Roland Juno Di 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard

Roland JUNO Di


The Roland JUNO-Di is a complete performance synth laden with several features, including the ability to sing along and apply voice effects through the mic. Its lightweight & portable, comes with USB slot, song player, and allows for 5 hours of battery operation. This can serve as an excellent first synthesizer keyboard.

Easy to Use, Roland brand, Tough build, Realistic Sound & Responsive action

Piano sounds could be better

Review: Roland JUNO-Di

The Roland JUNO-Di keyboard is made for the traveling musician, doesn’t matter if its going to be played on stage or in the streets. It’s lightweight, can run on batteries, and is easy to use. In-spite of that, its packed with tons of features and performs and sounds like a heavyweight synthesizer. It comes with a built-in song player for larger-than-life performances.

Who Is It For?

You can use it for:

  • Live Playing
  • Accompaniment & even for
  • Music Creation

Vast Sound Library

The factory sound-set covers everything you need for live performances — acoustic & electric pianos, rock & jazz organs, strings, brass sections, and more, that can be used for a wide range of styles. Includes several modern synth tones and ethnic instruments such as sitar.

Lightweight & Battery Powered

The Juno-Di is a good alternative to other arranger keyboards in that price range. Its powerful and yet lightweight so that you can easily take it around. Its built is tough to withstand constant travel. It runs on battery which means it can easily be taken from the studio to the streets. You can use it with battery powered amps such as ‘Cube street’ or ‘Mobile Cube’ for the ultimate portable solution.

Built-in Mic & Vocoder

This synth keyboard comes equipped with a mic input and a high-quality, dedicated reverb to add effects to your voice. It also has a vocoder that creates retro-cool robotic voices as you sing and play.

Split & Layer Functions

You can come up with more sound combinations using the Split & Layer Functions. Juno-Di also provides five sound-modification knobs for instant control over the sounds.

Song Player Function

Connect a USB memory stick and the built-in song-player will play your favorite songs/backing tracks/audio samples (accepts MP3, WAV, AIFF, SMF). Useful for live performance & home practice.

Roland JUNO Di 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard
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Specs: Juno-Di

Here are the key features:

  • Professional synthesizer with over 1,000 onboard instrument sounds
  • Intuitive user interface with excellent voice engine
  • Battery operation for mobile use (supports Ni-MH AA-size rechargeable batteries)
  • MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF playback capability via optional USB memory
  • USB memory is perfect for backing tracks when performing live
  • Microphone input with dedicated reverb and vocoder effects for sing-along
  • Direct-access control panel for easy editing
  • Onboard rhythm patterns
  • Dedicated category buttons makes it easy to find sounds
  • Favorite buttons for instant access to your most-used sounds
  • Built-in Song Player
  • Sing karaoke-style with audio files in the Song Player
  • Connect MP3 players directly to the JUNO-Di’s external input
  • Battery compatibility lets you play for up to five hours without plugging in
  • Can be used in conjunction with a battery-powered amp
  • Battery-life indicator on the front panel
  • Diverse & customizable sound bank

Roland JUNO Di 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard

Video Review

Here’s video review of this synth keyboard:

Overall Ratings: Roland Juno-Di

The Roland Juno-Di comes with an intuitive interface, has several knobs & comes in a lightweight design. Built for the live keyboardist, its a good alternative to the more expensive & heavy workstation boards. First-timers and pros will love this portable & wonderful-sounding Roland keyboard.


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