Printed Music Guide: Sheet Music, Folios, Fakebooks

printed music Various Types of Printed Music: Find thousands of printed music that are
available for music enthusiasts.

Want to play your favorite song but cannot locate the notes for it?

Don’t worry; you can go through the thousands of printed music that are available for music lovers. You may be able to find it here!

Most of these are downloadable and can be printed for your reference!

As a Pianist you will normally have access to the following types of printed music:

Sheet Music

So what is Sheet Music? It is basically one song, which is printed on a few pages and provided as a booklet. A Sheet music displays both the cleffs, bass as well as treble. In some sheets you may also find an extra staff, which shows the notes to be sung by the singer.


A folio is collection of sheets! If you are not looking for just one song but a collection of songs, buying a folio may turn out to be cheaper. The pieces in a folio are usually grouped based on a certain theme, such as songs written by a specific artist or a band or any particular style of music.

Lead sheets/Fake book

This is suitable for people who want to improvise. A lead sheet, which is also known as a music chart, shows only the melody of the musical piece. The melody is shown on the treble cleff along with the chords to be played. So you need to be familiar with chords to be able to play from lead sheets.

Since only the treble cleff is printed, the songs in a lead sheet generally fit on one page, which can be very handy. Lead sheets are also grouped based on some common theme and sold as a collection, known as the fake book.

There is lots of choice available when it comes to printed music. You can choose anything that belongs to your area of interest. Besides, most of the songs are arranged to suit different levels of skills, so just pick some and start having fun.

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