Guitar Amp Kits

Guitar Amp Kits: For those who want to make their own guitar amplifier from scratch. Table of Contents1 Why Use Kits?2 What Do they Contain?3 Clear Instructions4 Other Cheaper Options5 To Conclude Why Use Kits? So why should anybody build a custom-made amplifier as opposed to buying one straight from the shelf? One reason of-course […]

Neumann Microphones: Leading Brand of Studio Mics

neumann logo

Neumann Microphones Buying Guide: checkout their various products and the suitable options for your studio. Just as Shure is synonymous with microphones, even Neumann is almost synonymous with high-end microphones. Table of Contents1 About the Brand2 Neumann Microphones: Preferred by Pros3 Neumann U87Ai Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone4 Neumann TLM-103 Studio Microphone5 Neumann TLM 107 Multi-Pattern Condenser […]

Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band

kids instruments

The Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band is basically a 5-piece band that will get all the kids involved in making music. The set includes musical shapes, wave drum, and toddler glockenspiel. Its durable, safe to use, and produces a nice sound. Want your toddler or older infant to begin exploring the world of music? The […]

Native Instruments’ Komplete 11: Review

native instruments komplete

Native Instruments’ Komplete 11 is a complete music-making software bundle, and one of the popular ones out there. Its plug-in collection covers everything you need to create and produce professional-quality music in any genre. Once you get your hands on the instruments, effects, and mastering-grade processors, there’s no stopping you. Table of Contents1 Native Instruments […]

Audio Interface Reviews

audio interfaces

Audio Interface Reviews – The best ones available for your music studio, for various budgets and purposes. Table of Contents1 What is an Audio Interface?2 Advantages of using an Audio Interface3 Choosing a Professional Audio Interface4 Manufacturers5 Recommended Products What is an Audio Interface? An Audio Interface (professional sound-card) enables your Computer to record & […]

Music Production As A Career Choice

Recording Engineer/Music Production As A Career Choice Question: How is music production as a career choice? I have taken piano lessons as a child and I can play music keyboards quite well. I own a Casio wk-500 76 key keyboard and enjoy creating my own music on it. Of late, I have been using software […]

The Beatles YELLOW SUBMARINE framed poster

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Poster

This versatile and affordable poster delivers sharp, clean images and a high degree of color accuracy. Your poster is printed with an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks. Yellow Submarine was released in 1968 and featured ground-breaking design work by Czechoslovakian artist Heinz Edelmann. “As a fan of animation and as […]

Leather Piano Bench & Cushions

piano bench

A leather piano bench is perfect for the experienced pianist and even for the serious student, and is a perfect fit, be it the concert stage, music studio or home practice room. Table of Contents1 Artist Piano Bench2 Why Leather?3 Lots of Options: Leather Piano Benches & Cushions4 Steinway Piano Bench5 Tiger Classic High Gloss […]

Rapper ‘Soulja Boy’ Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal, But the ‘$400 Million’ is Not Fully Cash

richest musicians

There are several magazines who write articles saying that the music industry doesn’t pay much to artists, so when rapper ‘Soulja Boy’ tweeted about his $400 million “brand ambassador” deal with World Poker Fund Holdings (a publicly traded company that develops and operates online and event-based social gaming platforms and brands), not many believed it. […]

FREE Ernie Ball (EB) Music Man Stickers

adult guitar lessons

Want a free Ernie Ball (EB) / Music Man Sticker sticker? These are cool stickers that you can stick on your gear, amps, cases or even the laptop/computer. You can even stick it on your car/truck, fridge, helmet, lunch box, toolbox. While most of the time, you can pick up EB stickers from your local […]

Best Piano Bench Reviews (for Kids, Adults): Adjustable Single, Duet, Leather Piano Benches

piano bench

Best Piano Bench Reviews: Checkout these premium leather made, adjustable benches with elegant looks, find single & duet piano benches that complement the looks of your piano and the surroundings. We have reviewed a range of benches to suit beginner piano players as well as experienced musicians. Although you get inexpensive keyboard benches, they’re more […]

Best Fretless Bass Guitar Reviews

Fretless Bass reviews

Fretless Bass Guitar buying guide and reviews of the best ones. Guide to Fretless Basses and what makes them unique. A fretless bass is similar to a normal bass but minus the frets, which makes it harder to play because you have to press exactly where the fret markers would be (its used mainly by […]

Keith McMillen Instruments’ K-Board Pro 4 Expressive MPE Keyboard Controller

k-board pro 4 keyboard

Keith McMillen Instruments’ introduce K-Board Pro 4, 4 octave MPE keyboard controller that feels and responds like a true musical instrument. Table of Contents1 K-Board Keyboard MIDI Controllers2 K-Board Pro 4 – Smart Fabric Keyboard3 Keith McMillen K-Board 25-Key Smart Sensor USB MIDI Keyboard Controller4 Keith McMillen Instruments QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller K-Board Keyboard […]

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step 'n Play Piano

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano is a great entertainer – meant for physical, musical, all-around fun! It comes with hand keyboard & a soft feet keyboard. Let your little musician discover new sounds and textures with this multi-instrument toy. . Table of Contents1 Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano: Pros & Cons2 Fisher-Price 4-in-1 […]

Yamaha PSR-F51 Electronic Keyboard

yamaha psrf51 61-key music keyboard

Yamaha PSRF51 Electronic Keyboard is a decent beginner keyboard, suited for those who want to begin learning the keyboards. Comes with 61 full sized keys (not touch sensitive). Table of Contents1 Yamaha PSR-F51: Pros & Cons2 Yamaha PSR-F51: Review3 Yamaha PSR-F51: Demo / Video Review4 Yamaha PSR-F51: Features/Specs5 Buying Links & Pricing Yamaha PSR-F51: Pros […]

How to Take Care of Your Guitar

How to take care of your Guitar: Important tips and suggestions that will ensure that your guitar stays good for years to come. Most guitar players are usually quite possessive about their instrument; and even a small scratch to it is enough for them to lose sleep. After all, it does become a part of […]

Arturia MiniBrute-2 Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

Arturia minibrute-2 analog synthesizer

ARTURIA recently launched the MiniBrute 2 & 2S analog Synthesizer, successor to the popular MiniBrute. Arturia MiniBrute 2 now offers more options, more modularity, full-size Keys & a few more surprises. Besides the MiniBrute 2, Arturia also launched the MiniBrute 2S that swaps a traditional keyboard for performance pads and a sequencer that can be […]

Music intervals explained (music theory)

Music Interval

Music Interval – Distance between two Notes! Music Interval is nothing but the distance between two notes or pitches. It is important to know about intervals as you can use them, besides chords, for harmonizing. It will also help you to figure out how all the scales are constructed. The Different Music Intervals Here are […]

Best Wireless Headphones

best wireless headphones

Guide to Wireless Headphones and reviews of the best ones. Here’s a common scenario when listening to sound using headphones. The wire gets caught somewhere and the earbud tears or the wires break, and most of the time its painful as well. Don’t you wish that you had a wireless one? The good news is […]

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