider the PianoForAll Learning Software Here’s a review of the PianoForAll learning software! One of the […]

Recorder (Musical Instrument): Buying Guide

recorder music instrument

Recorder (Musical Instrument): Buying Guide, reviews and useful ‘learn to play’ resources for the recorder instrument. Recorders are portable, simple musical instruments yet capable of producing a charming sound. Most teachers use recorders to teach basic music theory to beginners. Its commonly use in educational programmes in the western world. A large number of recorders […]

Free Staff Paper

Looking for high-quality, free staff paper? No problem at all, you will find it here. You just need a computer and a printer and you can start getting creative without having to spend a penny. This is the amazing thing about the web. So all those composers, teachers, and students out there, just rejoice! Free […]

Guitar Pickups: How to Choose the Best

Guide to Buying Guitar Pickups… Pickups for Stratocasters, Telecasters, Les Pauls, SGs, Basses, Acoustic and more! Whether you’re looking at improving your tone or just need a quick spare you can buy these at cheap prices with brands such as Fender, EMG, Lace and Seymour Duncan! For Electric Guitars you can choose from a big […]

Electronic Keyboards & Pianos: Various Types

digital keyboards

So you understand what electronic-keyboards are, and want to buy one, but are not sure what the various terms like arranger keyboards, synthesizers, workstations, and midi-keyboards mean? Is an electronic piano different from an electric or digital piano keyboard? May be it is a good idea to understand their basic differences before you step out […]

Wittner Taktell Cat Metronome: Favorite with students, parents and teachers

Wittner Taktell Cat Metronome:

Wittner Taktell Cat Metronome review, a cool accessory that helps kids (and even adults) while practicing the piano. Table of ContentsHighlightsWittner Taktell Cat Metronome: ReviewWittner Taktell Cat Metronome: Demo VideoFeatures / SpecsBuying Links Highlights Fun Cat Design that KIDS will LOVE! Favorite with students, parents and teachers alike Top quality metronome with great appearance Features […]

Band & Orchestra Musical Instruments

band instruments

Band & Orchestra Musical Instruments: Students and experienced musicians can find a wide range of band & orchestra instruments and accessories – brass, woodwind, orchestral, marching, concert and children’s instruments. Students Table of ContentsIntroduction to Band & OrchestraThe Four Families of the OrchestraOrchestral StringsBrassWind & WoodwindsPercussion InstrumentsBand and Orchestra Instruments GuideKeyboard Instruments Introduction to Band […]