Rachmaninov played on THEREMIN, it will make you want to learn to play the THEREMIN

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First of all there are very few who know what a THEREMIN is, and even those who have heard the instrument, they have only heard the instrument sound in classic monster movies.

Very few have actually heard the theremin produce a soothing sound.

Here is one such example.

The Rachmaninov piece played on the THEREMIN is not only blissful, you won’t even believe that the Theremin sounds can be so expressive.

I am sure you would want to learn to play the theremin after watching the video.

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Sergei RachmaninoffVocalise was composed by the great Russian composer, Sergei Rachmaninov.

Dedicated to Antonina Nezhdanova, it is written for soprano voice and piano.

But there is something interesting about the composition.

What is interesting (unusual) about this piece is there are no words. Instead, the singer may sing the melody to a vowel sound of their choice.

Watch Carolina Eyck performs this heavenly piece on the Theremin, with Christopher Tarnow on the piano.

Impressive, isn’t it?

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