Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano

A Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano will be a nice addition to your living room, besides helping your child to develop important music skills.

Schoenhut toy pianos are available in both – spinet as well as baby grand looks, with the grand pianos being a bit more expensive than the spinet pianos, but at the same time they look far more majestic. Here we will have a look at the different Schoenhut classic baby grand piano model that comes with piano bench, as well as a learning system.

  • PROS: Easy to put together, acoustic, beautiful chimes-like sound, trusted brand
  • CONS: It doesn’t sound like a real grand piano


Here are some important features of the Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano:

Schoenhut Classic Baby Grand Piano

  • Most Schoenhut spinet piano are available in 30 keys (full two-octave span)
  • They are available in various colors – Black, White, Pink, Red
  • The sound is produced by metal bars instead of strings, where small hammers strike metal rods
  • You get beautiful chime-like tones, instead of a real piano tone
  • Comes with ‘The Learning System’ that includes play-by-color assortment of songs
  • A removable color-coordinated strip fits behind the keys to guide the piano player from chord to chord
  • Dimensions: 19.2 x 19.8 x 20.5 inches; 20 pounds

    Although these pianos are in tune and make a pleasing sound, these are still toys and you will not get the same sound and key action that you get on real pianos. These pianos have their own distinctive sound, since it is produced by metallic bars.

    You need to realize that toy pianos are meant for kids in the 1 to 4 years old age group. The aim of these pianos is to enhance a child’s creativity and develop fine motor skills at an early age. Schoenhut baby grand pianos have good looks; they have a smooth finish and are very easy to keep clean. Besides, it will add a very dramatic look to your child’s toy corner.


    Schoenhut Baby Grand Pianos are miniature pianos designed to encourage the very young to play and develop a love of music. Its elegantly designed, are extremely durable and sturdy. The chime sounds are pleasing to the ears. The full-sized keys on the Schoenhut grand piano help your child to learn proper finger stretch, basic music concepts and playing skills.

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