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Recorder (Musical Instrument): Buying Guide, reviews and useful ‘learn to play’ resources for the recorder instrument.

recorder musical instrument

About the Recorder Instrument

A recorder is a small wind instrument; its portable, has a simple design, and is capable of producing a charming sound.

Recorders are one of the more popular music instruments, used by beginners, for learning music. Most music teachers use recorders to teach basic musical theory to beginners.

WATCH: Great introduction to the Recorder musical instrument

Yamaha YRS-23Y Soprano Recorder
Easy to play, key of C, great for beginners
Nuvo N310RDPK Recorder with Case
Available in modern colors, can be used for all elementary and general music programs
Yamaha YRS-302B Soprano Recorder
Key of C, Baroque Fingering, great for beginner & intermediate players

Various Parts of the Recorder Musical Instrument

These are the parts of any typical recorder instrument.

  • Beak (or mouthpiece) – the part of the recorder that you place on your lips
  • Window – the rectangular hole in the mouthpiece.
  • Tone hole (or finger hole) – Holes that are covered and uncovered by the fingers to change the note played.
  • Double holes – Tone holes that have two separate holes.
  • Foot joint – the bottom part of the recorder; it has the bottom finger hole (a double hole) and is turned slightly to the side.
  • Head joint – the top part of the recorder, the part you blow into.
  • Lip (or labium) – the sharp edge next to the window; air from the windway hits the labium and produces sound. (Caution: Never touch this part of the recorder – it can warp).
  • Middle section (or barrel) – the middle part of the recorder; it has most of the finger holes.
  • Ramp – the gradual incline that leads to the window (in the head joint).

WATCH: How to play the recorder, beginner music lesson.

Buying a Recorder Instrument

>Selections from Star Wars movies, for Recorder (by John Williams)

There are two main types of recorders: plastic and wood.

The plastics ones are the inexpensive ones and are more suitable for beginners. There are several options available and most beginner recorder instruments cost under 10 dollars.

Wooden ones are more expensive and are used by experienced musicians.

Further, you get different sized recorders – Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass Recorder!

In general, you have several options available, across various price points, with the top manufacturers being Yamaha, Harmony and Aulos.

Yamaha YRS-23Y Soprano Recorder
Nuvo N310RDPK Recorder with Case
Yamaha YRS-302B Soprano Recorder

Final Thoughts

Most schools use Recorder Instruments for imparting beginner music lessons to children. These are great beginner music instruments, with several models available under $10 and they are very easy to use as well. Most schools provide these to their students, or you may even by one for your child.

The more advanced models are much more expensive, but till the time your child is learning the basics of music, the less expensive recorder instruments will do just fine for the beginner music student.

So order one recorder music instrument right away for your little one.

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