Bass Guitar Tabs: How to Read

So you want to play bass guitar? You should begin with Bass guitar tabs, and learning to play from tabs is really not as difficult as it seems. Here’s how to do it the right way. Just remember that the first string is always the thinnest and with the highest pitch. Learning to Play from […]

Guitar Tuners (Clip-on & Pedal): Buying Guide

Guitar Tuners

Best Guitar tuners reviews for alternate tunings, polyphonic performance, or for serious accuracy. There are many different guitar tuning tools out there ranging from chromatic tuners to self-tuning guitars. Here are some of the popular ones. Table of ContentsGuitar Tuners TypesBest Guitar TunersHow to Tune a Guitar: VideoElectronic/Electric Guitar TunerMore Guitar TunersMore Information on Guitar […]

Guitar Top: Various Kinds

Guide to the various kinds of Guitar Tops, and how they impact the overall sound of the guitar. Here’s a complete guide. Though most musical instruments are made of wood, they all are not necessarily made of the same stuff. I’m sure you realize that wood is getting expensive, and the ones that are used […]

Best Midi Controller Keyboard Reviews

Find the best midi controller keyboard. Reviews of 49 key, 61 key, 88 key, compact and USB midi controllers! Table of ContentsAkai Pro MPK mini 25-KeyAkai Pro LPK25 25-KeyM-Audio Oxygen 49-Key USB MIDI ControllerM-Audio Keystation 88ES Midi ControllerM-Audio Keystation 61ES 61-Key Semi-Weighted USB MIDI ControllerThe Popular Types Akai Pro MPK mini 25-Key One of the […]

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