Recording or Performance: What’s Your Focus

music recording and performance
Music Recording or Performance? What do you enjoy doing and are you really focusing on what you enjoy doing?

Is it necessary for everybody who is into music, to setup a studio at home?

Well, i think the point is that all the budding musicians, at some point of time, lose track of what they want to do with their music career, and end up getting sidetracked.

If you really enjoy playing your instrument (or singing) & performing with your band, and your interest in recording is only for the sake of making good demos, then I’m sure there’s a cheaper way out. You really don’t have to get bogged down with the technicalities of music recording (and spend money).

There’s no doubt that the knowledge you gain is useful, but is it really what you always wanted to do?

Getting Side-tracked

Here’s a typical example of someone who has been building a home studio for the last year or so:

“Here’s this guy who has a Karaoke Machine, an acoustic guitar and a computer. The passion which started as a hobby got out of his hand over the next few months and he now owns 3 computers, including a Mac, a Tascam Fw 1804 interface, 2 Sets Of Reference Monitors, set of pro Audio 1200 watt. And besides the equipment, he did spend a lot acoustic treatment for his Studio as well.”

Does this scare you…finding yourself in this scenario? Now here’s another approach that you could take.

An Effective Way

Here’s another case, where those involved just focus on their music and get their recording work done by other cheaper means, and it seems to be effective.

A friend of mind came over with a hand held MP3 digital voice recorder and recorded my band playing. He sent me a copy by email and I was really surprised with the quality, and above all the file size was relatively smaller. The recorder that he had was for around $400.

But if you do some research, there are some good ones out there available for just over 100 bucks. The advantage of an MP3 digital voice recorder is that it’s quick to setup and an inexpensive way to record songs, make CD copies. If you are part of a band, you can give the copies to the whole band so that they can practice and make improvements to the songs in their spare time.

It is also a great way to share the songs (either in a CD or by internet) with friends & family members & even to big studios.

In fact, once your band has perfected the song:

  • You can go to a real studio
  • Hire the studio for an hour
  • Perform your songs, and
  • Produce a professional quality CD
  • All for around 100 bucks…

    That way you really don’t have to spend tons of money and time to build a studio, and can focus on just improving your music performance.

    So you definitely have a choice; you need to decide for yourself if you want to focus on music recording or music performance.

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