Schoenhut Traditional Spinet Piano

Schoenhut Traditional Spinet Piano The Schoenhut Traditional Spinet Piano may look like a toy but it’s a musical instrument of very high quality and produces beautiful melodic tones. Although for children, even professional musicians use it because of its unique sound that is produced by little hammers striking steel music rods. Its suitable for young (and even adult) beginners who show an interest in music or already have some knowledge of piano playing.

  • PROS: Nice looks, Acoustic, Great Brand
  • CONS: Tone is that of a full-sized real acoustic piano

Schoenhut toy pianos are available in both – spinet as well as baby grand looks, with the grand pianos being a bit more expensive than the spinet pianos. Here we will have a look at the Schoenhut Traditional Spinet Piano model that comes with a bench.


Here are some important features of the Schoenhut White 25-Key Traditional Spinet Piano.

  • It was the first toy piano to be played at Carnegie Hall
  • Schoenhut spinet piano are available in 25 and 37 keys
  • They are available in various colors – Mahogany, Black, white
  • Piano Bench is Included
  • The sound is produced by metal bars instead of strings
  • Will help your child develop important music & motor skills early in life.

Schoenhut Traditional Spinet Piano

Although these pianos are in tune and make a pleasing sound, these are still toys and you may not get the best possible key action on these pianos. You need to realize that toy pianos are meant for kids in the 1 to 4 years old age group. The aim of these pianos is to enhance a child’s creativity and develop fine motor skills at an early age.


Schoenhut Spinet Pianos have a very nice and shiny look; in fact it is attractive enough to sit in your living room. Although the sound is made by bars, it is pleasing to the ears. If you expect it to sound like a real piano, you need to realize that it is just a toy.

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