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Roland Digital Piano Reviews: Their excellent musical features and high quality standard makes Roland Pianos extremely popular among music enthusiasts & pros. Since 1972, Roland has worked to create the ultimate piano experience for music enthusiasts. Packed with the best features and sounds, their stage pianos are sturdily built and gig-ready.

Best Roland Digital Pianos (Series / Products)

Whether you are looking for a grand, upright or portable piano, you can expect Roland to put the digital age at your fingertips. And you’ll be definitely be impressed by the authenticity of Roland’s Super Natural sound.

If you are looking for great sounds, authentic keyboard touch, Roland has a wide range of pianos to match your requirements depending on your needs and budget. Roland has pianos for beginners as well (although most of their arrangers and stage pianos (Roland portable pianos) are actually for the more experienced players who’re looking for a better quality product). In addition to the power-packed stage pianos used by the gigging musicians, they have several vertical upright pianos from Roland, especially suitable for home use, schools & churches.

Roland home digital pianos comes with excellent features and sounds that allows for enhanced creativity. These are available in black and white finishes, and most of the models come with triple-pedal unit and a matching stand. These are suitable for piano practicing at home. Most of these also come with a mic input, so if you are a singer, just plug in a microphone and sing-along.

Best Mid-Range (Roland F-140R)
Roland Home Piano perfect for learning/practicing at home.
Best Inexpensive (Roland FP-30)
Great value, entry-level piano
Roland FP-30 DIGITAL PIANO Black
List Price: $699.99
Price: $699.99
Price Disclaimer

Roland FP-90 Digital Piano

Roland FP-90 features a powerful piano sound engine in a sleek cabinet. Comes with powerful built-in speakers that is good enough for performing in intimate venues. The piano comes with a selected range of sounds that include electric pianos, strings, organs, and synths are on hand as well, allowing you to use the FP-90 in a wide variety of musical scenarios. Bluetooth audio/MIDI support, connect wirelessly with Roland’s Piano Partner 2 and other music apps on a smartphone or tablet.

Roland FP-50 Digital Piano

Roland FP-50 Digital Piano Black
List Price: $1,199.00
Price: $1,199.00
Price Disclaimer

The FP-50 is compact, has a stylish design, comes with built-in speaker system, and is more affordable, It features acoustic grand, plus a large selection of versatile sounds for performing in a variety of situations. Also features the intelligent rhythm feature that makes it simple to create accompaniments that automatically follow your performances in real time.


Roland FP-30 DIGITAL PIANO Black
List Price: $699.99
Price: $699.99
Price Disclaimer

The affordable FP-30 offers Roland’s acclaimed sound, feel, and modern features in a compact, 88-note instrument. Its lightweight and portable, and a great fit for music classrooms or at home. Select sounds, recording functions, Bluetooth wireless support for working with popular music apps.

Roland HP Series

The HP piano philosophy is all about bringing the sound and performance of a concert-class piano into your living, teaching, or recital space, with modern connectivity and cabinet colour choices to suit your lifestyle.

HP603/HP603A: Powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology, along with a unique keyboard that blends wood and molded materials for authentic feel and durability.

Built-in wireless Bluetooth MIDI support for working with apps like Roland’s Piano Partner 2 and Piano Designer on your smartphone or tablet. The HP603A also includes Bluetooth audio support, allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your mobile device through the piano’s integrated sound system.

Roland HP601: Authentic grand piano sound, exceptional piano performance, built-in education features, and modern connectivity. True hammer-action touch with Ivory Feel keys for experienced piano players. Bluetooth MIDI for wirelessly connecting with apps like Roland’s Piano Partner 2 and Piano Designer on your favourite mobile device, accelerating learning and enhancing your playing experiences. HP601 is ideal for stimulating musical growth and allowing budding talents to blossom.

Roland RP Series

Roland RP102 digital piano: Combines authentic piano performance and onboard practice features in a compact and affordable design. Weighted-action keyboard, streamlined cabinet and three integrated pedals, the RP102 offers a traditional upright look that fits nicely wherever space is at a premium.

Roland FP Series

Roland FP series pianos are lightweight, compact digital pianos in a beautifully finish. These feature Supernatural Piano engine and authentic, weighted Keyboard action. Suitable for learning or for piano practicing at home. The top models in this series comes with several additional features.

Roland FP-60
Roland FP-60 is a great choice for home, classroom or for live performance, this portable digital piano offers exceptional sound and touch in a sleek. lightweight cabinet. Features onboard speaker system, bluetooth wireless connectivity, range of non-piano sounds to cover a variety of musical styles.

Roland Piano Apps

Piano Partner 2: This app is available for iOS and Android and offers an interactive way to help you learn and enjoy music with your Roland digital piano. There are several features that allows you to build your piano skills through intelligent and engaging music exercises.

Piano Partner 2 also enables your mobile device to work as a remote controller for your Roland piano.

Roland Stage Pianos

If you’re looking for more portable options, you may checkout their stage pianos. Though you can call these portable, the fact is that some of them can still be heavy (some of the high-end ones are built like a tank). However, it’s a small price to pay if you are getting a genuine performance product.

Roland stage pianos have been perfected right down to finer details as the key clacks, hammer strikes, responsive midrange, ringing bass, and superior treble response. Even the vibe and sonic heft have been greatly defined to mimic that of an acoustic piano. Imagine, a keyboard so well crafted to imitate an old style upright piano, that its sound could fool blindfolded piano players. This may sound a bit like a hype but then this is what you could expect when playing a Roland stage piano. All the controls of these stage piano feel smooth and natural in the hands, the main controls are close at hand and easily accessed.

Here are the more popular stage pianos.

Roland RD-700NX

Price: $2600 to $2700. For the gigging artist who wants the best sounds and excellent piano touch. You get to choose from hundreds of built-in instrument sounds. The RD-700NX is a bit on the heavier side, both the keyboard as well as the keys! You get Roland’s world-famous SuperNATURAL pianos plus hundreds more sounds to gig. You get dedicated knobs, road-worthy metal panels with tough plastic endcaps, and an angled rear panel so you can easily see all its jacks from the front of the keyboard. This is a serious gigging machine. Those of you who are looking for a solid product to be used as a gigging piano, and not willing to go in for a Casio or Yamaha, can check out the heavier RD-700NX. It is an excellent sounding digital piano with heavy weighted keys. Read more…

Roland RD-300NX

Price: $1700 to $1800. Designed for the serious gigging musician, the Roland RD-300NX is a toned-down version of RD-700NX. Its a lightweight stage piano that still sounds and plays up to your professional standards. Read more…

Roland V-Piano

Creating a digital piano that sounds and feels as close to an acoustic piano is not an easy task, but most manufacturers do put in their efforts to give you a piano that combines the best of both the worlds – digital as well as acoustic. The Roland V-piano is one such digital piano. Great sounding reverbs, chorus, effects as well as split and layering functions may be created with little effort on your part. You could produce fine sounding music that will impress your friends or any musicians you consider playing with.

Roland Digital Pianos: Guide

Roland Digital Piano, Roland Digital Pianos If you use any music equipment, be it for performance or for recording, you would definitely have heard about the Roland brand. Roland is one of the biggest electronic music equipment manufacturers and has some solid keyboard instruments that can take on the best from the other brands.

Not many are aware, but Roland made the first digital piano way back in 1978, and since has been the choice for many professionals and piano teachers. The range of digital pianos offered by Roland and their high standards of quality is making them extremely popular among professionals and is being used extensively in studios. Lot of people get impressed with the excellent action, sensitivity and musical qualities of these Digital Pianos.

Roland digital pianos are also used by both the Royal College of music and Royal Academy of Music – two of the UK’s top music conservatoires.

A Roland digital piano combines the look and feel of an acoustic piano but also has the technological innovation that is expected from the electronics leader.

Here’s more about Roland Digital Pianos.

Amazing Sounds: Roland pianos are known for its richness of sound, be it Piano or any other orchestral sound. Roland’s proprietary New Super Natural sound chip, based on the V piano technology, uses computer modeling over traditional sampling to create rich sounds.

You can get even better sounds if you hear it through a high quality roland keyboard amplifier. The high quality built-in amplifiers and speakers deliver the most beautiful and authentic sounds. The quality is retained even when you hear through headphones.

Superb Touch & Sensitivity : Roland Pianos have progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard, which simply means that the lower notes need a heavier touch whereas the higher notes need a lighter touch. This is exactly what happens in an acoustic piano.

Educational Tools : All the models nowadays incorporate features and educational tools to help you learn on your own. Roland Digital Pianos also has features like the DigiScore, DoReMi, and Wonderland educational tools which can help you to make a decent progress on your own.

More Features
Another feature that most piano players like (especially teachers) is the “Twin Piano mode”. Using this feature you can split the keyboard into two halves, each sounding similar to the other. This enables the teacher and student, parent and child, or a pair of friends to practice and perform together.

Download music from the internet and read the notes from your Piano’s LCD screen. Whether you want to look up a nostalgic number or want to play the latest Pop Idol tune, there’s no need to find the music book at your local music store.

About Roland

Trusted & Experienced Brand
Roland was founded in 1972 and it has always been in the forefront in terms of innovation and introducing new technologies, new models. Roland had introduced the world’s first touch-sensitive digital piano in 1974 and the first electric piano to be fitted with a hammer action in 1991.

Exceptional Service
Roland’s top class sound quality, innovative functions, beautiful product finishes, and a real understanding of how to create music makes it a force to reckon with compared to its peers.

Roland is also known for its exceptional customer service and all Roland digital pianos come with a 3 year “on-site warranty” covering parts and labour, thus giving you total piece of mind.

You can find User manuals for your roland pianos here.

Roland Digital Stage Piano

Roland vs Other Brands

When it comes to digital pianos, there are other brands like Yamaha, Casio, Korg, Kawai that has pianos that compete with Roland pianos.

You may want to read how Roland fares against other popular brands such as Yamaha & Korg.


Roland pianos are pricier than most other brands (they don’t make lot of budget pianos) but are well worth every penny because of their superior features. Roland makes some of the best digital stage pianos on the market, these units weigh a bit more than most others but they look rock-solid, making them gig-ready.

Here are some links to Roland’s past (but popular products).

Roland FP-7f
The Roland FP-7F digital piano comes with good features, sounds and keyboard touch. The onboard harmony engine lets you add up to three voices to accompany yourself. Read more…

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