Best digital piano for students

digital piano

Best digital pianos for students who are serious about learning to play the piano or are preparing for exams or performance. The best pianos are digital console pianos that give the feel of playing on a real piano, yet is easy on the budget and doesn’t require any sort of maintenance. These have nice action, […]

Learn How to Clean, Polish & Maintain a Guitar

learn guitar

Learn how to clean, polish & maintain your guitar the right way. These online guitar cleaning and maintaining tips will help your guitar to last for a very long time and maintain its gloss. Table of Contents1 Cleaning, Polishing & Maintaining Your Guitar2 Tips for Maintaining your Guitar3 Things to Avoid4 Summary Cleaning, Polishing & […]

Classical Guitar Tuning Machines

Guide to Classical Guitar Tuning Machines, the different types and review of the various brands. Table of Contents1 Need for Better Guitar Tuners2 Classical Guitar Tuning Machines3 Can You Replace String with Nylon?4 Brands Need for Better Guitar Tuners Here are some of the reasons why guitar players choose to go for this: The standard […]

Beautiful Origami musical instruments built from craft paper

Make beautiful origami musical instruments using craft paper. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Watch: Origami Violin Musical Instrument! Watch: Origami Noise Maker Flute Type Instrument Watch: Origami Sax Instrument Origami Piano Eddie’s Guitar (R MacDonell) $Acoustic Guitar (AA Fehl) Flying V Guitar (AA Fehl) Guitar Amp (AA […]

Korg Prologue, flagship analogue synthesiser

korg prologue Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

Korg first released the Minilogue and Monologue synths, and now have announced their flagship analogue synthesiser named the Prologue. Its a polyphonic analogue synth with a full-size keyboard. It features an aluminium front panel, metal knobs and oak side panels. Available in eight and 16 voice versions. You can choose from 49 and 61 keys. […]

Best Acoustic Guitar Reviews, Reviews

acoustic guitar reviews

Acoustic Guitar: Reviews of the Best Acoustic Guitars for Various Brands and Prices. Here are some good value-for-money options to help you get started on the guitar. Most of them are bundled package so you don’t have to worry about getting any accessories, at least to begin with. Table of Contents1 Top Acoustic Guitar Reviews […]

Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix

Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix has one of the largest collections of musical instruments from around the world — both historic as well as contemporary. The venue also hosts musicians from every musical genre for concerts in its Musical Theater. Table of Contents1 Musical Instrument from Every Continent2 Learn About the History/Evolution of […]

Yamaha PSR-A3000 61-Key Keyboard Review

yamaha psr-a3000

Yamaha PSR A3000 61-key Keyboard is a top of the line arranger workstation, perfect for performers who like to play in a wide range of genres, especially, Arabic, Latin and other Asian music. The Yamaha PSR-A3000 comes with a wide variety of Voices & Styles from around the world, the keyboard features Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, […]

Kawai digital pianos (keyboard instruments): Top notch sounds and the best piano action

piano books for beginners

Kawai digital Pianos reviewed here. Kawai is another well known manufacturer of musical instruments, and has been crafting world class pianos for several decades. There experience in crafting acoustic instruments has helped them create top class digital pianos as well. Table of Contents1 Kawai Digital Piano Reviews2 Kawai ES110 Digital Stage Piano3 Kawai KDP90 Digital […]

Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player: It may not be the same one as some parents may have seen in their younger days, but the magic is still there. Table of Contents1 Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player: Review2 Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player: Video Demo Review3 Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player: Features4 Fisher-Price Music Box Record […]

Acoustic Guitar: Various Body Shapes

Guitar body shapes & styles

Various Acoustic Guitar body shapes and how the shape impacts the sound that is produced from the guitar. For someone who doesn’t play the guitar, s/he may not have realized that acoustic guitars are available in different shapes and sizes. And guitars with different body shapes can produce different sonic qualities. Guitars made by the […]

Symphony for a broken orchestra, breathes life into hundreds of ‘broken’ school instruments


“Symphony for a broken orchestra” is a piece composed by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang written as part of a project to repair over thousand damaged instruments that were rendered unusable because of severe budget cuts to Philadelphia’s public school music programs. For students, the lack of funding meant they often had to arrange for […]

Musicians Classifieds in La Quinta, CA, US

Musicians Classifieds in La Quinta, CA, US. La Quinta is a resort city in Riverside County, California, USA, specifically in the Coachella Valley between Indian Wells and Indio. Musicians List Keyboardist, Composer, Producer Available by Robert Alexander: At the age of 4, my mother sat me on her lap as she began her music lesson. […]

Yamaha p155 Digital Piano Review

yamaha p155 88-key digital piano with weighted keys

The Yamaha p155 Digital Piano is a perfect board for home use or for performing on stage, the Yamaha P155 combines concert grand sound with digital piano portability. If you’ve played on the lower version pianos in the p-series, this one is definitely going to feel a lot more robust and much more like the […]

How to Read Guitar Tab?

how to read guitar tab

Learning to play the guitar is like operating a new machine. You need a manual to operate a new machine. You need to read the rules before you play a new board game. Learning to play the guitar is no different. You’ll have a manual like no other – the tablature. Basics of Guitar Tabs […]

Yamaha PSR e253 Keyboard Review

Yamaha logo

Yamaha PSR e253 Keyboard reviewed here. This is a great, affordable 61-key instrument for the beginner looking for his/her first keyboard; it comes with several tones and you can learn to play along with the several built-in accompaniments. Though this is a basic keyboard for the absolute beginner, it still comes with 61 keys and […]

Nady MPF-6 Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter

nady mpf 6-clamp on microphone pop filter

Want a good Pop Filter for you mic to getting a better sound? The Nady MPF-6 Clamp On Microphone Pop filter voice It works very well for attenuating the sharper “P”, “T”, and “S” sounds that cause spikes when doing voice-overs. If you are serious about music, and have a decent recording setup with a […]

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Review

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano review

Kawai ES110 Digital Stage Piano features 88 grade-weighted keys, advanced resonance effects, built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Its a nice portable stage piano that’s also perfect for practice. Table of Contents1 Kawai ES110 Digital Piano: Pros & Cons2 Kawai ES110 Digital Piano: Review3 KAWAI ES110 vs ES100 Comparison4 Kawai ES110 Digital Piano: DEMO / Video Review5 Kawai […]

Top 5 Best Solo Piano Radio Music Stations

Solo Piano Radio Music

Top 5 Piano radio music stations: Enjoy free online piano radio music, including classical piano, on the internet with some of the stations broadcasting music all the 24 hours in a day. Table of Contents1 Great for Discovering Piano Music2 Calms Your World3 Helps Your Piano Playing4 Available all the Time5 Top Solo Piano Radio […]

Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand

STAY music tower three-tier keyboard stand

Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand for professional keyboard players: Its sturdy, lightweight and supports three-keyboards. Table of Contents1 Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand: Review2 Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand: Pros & Cons3 Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand: Demo / Video Reviews4 Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand: Features / Specs5 Buying […]

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