RockJam 61-key electronic piano keyboard now comes with upgraded features

RockJam (RJ-761) 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard comes with 61 full sized keys and has plenty of features for the young learner. It doesn’t come with touch-sensitive keys though. Having said that, its a nice keyboard if you are looking for something inexpensive with 61 full sized keys and lots of features (something that you usually get with a Casio). This keyboard comes as part of of a package that includes several useful accessories, so you get everything you need to get started. see PRICE of this RockJam keyboard on Amazon.

RockJam Keyboard: Pros & Cons

  • Pros: Value for money, 61-keys, Great Accessories, Adjustable stool. Good features
  • Cons: No touch-sensitive keys, its an entry-level keyboard with great features but okay sound quality.
  • Who is it for: Great for beginners and musical educators. Great as a gift.

Its a nice keyboard with lots of features that you can explore. You can even compose and record your own music. The RockJam keyboard bundle comes with several useful accessories.

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RockJam RJ761 vs RockJam RJ661

When RockJam launched their RJ661 61-key electronic keyboard, it quickly went on to become one of the bestselling entry level keyboards. Encouraged by the success of their 61-key keyboard, RockJam decided to launch an upgraded version (the RJ761) with better features.

  • The RJ761 now comes with a USB port which allows you to connect it to a computer/iPad for more creative possibilities.
  • You get the Piano Maestro iPad App, includes 30 free songs that you can learn
  • The RJ761 keyboard now has over 200 Rhythms and Tones, which is almost double of what was available on the earlier RJ661 keyboard.
    Touch Pad

  • The new RockJam 761 incorporates a soft touchpad for easy selection of the various buttons

The new RockJam 761 looks a lot more elegant and sturdier, and looks like it will give a good fight to the beginner models from Casio.

RockJam Keyboard: Review

RockJam is a leading manufacturer of musical instruments for kids; its a popular brand in the UK. the great thing about this package is that it includes everything that you need to get started on the electronic keyboards.

While this one doesn’t have touch-sensitive keys, it has 61 full sized keys, and the keyboard integrates well with the Joytunes app which allows you to learn to play the piano using your tablet.

Besides, the keyboard features 100 keyboard sounds and 100 rhythms, that players will enjoy using. It also features 50 demo songs.

Rockjam 61-key features

Adjustable Piano Stool

This keyboard comes with some great accessories and one of them is the adjustable piano bench/stool. Even parents/teachers can sit on it (it’s sturdy enough) while trying to teach your kid how to play…let him/her watch while you demonstrate on the keyboard.

Great Accessories

You get all the accessories you need to get started – Keyboard Stand; keyboard Stool; 1 Pair of Headphones, AC Adapter.

The headphones will allow you to practice without disturbing others. The power supply lets you play without requiring any batteries (which you may use on certain occasions, like when outdoors).

RockJam RJ-761 Keyboard: Video Demo


  • Are the keys in standard size or smaller?
    The keys are in standard size, and there are 61 keys

  • Does it have touch-sensitive keys?
    No, it does not have.

  • Is there a transpose keys function?
    No, it does not have.

RockJam 761 Features & Specs

Key Features:

  • 61 full-size keys
  • Lcd screen
  • Record and playback functionality
  • 100 keyboard sounds, 100 rhythms, and 50 demo songs
  • 30 free songs on piano maestro ipad app
  • Built-in Practice / Teaching Functions
  • What’s included in the package: 61-key Keyboard; sturdy Keyboard Stand; height-adjustable keyboard Stool; 1 Pair of Headphones for silent practice; AC Adapter
  • Manufacturer:PDT Ltd – IMPORT (UK Vendor, Product FOB China)
  • Model: RJ761, Brand: RockJam
  • Dimensions: 12.6 x 35.6 x 4.3 in, Weight: 12 pounds

RockJam RJ-761: Buying Links & Prices

Overall, this RockJam 61-key keyboard package is great set, available at a great price for any beginner. This piano has great features and is perfect for the starting musician, including the beginning little musicians.

Buying Links

Now you have another good option from another brand (besides a Casio or a Yamaha).

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    ELIAS POTSIDES May 30, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Just a question. I bought this piano for my son and I found also good idea to bought microphones (model DM 400- LTC audio). I put it in the feature behind the piano but it is not working. Am I doing sth wrong or a specific type of microphone is needed? Also, could you please inform me if there is also (separate) sound volume for the microphone?

    Thanking you in advance.

  2. Reply
    Rockjamreview September 15, 2017 at 7:40 pm

    The RockJam 561 Super Kit includes a 61-key keyboard, a stand, an adjustable stool, and a pair of high quality headphones. In addition, the super kit comes with 30 free Piano Maestro songs to be downloaded on your iPhone or iPad that will help learners to learn and practice sight reading, rhythm, technique, two-handed playing, and much more (instructions and song list below). This intuitive keyboard comes with a power supply for use at home, but can also be powered by 6 x 1.5V Size D batteries which makes it portable, take it on the road. The keyboard has a crisp LCD screen, and provides instructions for beginners, telling them which keys to press or chords to play while trying demo songs, making it the perfect keyboard for budding musicians. Although the keyboard is compact, the keys themselves are full size. The sturdy and portable keyboard stand is a great way to ensure the keyboard’s stability, and is very easy to fold up and take on the road. The adjustable stool is a comfortable choice for pianists of all ages. The included over-ear headphones enable pianists to play without disturbing anyone around them. And when a concert is called for, the keyboard has built-in speakers that will fill the room with rich, resonant sound. The keyboard also has a wealth of preloaded sound options, including 50 demo songs, 100 rhythms and 100 sounds. The RockJam 661 kit comes with everything a pianist needs, and is an ideal gift for beginners and advanced musicians alike. To activate this app with your RockJam, download Piano Maestro on your iPad and register as a new user. Then, go to “Settings”, “Select Your Piano”, and choose RockJam from the dropdown menu. The free songs will be available in the Library.

  3. Reply
    Muthu November 5, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    I bought RJ-761 recently and after 3 days it stopped working. Its not powering-on. Can you please help me?

  4. Reply
    Andy November 10, 2017 at 3:59 am

    Can you fit a microphone into one and it works?

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