Replacement LCD Screen for Digital Piano Keyboards

Replacement LCD Screen for Digital Piano Keyboards…I think the price Yamaha wants to charge for a replacement lcd screen is outrages when they are well aware these screens are going bad all over. How do we no if the replacement screen that cost $ 169.00 will not go bad also in a couple of month again? I called yamaha the said they corrected the cause of the screens going bad, not sure if i believe them.

Replacement LCD Screen for Digital Piano Keyboards


Technics: SX-PR900 LCD screen replacement
by: CVP

Liquid was spilled (teenagers!) on LCD screen. Now only edges illuminate. Otherwise, instrument functions normally. Can I remove the screen myself and use the manufacturer part number to obtain a generic replacement or even simply clean the contacts and reinstall it?
Broke LCD of my Digital Music Piano Keyboard
by: Clifford (Guyana)

My Yamaha psr 550 keyboard fell and broke the lcd. The entire lcd of my psr550 is cracked all over and the ink is all over the screen. The keyboard works fine but i can’t see anything.

Can someone please tell me where i can find a replacement lcd for my Yamaha psr550?

Thanks a lot
– Clifford
Order replacement
by: Anonymous

You can order a replacement from Yamaha. But I’m not sure how to replace it.
Scratch on Plastic LCD Display Screen of my Electronic Piano Keyboard
by: Beelzemon (Santiago)

I have a scratch on my Yamaha PSR e413 music keyboard plastic LCD display screen.

I have a scratch on the screen cover, where can I look for a replacement for it?

Thanks in advance.
Suzuki HG500ex blank display
by: AL (alpharetta, ga.)

Display screen lights-up but is totally blank no matter what selection i choose – everything else works fine. easy fix?
thanks, al
casio wk3000 LED screen
by: JK

I need to replace the LED screen in my casio wk3000. Do you know where I can get a replacement part?
Replacement LCD Screen
by: Anonymous

What other option one has besides believing them?

This is indeed the sad part that some of the replacement parts are quite expensive.

But then usually most digital keyboard instruments last for many years before giving any problems.

If you face any problem, then it is bad luck, but I do agree that the companies should charge less for these parts.

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    Garfield April 7, 2018 at 5:26 pm

    Need a replacement screen for Yamaha PSR 3000

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