Schoenhut Toys: Top Quality Music Instruments for Kids

Schoenhut is a popular manufacturer of toy pianos, though their product line now includes other musical instruments as well. However, primarily, the company targets kids with their range of top-quality pianos and other musical instruments.

Highlights of Schoenhut Toy musical instruments

Schoenhut Toys

  • Schoenhut is a trusted brand, one of the oldest manufacturers of musical toys; they produce acoustic instruments and NOT electronic musical toys
  • Schoenhut’s range of products include a wide variety of toy pianos and other musical instruments & accessories including guitars, harps, drums, psalterys and melodicas.
  • Schoenhut toys are sturdy, durable and they have a reputation for making safe toys

Range of Products

Pianos: This is their main category that has been in existence for years. They have a wide variety of toy pianos, available in various colors, and with different number of keys.

Drums: You don’t have several options in this category, but they do have a few quality offerings. The Schoenhut 5-piece drum set is a great choice for all the little drummers!

String Instruments: Schoenhut string instruments include lots of toy guitars and a few ukuleles and Harps.

  • Schoenhut Flag Ukulele
  • Schoenhut Guitar
  • Schoenhut 15-string Harp

Melodica: The Schoenhut melodica is an easy to play instrument, it produces sound through the mouthpiece and keyboard. Young musicians will learn music while having fun!

Thumb Piano: The mbira or thumb piano is an African musical instrument that is played by striking the ends of the tines with thumbs. The Schoenhut Thumb Piano a great gift for young children, and serves as a great outlet for their creative minds.

Band in a Box: These include variety of instruments bundled together, and is a great introduction to music for kids.

With Schoenhut, you can experience the joy of seeing your child begin their musical journey using musical instruments that are built specifically for them, yet deliver quality sounds. I’m sure, when your kids grow up, they will thank you for your purchase and your dedication for enhancing their musical interests.

We have received several emails from parents expressing their joy on seeing their little ones take the initial steps in the world of music. We hope that same feeling for all parents.

Since 1872, Schoenhut has been designing, building, and manufacturing superior toy pianos, in addition to other musical instruments like drum sets, guitars and ukuleles.

Although Albert Schoenhut’s original piano models were made for children, many professional musicians regard today’s Schoenhut toy pianos as serious concert instruments.

Explore and buy the best Schoenhut instruments for your family today. All toy pianos and instruments are on sale and are being offered at a value that’s hard to beat.

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