Schoenhut Guitar: Quality Guitars for Kids

Reviews of Schoenhut GuitarsSchoenhut Guitar Reviews: Schoenhut (popularly known for their toy pianos) also has a good selection of guitars for kids. Not the electronic ones, they’re proper guitars (smaller sized) with strings. Take a look at the best Schoenhut Guitars for kids, and the best deals available currently from this great brand.

About Schoenhut Guitars

Named after the founder Albert Schoenhut, this brand initially started making toy pianos, and now makes other musical instruments including guitars as well.

Overall, while Schoenhut may not have a rich guitar history, unlike some other brands, but its surely a popular brand that manufactures some great musical instruments for kids. Not only have Schoenhut stood the test of time, they make a range of high quality toy guitars that’s available at an affordable price range. Take a look at our Schoenhut kids guitars today.

Here’s a video showing a demo of a Schoenhut Guitar

Range of Products

Schoenhut manufacturers a decent range of toy guitars as well, but then their products are more than toys. In fact, their guitars are more like the real ones with proper body and strings, and they make acoustic as well as electric kids guitars.

Schoenhut Guitar reviews

Besides, they have special designs for boys and girls. For instance, you may choose a design that is real “girly-girl” (pink color with heart shaped centre).

So it is certainly worth checking out there range of guitars.

Schoenhut Guitar Review: Recommended Guitars for Kids

Here are some of the popular Schoenhut Guitars for Kids.

Most of them are acoustic guitars, available in different colors. Those interested in the electric guitar can opt for their electric guitar starter kit.

Schoenhut Electric Guitar starter Kit

If your chld likes the sound of Rock and Roll, this electric guitar kit should suit him/her well.

You get an authentic, small sized electric guitar – measures 31×10.25×2 inches (LxWxH)
The kit includes a portable amp measures 8×3.5×7 inches (LxWxH)

Schoenhut Electric Guitar and Portable Amp Rock N Roll Starter Kit –

Schoenhut 6-String Acoustic guitar

The grown up teenager kids can opt for these 6-string acoustic guitars. The steels strings (a bit hard to play) produces rich sounds.

Available in various colors, including pink (a favorite with girls).

Schoenhut Pink Guitar

The pink colored guitars from Schoenhut are quite popular among girls. These look nice, have a gloss finish, and like the other models, its easy to string as well.

Schoenhut Blue Guitar

Those who do not like the pink color, especially the boys, can opt for the blue colored guitar from Schoenhut. There are also other colors available.

What to Choose?

This will depend on the age of your child, what his/her interests are, and of course your budget. But then, as mentioned, these are instruments on which you can actually learn to play, and have reasonable build and sound quality.

Overall, you get quality guitars with colorful designs; high quality instruments for affordable prices.

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Buy Schoenhut Guitar

So do checkout the range of Schoenhut guitar for kids here.

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