Best Schoenhut Piano: Toys that prepare your child for a bigger piano

When it comes to toys pianos, Schoenhut is a name to reckon with and the oldest known manufacturer of toy pianos in the world of music (they are referred to as the ‘Steinway’ of toy pianos). Most Schoenhut pianos are acoustic pianos and have a unique, charming sound. If you want to arouse curiosity in your kids for music and are looking for something classy, do checkout the Schoenhut pianos. Skip to the best Schoenhut piano on Amazon.

Best Schoenhut Toy Pianos: Checkout the Various Categories

The various Schoenhut toy pianos can be arranged as per the following categories. In each of these categories, you will usually find pink, red, black or white colored pianos.

Best High-End (Schoenhut 61 Key Electric Butterfly)
Digital keyboard. Full length, 61-keys touch sensitive keys. Available in Black & Pink.
Best Mid-Range (Schoenhut 25-Keys animal piano)
Acoustic. 2-in-1 adjustable design. Choice of teddy bear, horse or dog,
Best Inexpensive (Schoenhut 25 Key “My First Piano II” White)
Acoustic. 25-key, perfect for child’s first piano.

Schoenhut My First Piano (18 Keys)

Schoenhut My First PianoToy pianos in ‘The Schoenhut My First Piano’ category are designed for babies who have reached the exploratory stage – sitting on someone’s lap in front of the keyboard, up to the toddler age. These toy pianos come with 18 keys and are the perfect choice for introducing a very young child to music, who are fascinated by musical sounds.

Schoenhut 2522P 25 Key My First Piano II

Schoenhut My First Piano ii Toy pianos in ‘The Schoenhut My First Piano ii’ category are slightly bigger in size and come with 25 keys. These pianos are both fun and educational, develops eye-hand coordination and encourages musical creativity in your child. These Schoenhut toy pianos are the best choice as a toddler’s first piano.

Schoenhut 37-Key Elite Baby Grand Piano with Bench (37-Keys)

Schoenhut 37-Key Elite Baby Grand Piano with BenchThe Schoenhut 37-Key Elite Baby Grand Piano is not just a fine musical instrument, its a beautiful piece of furniture as well. Designed with the three-to-nine year old in mind, this one is not ‘just a toy’, it has got a keyboard that is almost half the size of an adult piano.

Schoenhut 25-Key Elite Spinet with Bench

Schoenhut 25-Key Elite Spinet with Bench (25-Keys)

The Schoenhut 25-key Elite Spinet looks elegant with sophisticated curved legs, is durable, and more importantly its educational. This model is suited for children who have been introduced to pianos, and are ready to begin their journey on performance pieces.

Schoenhut 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand Piano with Bench

Schoenhut 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand with Bench (30-Keys)

Schoenhut’s 30-key fancy baby grand piano looks beautiful with curved legs and has an elegant style. With 30 full-sized keys, its great for introducing your child to basic keyboard skills and musical concepts, it also promotes hand-eye coordination and develops musical creativity.

Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand Piano

Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand Piano (18-Keys)

Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand Pianos come with 18-keys, look like a grand piano, and are great for introducing a young child to the world of music. Fun and educational, its great for promoting eye-hand coordination and to develop musical creativity.

Schoenhut 30-Key Classic Baby Grand

Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano with Bench (30-Keys)

The piano will always be a popular instrument and this one looks like a miniature baby grand piano. It even comes with a piano bench. It looks elegant, is sturdy, comes with 30 keys, and is designed to encourage your child to play and develop a love of music.

Schoenhut 25-Key Traditional Spinet Upright Piano with Bench

Schoenhut 25-Key Traditional Spinet Upright Piano with Bench (25-Keys)

Schoenhut 25-Key traditional spinet upright piano was the first toy piano to be played at Carnegie Hall (by internationally acclaimed concert pianist Margaret Leng Tan). This model is popular not just for children but also with adults, and is often the choice of professional musicians because of its beautiful tones. The traditional spinet upright piano is perfect for beginners who show an interest in music, and even for children who have better piano techniques.

Schoenhut 37 Key Concert Baby Grand with Bench

Schoenhut 37 Key Concert Baby Grand Piano with Bench (37-Keys)

This one is a miniature concert grand piano, complete with opening top and comes with a matching piano bench. The hinge is also designed like a real piano, but before you worry about it falling on the fingers, its designed to raise and lower gradually, so as not to slam down on your toddler’s little fingers. The Schoenhut concert baby grand piano is designed for a child with serious musical aspirations. Available in mahogany, white or black finish.

Schoenhut 37 Key Day Care Durable with Bench

Schoenhut 37 Key Day Care Durable Piano with Bench (37-Keys)

As the name suggests, Schoenhut 37-Key Day Care durable piano was designed with the day care industry in mind, and that is why its sturdy to endure active play, and also colorful. But you can use it at home as well. The three octave offers plenty of room for playing with both hands.

Schoenhut 37-Key Traditional Deluxe Spinet Upright Piano with Bench

Schoenhut 37-Key Traditional Deluxe Spinet Upright Piano with Bench (37-Keys)

Schoenhut’s Traditional Deluxe Spinet upright piano has a keyboard that’s almost half the size of an adult piano (designed for the three-to-nine-year-old). 37 Keys (3 octaves) allows your child to play comfortably with both hands. The Deluxe Spinet is not “just a toy,” but a fine musical instrument, and lovely addition to your home, as well.

Schoenhut 25-Key Animal Piano with Bench

Schoenhut 25-Key Animal Piano with Bench (25-Keys)

Schoenhut 25-key animal piano is decorated with a whimsical animal’s head (dog, horse, teddy bear), and is perfect for toddlers. The piano is height adjustable; it sits safely and squarely on the floor within easy reach of little hands. Later on, the sides with the animal’s body can be attached, conveniently raising the piano to a comfortable height for an older child seated at the bench.

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Schoenhut Toy Pianos: Guide

About Schoenhut

A reputed brand, Schoenhut also manufactures other musical instruments, besides pianos. Most of their instruments are acoustic in nature and don’t use electronic components to produce sound (that’s why most parents prefer these for their kids, especially those who already play some music instrument).

Key highlights of Schoenhut Pianos: No tuning necessary, thirty full size keys, removable color-coordinated chord strip, elegant design, sturdy, and more.

Schoenhut Toy Pianos: Acoustic Toy Pianos With Beautiful Sounds

Schoenhut pianos are known for their top quality, safety, durability and overall satisfaction. Parents, schools and educational institutions praise the experience that kids gain by playing Schoenhut musical instruments.

These pianos produce lovely chime-like notes and have no electronic components within. The tones are produced by little hammers striking precision-ground, German steel music rods (versus the conventional taut wires used in full-sized piano models).

Schoenhut Toy Pianos: Prepares Your Child for the Larger Pianos

The keys on Schoenhut toy pianos may be fewer in number (compared to what you find on a larger piano) but they are of similar width, which means your child can easily transfer the piano skills to a full-sized piano.

The Learning System, with its play-by-color assortment of songs, is also designed to teach children proper “finger stretch” right from the very beginning.

A removable, color-coordinated strip fits behind the keys to guide small fingers from chord to chord. As your child learns and grows, the color strip can be transferred to a bigger piano.

Every purchase also includes a Songbook containing a collection of familiar tunes, designed to build a child’s confidence and develop basic playing skills.

Highlights of Schoenhut Toy Pianos

  • Schoenhut is oldest and best-known manufacturer of toy pianos in the world of music
  • They produce acoustic instruments and NOT electronic musical toys
  • Most of their toy pianos use standard size piano keys
  • Some of their baby grand and upright models come with a matching stool or bench
  • All toy pianos include a songbook with matching color key codes to help teach children in a fun way.

Schoenhut toy pianos are tiny Pianos with true professional sound. Known as the “Steinway” of toy pianos, these pianos have been entertaining children (and musicians) for decades. Schoenhut musical toys/pianos are great for beginning your toddlers musical journey, to channelize their musical abilities, and to teach them to play piano correctly from a young age.

If you have more kids at home or in your neighborhood, you can get Schoenhut’s miniature instruments like drums, harps, electric guitars and acoustic guitars to setup a musical ensemble (orchestra) for children (they all can learn, practice and play music together.)

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