Play virtual piano online using your computer keyboard

acoustic piano

Play piano online using your computer keyboard with these software programs. Learn the piano notes and play some simple songs using these online piano software that will allow your computer keyboard to simulate a piano keyboard. Table of ContentsOverviewCalled by Various NamesYour computer Keyboard Becomes the PianoFeatures of these Piano SimulatorsVarious Virtual KeyboardsVirtual keyboard – […]

Fender Electric Guitar: Reviews of the Best Ones

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Fender Electric Guitar Reviews: Find a range of guitars from the low-priced ones to the more expensive electric guitars from Fender. Table of ContentsBest Fender Electric GuitarsSquier by Fender Bullet Strat with TremoloSquier by Fender Stop Dreaming Start Playing SetFender Standard Stratocaster Electric GuitarFender Deluxe Players Stratocaster Electric GuitarFender Starcaster Strat Electric Guitar Bundle Best […]

Roland GW8 Interactive Music Workstation Keyboard

digital keyboards

Roland GW8 Music Workstation Keyboard reviewed here. Looking for a powerful arranger that you can use as a one-man-band? The GW8 Interactive Music Workstation Keyboard is a great option if you currently don’t have the budget for the likes of the Tyros. The Roland GW-8 has a Fantom derived sound engine with some amazing sounds […]

Best Preamp Reviews

music production

Preamp Reviews: Here are the various options that you can consider to get a warm & punchy sound quality from your recording setup. Table of ContentsWhy Use Them?Preamps vs. Channel StripsBest Pre-AmpsTop 3 Budget Mic Preamps1. Presonus Digimax D82. Art Tube Opto 83. Focusrite Octopre MkIITop 3 High End Mic Preamps1. API 3124+2. Vintech 4733. […]

Manhasset Mh5001 Orchestra Stand Review

Manhasset Mh5001 orchestra stand reviewed here. Excellent, sturdy music stand with double-lip shelf, built for the Concert orchestra musician. Table of ContentsManhasset Mh5001: Pros & ConsManhasset Mh5001 Music Stand: ReviewManhasset Mh5001 Stand: Features / SpecsManhasset Mh5001 Orchestra Music Stand: Buying Links & Pricing Manhasset Mh5001: Pros & Cons PROS: Sturdy, Stable, Aesthetic, Comes with double […]

Guide to Yamaha Keyboards

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Yamaha Keyboards: Learn about their products and features, and what makes them so popular. Their products are technologically innovative and also up-to-date with the latest in digital trends. Table of ContentsYamaha’s Keyboard Line-UpIntroductionWhat Makes Them Click?Competition CheckMatching Steps with the TimesAre They Really the Cheapest?Develop Well Rounded Music AbilitiesThe Best Arrangers AroundTips for BeginnersMore than […]

How To Color Your Piano Bench?

piano bench

Question: Is it common / usual to color a piano bench once it has become worn out? I have a bench that is quite old and also has some damages because of water spills (don’t recollect how exactly it happened). Showed it to some furniture guys, but either they are quoting too high (in excess […]

Power Amplifiers: Buying Guide & Reviews

Power Amplifiers Buying Guide: You need a power amplifier to drive your PA system’s passive speakers. Here we’ll help you find the power amp at the wattage you need. Checkout the various value-for-money options that offers plenty of THUMP to your sound Why You need One? An audio power amplifier is basically an amplifier that […]

K & M Oboe Stand

music stands

Here’s a complete review of K & M Oboe Stand. This compact stand fits all recent models of oboe. Its lightweight, compact, very sturdy and very handy! Features Here are the main features of the K & M Oboe Stand: Compact oboe stand Black plastic peg and detachable metal base Zinc die-cast legs ensure durability […]

Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix

Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix has one of the largest collections of musical instruments from around the world — both historic as well as contemporary. The venue also hosts musicians from every musical genre for concerts in its Musical Theater. Table of ContentsMusical Instrument from Every ContinentLearn About the History/Evolution of Musical InstrumentsExamples […]

Drum Throne: How to Set Up, Sit & Adjust the Height?


Drum Set Seat Height & Setup: How to set up the drum throne in the right manner, what’s the height to maintain, so that you can be comfortably seated while playing the drums. Table of ContentsOverviewPositioning Your Drum ThronePositioning Your LegsDrum Set Seat Height: How Tall Should Be Your Drum ThroneHow to AdjustHow to SitFinal […]

Guitar Building Guide


All about Guitar Building: Why it makes sense to learn more about this art, and the various options available to learn. Table of ContentsWhy Guitar Building?What is luthier / Lute?Do I Need to Visit a Workshop?What Skills Do I Need? Get this BookTo Conclude Why Guitar Building? If you have been playing the guitar for […]

Jazz sheet music, music & song books

Jazz Music Resource

Jazz Sheet Music – Library and Directory. Your source for jazz music, offering a huge collection of sheet music and fakebooks! Find big band charts, jazz combo charts, standards, Jamey Aebersold play alongs, & more. You can see the notes, listen to scores and download sheet music online. Table of ContentsBuild Your Jazz Sheet Music […]

Classical Guitars: Buying Guide, Prices & Reviews

learn guitar

Classical Guitars: Buying Guide for students, enthusiasts and even performers. Reviews of the best guitars available for Beginners and Pros. Find useful tips to buy the best Classical Guitar. These guitars not just look beautiful, they sound beautiful as well. Table of ContentsOverviewThe Classical GuitarHow is the Sound Produced?About the BodyClassical Guitar StringsWhat to Look […]

Turntable Cartridges & Needles


Turntable Cartridges & Needles: Things to look for. Table of ContentsRole of CartridgesTraditional Turntable Cartridges Still in DemandTake Tone Arm Mount Length Into ConsiderationModern Features Role of Cartridges Cartridges hold the needle in a traditional turntable, and in the case of more modern versions holds the the magnet, thus transmitting sound to your speakers. So […]

Yamaha DGX-530 88-Key Keyboard Review

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The Yamaha DGX 530 keyboard is a great keyboard with everything you need for learning and for practicing. It however doesn’t come with fully weighted keys. Table of ContentsPros & ConsReviewFeatures/SpecsOverall Ratings Pros & Cons Pros – Value-for-money, lightweight & portable, good features, 6-track recorder, USB Cons – Not fully weighted keys, not all sounds […]

10 Musical Skills & Benefits of Childrens Piano Lessons

musical instruments for kids

You probably have some idea about the benefits of Childrens’ Piano Lessons, but do you know learning the piano can help your child learn valuable musical skills? Table of ContentsBenefits of Piano Lessons for KidsImproves SingingNote Reading / Sight ReadingImproves Composing SkillsImprovisingRhythm Pattern IdentificationPerformingMusical interpretationKnowledge of Music ConceptsLearn Music of Various Genres Benefits of Piano […]

Piano Tuning Guide

acoustic grand piano

Guide to Piano Tuning: An essential maintenance work that is required because acoustic instruments go out of tune every few months due to various reasons. Learn more about tuning your piano. The sound on a Piano is produced when the hammers strike the strings causing them to vibrate. These strings are kept at an appropriate […]

Top Guitar Headphones Reviewed

DJ Headphones

Guitar Headphones: Finding the best Amp Headphones for Your Guitar. Want to make your guitar sound like a much more expensive instrument? Want to practice at odd hours without anybody yelling at you? Use a pair of Guitar / Amp Headphones! The best thing about using quality headphones is that it will make your guitar […]

10 Best FREE Android Music Apps

Top Android Music Apps: Music Apps Everybody likes to listen to music, and while streaming is a great service, there are times when it makes sense to listen to music that is stored locally on your device. Besides, streaming can eat up your mobile data (and mobile data plans are becoming expensive). You will need […]

Keith McMillen Instruments’ K-Board Pro 4 Expressive MPE Keyboard Controller

k-board pro 4 keyboard

Keith McMillen Instruments’ introduce K-Board Pro 4, 4 octave MPE keyboard controller that feels and responds like a true musical instrument. Table of ContentsK-Board Keyboard MIDI ControllersK-Board Pro 4 – Smart Fabric KeyboardKeith McMillen K-Board 25-Key Smart Sensor USB MIDI Keyboard ControllerKeith McMillen Instruments QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller K-Board Keyboard MIDI Controllers The K-Board […]

Zen Tour from Antelope Audio: Portable Thunderbolt – USB Interface

Studio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio recently announced its latest portable interface called the Zen Tour. Key features include Thunderbolt and USB connectivity, 8 analog inputs and outputs, high-end DSP effects, hardware-based guitar amp/cab simulations. Here’s what exciting about this product: Music creation is increasingly becoming a shared experience, with several creative minds pitching in. This […]

Electronic Drums / Percussion Controllers, Reviews


If you’re a drummer, you can use Electronic Drum Controllers to create tracks using recording software, and to control other midi instruments. These are basically midi instruments that do not generate any sounds of their own, but generate signals that can trigger other digital devices. In fact, these are not just for top-caliber drummers; keyboardist […]

Cinematic Orchestra: About the Band

The Cinematic Orchestra Band The Cinematic Orchestra is a British jazz and electronic band, created in 1999 by Jason Swinscoe. The group is signed to independent record label Ninja Tune. In addition to Swinscoe, the band includes former DJ Food member PC (Patrick Carpenter) on turntables, Luke Flowers (drums), Tom Chant (Saxophone), Nick Ramm (piano), […]

eMedia Piano and Keyboard Method Deluxe (V3.0): Piano Lessons for Beginners to Intermediate

Piano and Keyboard Method Deluxe V3, a popular piano learning software program from eMedia that gives you an extensive library of at-home learning material…400+ lessons, 100+ songs and more. Table of ContentsPros & ConsReviewDemo / Video ReviewFeatures of Piano and Keyboard Deluxe MethodOverall Pros & Cons Pros: Lots of lessons covering wide range of topics, […]

Electric Ukulele Reviews: Top electric ukes for 2017

ukulele reviews

Electric Ukulele Reviews: Know more about these types of Ukuleles that give you the best of both the worlds – acoustic as well as electric. Read reviews of the best ones that are used for practicing & for gigging. Table of ContentsCordoba 20TM-CE Acoustic Electric Tenor UkuleleLuna Mahogany Series Tattoo Concert Acoustic-Electric UkuleleKala MK-TE Concert […]

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is one of the more popular books by Charles Dickens, in fact its ‘A Christmas Carol to treasure for many more Christmases to come’. This classic book also makes for a great bonding time with children (Charles Dickens stories are best enjoyed when read aloud), and makes you anticipate Christmas even more. […]

Nora the Piano Playing Cat

Do you have a pet at home who share the same level of enthusiasm for the piano as you do? If yes, then i’m glad you have some company. Here’s Nora the cat on the piano! She really seems to be putting in the efforts; at least she’s not giving up. And like most of […]

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