Bulk Guitar Strings

Bulk Guitar Strings: Why it makes sense to buy strings in bulk. Why Buy in Bulk? There is no doubt that the construction quality of the guitar plays an important role in the sound produced, but even the guitar strings impacts, to a certain extent, the sound produced. Besides, it plays a major role in […]

Guitar Intonation Explained

Table of ContentsLearn what is Guitar Intonation and how to adjust it and fix itIntonation on GuitarKeep a CheckAsk a Professional to do It How to Set the Intonation Learn what is Guitar Intonation and how to adjust it and fix it If you have any guitar friends, I am sure you would have heard […]

Mozarteum University: Study music in Salzburg, Austria (Mozart’s birthplace)

Universität Mozarteum Salzburg, also known simply as Mozarteum Salzburg, is a university in Salzburg, Austria which specializes in music and the dramatic arts. Table of ContentsMusic at Mozarteum University, SalzburgMozarteum International Summer AcademyInternational Mozart CompetitionNotable Alumni of MozarteumMozarteum University, Address & Location in Salzburg Music at Mozarteum University, Salzburg Built more than a century back, […]

Best Keytar Reviews

Lady gaga on keytar

Best Keytar Reviews: Keytar Prices, Used & Second-hand Keytars for Sale. The earlier keytar models were more like a midi controller; a cable used to go from the Keytar to a sound module to trigger the sounds. However, recent models such as the Roland AX synth are wireless and can generate sounds of their own. […]

Learn to play Violin for beginners

orchestral strings musical instruments

Find useful information and videos that will help you become better at playing the violin. It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone can learn how to play the violin. Here, you will learn how to play the violin, and get useful tips on how to practice. Table of ContentsOverviewThe Violin ExplainedHow to Hold the […]

Electronic keyboard: Perfect for Beginners

Electronic keyboards come in 61 and 76 keys and are perfect for beginners to learn to play keyboard or the piano. Here are the features that are available on most recent keyboard. Perfect for beginners or advanced players, you should ideally choose a model that has touch-sensitive keys. Also ideal for beginner singer-songwriters like I […]

How to String a Guitar

Stringing a Guitar is one activity you need to know, if you own a guitar. Read here to learn how to correctly string an acoustic or electric guitar. There are times when you may have to change the strings of your guitar, especially if you have had the guitar for some time. Changing the strings […]

Music Instrument Stands

Guitar stand

Music Instrument Stands. Here you’ll find a list of all product groups in Instrument Stands. These are stands that are used to rest the instrument itself, and not really for holding the sheets. You get stands for practically every instrument – Guitars and Basses, Drums & Percussion, Violin, keyboards & pianos, Brass Instruments and even […]

Electromagnetic piano can be performed hands-free, guided only by brain waves (developed by DXARTS)

acoustic grand piano

DXARTS develops electromagnetic musical instruments that can be performed hands-free, guided only by your brain waves. DXARTS is home to several faculty laboratories, classrooms, and auditoriums. The media production and instrument laboratory is where a Yamaha grand piano rests, but this particular piano is unlike any other though: It is electronically communicating to a nearby […]

Play virtual piano online using your computer keyboard

acoustic piano

Play piano online using your computer keyboard with these software programs. Learn the piano notes and play some simple songs using these online piano software that will allow your computer keyboard to simulate a piano keyboard. Table of ContentsOverviewCalled by Various NamesYour computer Keyboard Becomes the PianoFeatures of these Piano SimulatorsVarious Virtual KeyboardsVirtual keyboard – […]

Guitar Chords: How to Master

Guitar Chords: Learn how to construct the common chords used in most popular songs If you have a guitar that has been lying around for years, gathering dust, may be its a good time to put it to use. As far as the finger positions are concerned, you can use what is shown in the […]

First-Ever Denver Keytar Fest

The first-ever Denver Keytar Fest, featured several artists who displayed their skills on the keytar. Watch: The first-ever Denver Keytar Fest, featuring X-Ray Visionaries, Claudzilla and Cop Circles. Here’s what concert promoter Claudia Woodman has to say about the keytar: People (keyboard and piano players) like Keytar because of its portability. Most models also run […]

Turntable Cartridges & Needles


Turntable Cartridges & Needles: Things to look for. Table of ContentsRole of CartridgesTraditional Turntable Cartridges Still in DemandTake Tone Arm Mount Length Into ConsiderationModern Features Role of Cartridges Cartridges hold the needle in a traditional turntable, and in the case of more modern versions holds the the magnet, thus transmitting sound to your speakers. So […]

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano Review

Roland rd-2000 stage piano

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano: SuperNATURAL acoustic pianos, classic EPs, vintage effects, and hybrid wooden hammer-action keys. Table of ContentsRoland RD 2000: ReviewRoland RD 2000: Demo / Video ReviewRoland RD 2000: FeaturesRoland RD 2000: Technical SpecsRoland RD 2000: Buying Links & Pricing Roland RD 2000: Review The RD-2000 is built for the performing keyboardist. It features […]

360 Degree Drum Kit

The 360 Degree Drum Kit may not be ready yet for consumers but its great to see how far a design can be stretched. Such products can definitely be displayed during major events/exhibitions. This unique design is the result of the project AH A MAY where various industries collaborate to create interesting products. Although the […]

Yamaha PSR e253 Keyboard Review

Yamaha logo

Yamaha PSR e253 Keyboard reviewed here. This is a great, affordable 61-key instrument for the beginner looking for his/her first keyboard; it comes with several tones and you can learn to play along with the several built-in accompaniments. Though this is a basic keyboard for the absolute beginner, it still comes with 61 keys and […]

Pentatonic Scale

All about the Pentatonic scale (the Asian scale) and how to play it on the piano. Another scale for players who are no longer beginners! It does not mean beginners cannot play it. In fact, this scale is very easy to play, just 5 notes. The only reason I said it is not for beginners […]

Portable Piano Keyboard – Lightweight and Easy to Carry

best piano keyboard

Portable Piano Keyboard – Here are the various options if you are looking for a lightweight piano keyboard for practice, something that is easy to carry around. Table of ContentsKeyboards – Various Sizes and WeightsPortable Keyboards for BeginnersPortable Keyboard for Weekend GetawaysPortable Digital Pianos for PracticingFor Performing Musicians Keyboards – Various Sizes and Weights Digital […]

Understanding Time Signatures in Music

Understanding Time Signatures (the different meters) in Music. Learn all about keeping the beat and maintaining rhythm while playing music. This is nothing but the number of beats in every measure/bar of music. And what is a Measure/Bar? It is nothing but the series of sections that you get when the vertical black lines called […]

Cruise Line Music & Entertainment Jobs

Cruise Line Music Jobs: Singers, Keyboard & guitar players, drummers, and more musicians, available & wanted for Cruise Liners. Musicians List Piano Player / Singer looking for Music Job on a Cruise Line by paulo (faro/portugal) I’m looking for a music contract on a Cruise Line. My name is paulo joao, I´m a Portuguese piano […]

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Review

seagull s6 guitar

The Seagull S6 is a high-quality acoustic dreadnought guitar, and one of the best entry-level/intermediate-level acoustic guitars. It features a solid Cedar top and Wild Cherry back and sides. In fact, it compares well even with guitars that cost several times its price and doesn’t really have much downside to it, considering its price. Table […]

How to Use Skype for Music Lessons

ios ipad iphone interfaces

If you’re unable to find a music teacher (for learning piano, guitar or any other instrument) who can come over to your house, or if you don’t have the inclination to travel to your piano’teachers place, you may consider using Skype for your Adult Piano Lessons. Some music teachers nowadays impart music lessons via Skype, […]

Musicians Classifieds, Oklahoma, US

Musicians Classifieds, Oklahoma, US: Professional Musicians – Singers, Keyboard & guitar players, drummers, and more, available & wanted in Oklahoma, US. Musicians List Piano Player Looking for Country Rock band in Tulsa, OK (US) – by Mitch. Professional piano player looking to get back into the scene! Played the Tulsa area many years ago, got […]

Waldorf launches the advanced ‘Quantum’ Synth

waldorf quantum synth

Waldorf launched the Quantum synth, an 8–voice polyphonic synthesizer that offers classic subtractive synthesis, Waldorf’s signature wavetable synthesis, and granular synthesis. Waldorf has integrated the finest aspects of digital synthesis onto a hardware synth with analog oscillators and infrastructure. As a result, the Quantum synth sounds like a cross between Waldorf’s Blofeld and the Spectrasonics […]

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