Top Sennheiser Headphones Reviewed

Sennheiser Headphones Buying guide: Checkout the various offerings from this brand and the best options for your requirements.

Best Sennheiser Headphones / Earphones

Buy headphones, earphones. Get wide range of in-ear, on-ear, over-ear headphones. Here are the best Sennheiser Headphones available for music lovers and musicians.

Sennheiser HD600 Full-Sized Circumaural Headphones

This is an audiophile-quality, open dynamic, professional stereo headphone. Use these accurate, natural-sounding open-back headphones for monitoring and critical listening. HD600s feature a detachable cable and adjustable headband.
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Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones

Take control of the club with Sennheiser’s top-of-the-line DJ model – HD8 DJ. Designed for the most demanding users and punishing pro environments. Its iconic metal pivot rings allows the user to swivel the ear cups up to 210-degrees for easy one-ear monitoring at the turntable. Soft ear cushions ensure a comfortable fit and virtually eliminate background noise.
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Sennheiser HD380 Pro Closed Headphones

HD380 Pro professional monitoring headphone is designed for accurate sound reproduction in demanding applications. Its lightweight, and its rugged design offers a comfortable listening experience for long recording sessions. Accessories include a detachable, 3.2-foot coiled cable (extendable up to 9.8 ft.), a carrying case, and a screw-type 1/4-inch (6.3 mm) jack adapter.
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Sennheiser HD25 On-Ear Closed-Back Headphones

Considered to be the “Industry Standard” for DJ Headphones (often found in DJ Booths), the Sennheiser HD 25 on-ear (supra-aural) closed-back headphones are lightweight and comfortable, even if used for long periods. These have a split headband, swivel earcup, and single-sided cable.
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Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones

The HD 280 Pro is Sennheiser’s most significant closed, around-the-ear headphone to be introduced in years. Regardless of your intended use, Sennheiser’s HD280 Pro headphones have the features and performance you need to produce professional-quality audio. High output, high isolation!
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Sennheiser RS 185 wireless headphones
Wireless headphones, looks sleek, convenient design, great sound quality, created for the music lovers. Each side gets its own AA battery.

About the Brands

Sennheiser HeadphonesA German brand with over six decades of experience in making professional audio products, Sennheiser makes equipment that are used in every aspect of recording, transmission and reproduction of sound.

They manufacture a wide range of products such as headphones, headsets, microphones, and integrated audio systems, as well as offer custom-made audio solutions to businesses.

Why Sennheiser Headphones?

Sennheiser makes headphones for personal use as well as for professional studio use, and includes a wide range of Headphones as well as Headsets.

Their headphones are designed to deliver the best sounds with no compromise, whereas the headsets are designed for comfort, safety, and sound quality.

  • Headphones
  • Professional Headphones
  • DJ Headphones
  • Headsets, Professional Headsets
  • Headphone Accessories
  • So you’ll find a suitable one for your requirements; it could be for any of the following:

  • Monitoring and recording applications
  • For high-noise environments
  • For one-ear listening (Rotatable ear cup)
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    Sennheiser Headphones: Buying Links & Deals

    Sennheiser offers a wide range of Professional Headphones that not only look stylish but also produce great sounds.

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