Killer Korg Synths – Distinctive Synthesizer with World-Renowned Sounds

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Ideal for Creating Fast and Thumping Music. Korg Synths are known for their distinctive sounds, besides being built for easy and intuitive operation, making their Synthesizer suitable for both stage as well as studio use. Table of ContentsOverviewSuperb ArpeggiatorsSuperb Modulation Effects Vocoder EffectsEditor Software Included Overview Korg Synths are known for their distinctive sounds, besides […]

Cubase vs Logic Comparison

I started working on Cubase initially but over the years have spent time on both the software, Cubase as well as Logic. There’s already so much written about this comparison that I really don’t want to add to it. Whether Cubase or Logic, is more of a personal choice. I personally don’t see much difference […]

Best Backpacker / Travel Guitar Reviews

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Best Backpacker / Travel Guitar Reviews: Find the best-selling travel guitars: acoustic, electric and acoustic-electric. The best travel guitar is the one which you can take along with you wherever you want. A travel guitar is much easier to carry around (compared to a regular guitar), and a great choice while away from home for […]

The Piano Movie

The Piano: Oscar-winning movie about a mute woman Ada (played by Holly Hunter) and her prized piano! Table of ContentsThings You Probably Didn’t Know About THE PIANOStar Cast – The Piano MovieStory – The Piano MovieFinal Thoughts Things You Probably Didn’t Know About THE PIANO The film revolves around a mute woman Ada, who is […]

Top Portable Guitar Mini Amps

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Guide to Guitar Mini Amps and reviews of the best ones. Guitar mini amps are a great way to get great sound, but in a compact portable package. Most of these guitar mini amps weigh just a few pounds and they’re very easily transported. So take your guitar to the beach, on the road, or […]

Harmonium Keyboard Instrument

Learn how the Harmonium Keyboard instrument is different from other Keyboard Instruments. Find harmoniums for sale here. The harmonium is a reed organ with hand pumped pressure bellows that pushes the air through the reeds. Table of ContentsHarmoniums HistoryPopular Indian InstrumentWhat Does a Harmonium Sound Like: VideoHarmoniums for Sale Harmoniums History It was invented in […]

Guide to Keyboard Benches

Guide to Keyboard Benches: Here’s how to select an appropriate one to comfortably play your music keyboard / synthesizer or the piano. For learners, a keyboard bench helps in maintaining a good posture, and for experienced players these help to play for longer sessions. These are portable and can easily be carried to gigs. These […]

K & M Trumpet Stand KC

K & M Trumpet Stand KC reviewed here. The K & M Trumpet Stand KC is a great stand that can be used for practicing, concerts or jazz bands. Its compact and the 5 legs makes it much more stable (than the 3-legged stands). The legs fold into the stand and the whole thing fits […]

The Jazz Theory Book

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Jazz is one of the most exciting styles to play for any piano player, because of the opportunity it offers for improvisation. So if you’re keen to learn to play jazz piano, here’s a useful book that will teach you all the techniques you need to know. Endorsed by the likes of Jamey Aebersold, James […]

Performance rights organizations: Their role and difference between the various PROs

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Musical compositions constitute intellectual property which belongs to its artists, the creators of the works. The role of Performing rights organizations (PRO) is to ensure musicians are rightfully compensated for use of their music. Several Performing rights organizations (PRO) exists – American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), and SESAC, […]

Top Hardware Drum Machinces / Groove Boxes: Sound Module, Synth & Sequencer in a Box

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A Hardware Drum Machine / Groove Box is a self-contained instrument for producing loop-based music. Drum machines is popular among music producers as countless hip-hop, electronica and pop tracks have been created using these. It’s a synthesizer and a sequencer built in one instrument. Table of ContentsWhat is a Drum Machine?How Do They Work? Hardware […]

Types of Music: Styles & Genres

Music is an art form that uses sound as medium in time and space. The basic elements of music, rhythm, dynamics and sound properties are color and intensity. Music through history had tried to define a number of theorists, philosophers, composers and musicians themselves. The very word music derives from the Greek word mousike, which […]

Top music streaming music sites

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Music companies and entrepreneurs around the world are quite excited about the growth potential of streaming music. Table of ContentsMusic Streaming: Top PlayersMusic Streaming: FeaturesStreaming vs DownloadsStreaming is the Future Of Music, Although it Looks Shaky Currently‘Baboom’, Notorious Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom’s Music Streaming Service is Live & Kicking Music Streaming: Top Players For many, […]

Keyboard Expression Pedal – Control Volume, Modulation, Panning, and More

Keyboard expression pedal! Use it to control various parameters like volume, modulation, panning, and lot more. Synthesizers & Electronic keyboards nowadays come with hundreds of sounds. They also come with many effects. In addition they also provide features to modify the various parameters of those sounds and effects. Table of ContentsWhy Should You Use It?Connections […]

Guide to Buying D’ Addario Guitar Strings

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Guide to Buying D’ Addario Guitar Strings and review of the popular strings from this brand. Table of ContentsWho Should Buy? Product Offerings / Buying LinksAbout the Brand To Conclude Who Should Buy? D’Addario guitar strings are the all-time favorites for most guitar players (provides good balance between the warm low ends and bright highs). […]

Jay Turser Guitars


Guide to the Jay Turser Guitars and reviews of their best products. Overview This is a brand that most beginners like because of their affordable range of guitars. One reason for this is that unlike the other brands, Jay Turser’s sole purpose was to create guitars that were affordable to the general public. That is […]

Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar


Cordoba C5-CE Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar is an affordable classical guitar that is handmade in the traditional Spanish style. Get excellent articulation via the guitar’s Canadian cedar top and African mahogany back and sides. Quality electronics amplify its clear, warm sound. Table of ContentsCordoba C5-CE: Pros & ConsCordoba C5-CE: ReviewCordoba C5-CE: Video Review / DemoCordoba […]

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