Roland FP-7F Digital Piano Review

Roland FP-7F The Roland FP-7F digital piano comes with excellent features and sounds that allows for enhanced creativity. Its available in black and white finishes, and comes with an optional RPU-3 triple-pedal unit and an optional matching KSC-44 stand.

Pros & Cons

PROS: Great sound and feel
CONS: Okay on-board speakers

Roland FP-7F: Review

The FP-7F comes with a SuperNATURAL Piano engine for realistic sounds, an all-new PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement for that true piano feel, an on-board Looper, and a mic input with companion harmony effects so that you can use it all by yourself when performing.

Who Is It For?
This is definitely not a beginner piano, even if you look at the price, but you can definitely use if you’re serious about learning the piano.
It can be used for professional stage performance or for home entertainment and fun.

Onboard Looper
These provide the accompaniments that you may need, useful for songwriters and performers. You can instantly create overdubbed loops using the

sounds of the FP-7F itself and/or audio from the mic input. You can also create your own loops and save them as WAV files to USB flash media, which can also be used with the FP-7F’s Audio Key playback feature.

Roland FP-7F digital piano

Mic Input / Harmony FX
When it comes to vocal processors, Roland products are superior. Now you have access to the built-in harmony engine derived from BOSS’ VE-20 Vocal Performer.

The FP-7F comes with a built-in mic input for sing-along fun, and you can use the versatile vocal harmony. You can choose from three types of vocal harmony: Duet (your voice plus one harmony voice), Trio (your voice plus two voices), and Quartet (your voice plus three voices). The harmony engine is able to detect the chords that you play on the keyboard and varies the harmony voices accordingly.

The optional RPU-3 Pedal Unit provides hands-free control, letting you turn harmony voices on/off with your feet.

Roland FP-7F features

Roland FP-7F: Demo Video Review

Here’s video review of this piano:

Features & Technical Specs

Here are the key features of this piano:

  1. SuperNATURAL Piano engine onboard for great sound quality
  2. PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement for realistic piano touch
  3. Built-in speaker system
  4. Onboard Looper for instant sound-on-sound layering
  5. Mic input and harmony effect for sing along
  6. Available in black (FP-7F-BK) and white (FP-7F-WH) finishes
  7. Compatible with the RPU-3 triple-pedal unit (optional) and matching KSC-44 keyboard stand (optional)
  8. DP-10 Damper Pedal included

Overall Ratings: Buying Links & Pricing

This is definitely one of the best digital pianos on the market. The pedal has resistance that makes it feel just like a real piano mechanism touching up on felt. Pressing one key and holding it down, the sound seems to linger almost endlessly, pervading the air. If you’re on the fence about digital, my only advise is to get off it right now and let yourself fall in love with this amazing instrument.

Roland is known for their superior range of keyboard instruments. If you’re looking for a great digital piano that can be used onstage or at home, the Roland FP-7F Digital Piano definitely stands out from the crowd.

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    MasterDb November 13, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    by: Jazzer

    I would beg to differ with the other commenter that all voices except the piano sounds are weak. The piano sounds, EPs, bass and drums are quite good actually. I found that the woodwinds and guitar sounds are a bit weaker. The polyphony seems to be a bit low, when holding down the sustain pedal and playing multiple notes over a chord. But overall, a satisfactory buy.
    Good Piano tones
    by: N1

    This is a great piano, and if you’re looking only for piano tones, this is the one. If you’re looking for more sounds, look elsewhere. I like the action, notch better than the RD 700 NX.
    Okay speakers
    by: Og1

    I use it with my Sennheiser HD-650’s and it rocks, though the built-in speakers are not that great in case you intend to use it for home use. For performing, you would anyways use an amp or send it to a PA.
    Not heavy and reasonably priced
    by: MasterDb

    I may be biased but this is way better than a comparable Yamaha or Korg, leave aside any Casio. I have always owned an acoustic piano at home and I wanted this for my music endeavors. This one comes closest to a real piano in terms of touch and the sounds are very realistic. Of course I did spend hours playing several keyboards, and this one stood out for me. This is not very heavy and I think its reasonably priced.

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