Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amps (GX, RX models): Review, Prices

Roland Micro Cube guitar amplifier (GX, RX) reviewed. Popular battery-powered amp, the new i-CUBE LINK feature providing a built-in audio interface for working with music apps on your iPhone/iPad.

Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amps: Review

The Roland MICRO CUBE (MC) is the most popular battery-powered amp of all time, and has been around for more than a decade. Over the years, the MICRO CUBE has retained its compact size, but it still remains a powerhouse (thanks to its legendary predecessor), and along the way haave added several new features to stay in tune with the times.

Available in RX and GX models.

While most experienced guitar players use a bigger and powerful guitar amp for their gigs (for example a 65 watt Marshall for most things), they can be really heavy to lug around, that is why they also own a practice amp that is easier to carry anywhere.

The microcube amps are smaller, sound sweeter, and is an excellent amp for practicing and training (you can play Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix or Metallica styles just by switching buttons), has enough distortion for almost anything, has great fx too. 

The amps may distort a bit with the volume cranked up, but for certain settings, it stays clean and can get really loud.

Its easier to set up as well, compared to your real rig; at times you just want something that can be set up quickly (especially after your 12 hour shift).

This is one of the best sounding Solid state amps.

Roland micro cube guitar amp

Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amps: Pros & Cons

PROS (for both the models): Weighs only a few pounds. Size of a car battery. Runs on batteries. High Quality effects.

The recent MC amps come with robust jacks (this is usually a major weak link since you are constantly plugging in). Runs on AC power (included) as well as on batteries. A carry strap is provided to make it easier to carry.

These sound impressive and have lots of power. The look cute, but at the same time are ruggedly built. The biggest plus, as per most guitar players, is that you can take it outside and play it (without needing power supply); the battery setup is really cool. You can use it with your lead guitar or even your bass guitar. You may also plug in your microphone in for some fun.

For the more experienced guitar players, this can serve as a handy second guitar amp; you can practice at home without shaking the whole house. Believe me, its difficult to find something that is small that still sounds good. People around you will be amazed to see that such a small thing can produce such a powerful sound. In addition, it has cool features like built in tuner, drum machine, and more.

Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amps: Demos / Video Reviews

Watch: Roland Micro Cube Electric Guitar Amplifier

Watch: Nita Strauss (Guitarist for Iron Maidens) demos the Roland Micro Cube Electric Guitar Amplifier

Roland Micro Cube: Best Battery Powered Guitar Amp

Its definitely among the better battery powered guitar amps out there. You can take it anywhere you like, be it for practice or for a quick jam session (take it to the park or for small gatherings without the need for AC). You just can’t do it with a large combo or cab stack (it doesn’t make sense).

These amps do come with an AC power adapter, so you really don’t have to burn the batteries, unless that’s the only option you’re left with.

Roland Micro Cube: Small is Beautiful

The best thing about this guitar amp is that its small in size. It may look like a toy from a distance, but when you pick it up, you will realize that its no toy.

And in terms of volume, its all you need for solo practice. You can practice at home without shaking the whole house. And as most experienced guitarists would agree, its difficult to find something that is small that still sounds good.

Keep it anywhere at home – in the book storage area, near the sofa, or in your bedroom. Just power it up any time you want to play your guitar (its quick to setup).

Mind you, its not a gigging amp (even though you can crank up the volume). It isn’t powerful enough to compete with electric guitar’s volume in an outdoor setting (you could mike it into a big amp or PA for bigger sounds). If you need more volume (or don’t want a battery operated amp), checkout the more powerful guitar amps from Roland, Hartke or Behringer that will give you more power for your bucks.

But keep the volume at reasonable levels and you will love it. Besides, these offer good mobility. Roland MC amps are excellent for practice.

Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amps: More Features

Here are some more features available on the Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amps:

  • Comes with rhythm track: You can practice on top of musical rhythms/styles.
  • Amp effects: The effects onboard are limited but nice to have (when you don’t want to carry advanced pedals).
  • You can plug in another instrument or mic.
  • more features mentioned in the review of each model

Roland Micro Cube GX Guitar Amplifier

Roland Micro Cube GX Guitar Amp demo video

You get 25 hours of playing time using 6 AA batteries. Its a compact powerhouse with several onboard effects, and even offers iOS compatibility. The Roland Micro Cube GX features i-CUBE LINK (built-in audio interface for working with music apps), chromatic tuner, memory function for saving your favorite settings.

The Micro Cube GX has a limited but usable set of effects (you can’t tweak them much). Every amp model is a delight to play, use it in combination with a nice electric guitar, and you can virtually play any style of music convincingly. Just turn the knob and you get a tone that you can use. Clean jazz tones, hot chickin’ pickin’, screaming rock leads, crunchy classic rock, even authentic “Waylon” and Ventures sounds are at your disposal.
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Key features of Roland Micro Cube GX:

  • Eight COSM amp tones, including the ultra-heavy EXTREME amp. Eight DSP effects, including HEAVY OCTAVE and dedicated DELAY/REVERB with spring emulation. MEMORY function for saving favorite amp and effects settings
  • i-CUBE LINK jack provides simple audio interfacing with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (interface cable included). Free CUBE JAM app for iOS plays songs and minus-one jam tracks, and lets you record the MICRO CUBE GX’s COSM amp tones along with music playback
  • Chromatic tuner built in. Runs on battery power or supplied AC adapter; carrying strap included

Roland Micro Cube Bass RX Battery-Powered Bass Combo Amplifier

Roland Micro Cube RX Guitar Amp demo video

The Roland Micro Cube Bass RX is more powerful and feature rich compared to the GX model. Besides sounding great with great output, this one has a tuner, metronome, drum machine, really good effects, modeling, full treble, mid and bass controls, volume and gain, and above all…it runs on batteries.

Roland Micro Cube RX is a tiny, battery-powered bass amplifier that packs a big punch. Small, yet loud, and gives sound in true stereo! These little amps can deliver powerful sounds through their stereo power amps and updated custom speakers, four per RX. This one can’t compete with your larger AC powered amps but its a lightweight, sound packed wonder.

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Key features of Roland Micro Cube RX:

  • Portable stereo power amplifiers and four updated 4-inch (10cm) speakers
  • Eight COSM amps, six digital effects
  • Rhythm Guide function for practical rhythm training
  • Stereo AUX input for CD/MP3 player, Phones/Recording out
  • Battery driven (6 x AA, up to 13-hour continuous use)
  • Recording/Headphones output is provided, allows you to listen to the sound without disturbing others
  • Stereo Auxiliary input for CD players, etc; makes it easy to jam on popular music.
  • Chromatic tuner built in
  • Compact body with carrying strap

Roland Micro Cube Amps: Buying Links and Prices

The Roland Micro Cube guitar amps bring new functionality and power, to the most popular portable amp combo on the market.

  1. Reply
    Geoff January 25, 2017 at 9:54 am

    If you want a small amp for your guitar that takes up very little space and offers a variety of sounds, this is a great amp to have. I own other higher quality/large amps also, but this one is too easy to plug in…no messing with pedals, cables, etc. The quality of the effects is very good, though some are not relevant. You can use it in a coffeehouse or small jam sessions or for practice. Effects range from acoustic tones (from my GR-55) to screaming Metal tones. It is surprisingly loud for its small size. I would definitely recommend this to any beginner or even an experienced guitarist (as a second or practice amp).

  2. Reply
    Tom February 1, 2017 at 9:45 am

    The mid/treble range sounds a bit brighter than the bass (for those bass guitarists). What works in its favor is – portability, tonal options, quality.

  3. Reply
    Mike February 5, 2017 at 11:07 am

    The Microcube is definitely among the best battery powered amps that you can find in the market. Just check the musicians playing on the streets in New York and you will find most of them playing through a Roland MC. Various amp types/presets, different effects (distortion, modulation, reverb, delay), its a must for any street performer. Battery power means you don’t have to be stuck to an electrical outlet. Runs on AAA batteries. You can also link to iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), you can get even more creative. So hit the streets, show off your skills and earn some tips.

  4. Reply
    Hans February 25, 2017 at 9:44 am

    It has some cute features, the 4×2.5 makes it louder than it really is, but it is just a practice amp after all. You could look at other cheaper options (20 watt Behringer) for a practice amp with a volume and some EQ. You don’t really need that much amp modelling. You are paying for the effects and the emulated sounds, which will be seldom used.

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