Schylling Kids Accordion

Here’s a complete review of the Schylling Kids Accordion. This is a nice musical toy instrument for little beginners that allows them to explore the world of accordions. Built in the Key of C, its easy to play and inexpensive. See PRICE of Schylling Kids Accordion on Amazon.

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Pros & Cons

  • PROS: Easy to play, durable, nice sound
  • CONS: only three songs in the instruction sheet, requires good finger coordination and arm strength to press the buttons

Schylling Kids Accordion: Review

Schylling Kids Accordion

This is a great starter musical instrument for your child, and can be used for learning (introduction to the accordion) or just for fun. It nicely fits into the palms of an adult’s hands as well, just in case you want to play some songs.

Its compact and well built, its diatonic (like a keyboard with no black keys), the number of keys are reduced so that its easier to play, but it’s still possible to crank out complex tunes.

Its durable, sounds nice, and requires some effort to use the various buttons, so its better suited for an older child. The accordion plays different notes depending on whether you are pushing or pulling.

As far as the brand is concerned, Schylling has been around for a few decades now, and is one of the leading brands of toy products.

Its a diatonic accordion, similar to the C major scale on a Piano (minus the black keys). So although you cannot play all the songs under the song, it’s definitely good enough to play most child songs, folk tunes, hymn, and carols.

Features & Specs

Here are the main features of the Schylling Kids Accordion:

Schylling Kids Accordion
List Price: $24.99
Price: $23.04
You Save: $1.95
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  • Finely crafted accordion
  • Measures 7.50″ wide
  • Sounds, looks and feels like the real thing
  • Easy-to-learn instruction booklet is included

Here’s what users have to say about this musical instrument:

  • Overall, it has a very pleasant sound, and easy to play
  • Great for beginners who want to dabble in the accordion.
  • Your child can easily picking out tunes, with minimum amount of practice

  • Not really a toy – Its more than a toy actually, because the sound is much better for a toy. If you’re an adult and looking for an inexpensive accordion to start learning, you may give this one a try
  • Great musical instrument for children – This is a perfect instrument for your child if your school has a music band and teaches music to children. Its small in size and not too complex. Playing simple songs such as “Yankee Doodle” on this instrument won’t take lot of time. Comes with an ‘easy to learn’ instruction booklet that even adults could refer to, and play some simple songs

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    This is a great musical instrument for the little hands. Fun to use and easy to play.

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