Schoenhut My First Piano: Quality Acoustic Toy Piano for Your Child

Schoenhut my First PianoHere’s a complete review of ‘Schoenhut My First Piano’, a top quality non-electronic toy piano that’s great for introducing your child to the world of music. It may not sound like a real piano because its strings are shorter, but it does have its own distinct tone and does stay in tune. It looks cute and kids love the bright red color.

Though there are a lot of mini sized electronic keyboard instruments meant for kids, they do not sound as good as an acoustic musical instrument.

If you want your child to have the best possible piano instrument, schoenhut toy pianos are highly recommended.

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Features of Schoenhut My First Piano

Schoenhut are one of the leading manufacturers of Toy Pianos, they have been in existence for over hundred years, and continue to provide great delight to children.

Here are more features of the Schoenhut 25-Key My First Piano:

  • They are available in 37 and 25 keys…
  • Available in various colors – white, black, red, pink
  • Perfect for introducing a young child to music (Age Range: Three years and up)
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • Adult-sized keys help child learn proper “finger stretch”
  • Develops musical creativity
  • Children love the chime-like notes
  • Includes Schoenhut’s Learning System, with its play-by-color assortment of songs, to make playing simple and fun.

The piano sound is made by metallic bars and not strings, as in a real piano. It doesn’t have felts and strings, but it does have 25 real full size keys, hammers and metal bars. The sound is perfectly in tune and is pleasing to the ears.

Don’t be misled here by the term ‘Toy’ as some of these baby pianos can be quite expensive….since these are authentic acoustic instruments having their own distinctive sound. These pianos are also extremely durable and long lasting.

Schoenhut my First Piano

Why Kids Love Playing on These

A Schoenhut Toy piano is a classic instrument which every child should experience. It is a huge hit with kids. The fact that you get to sit on a bench and play the piano also excites kids…since it makes them feel grown up.

And later on if you want your child to play on a full sized acoustic piano, it is better if your kid starts playing on an authentic piano instrument since Schoenhut piano feature standard width piano keys (though they are a bit shorter in length).

Final Verdict on Schoenhut my First Piano

If you do not already own a piano and if you think that your child will not be comfortable playing on the bigger acoustic piano, then a Schoenhut toy piano is recommended. The sound is good and the keys are as wide as on the bigger pianos. Kids will really enjoy playing on their first Schoenhut Piano.

Overall it’s a well-put-together toy piano that can teach kids how real musical instruments work.

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