Portable (Field) Audio Recorder Reviews

Portable Audio Recorder: Why it makes sense to have one and the various options that are available. If you want to record on the go, a hand-held portable or field recorder is an invaluable piece of equipment to own. You have the option to choose from basic voice recorders or high-end handheld stereo recorders


Portable Audio Recorder As the name suggests, this is a device used to record audio, but unlike other equipment these are compact and portable. There’s a lot of variety out there, and so its important to choose one that is adequate for your needs, the more important factor being the quality of the built-in microphone. Besides, you also have to consider the battery life, and whether it offers adequate storage for your recorded files.

Read here to know about the various types of portable voice recorders.

Digital Voice Recorder

For Generic Use

Students, journalists, and other non-musicians will find it particularly useful, to record unplanned events, take notes, meeting minutes, and to record any ideas.

You can checkout some good quality, generic-purpose, audio recorders here.

So depending on the use, you’ll have to pick one that comes with the adequate mic quality.

Digital Audio Recorders

For Serious Music Use

Whereas non-musicians may be happy with a decent audio recording, musicians will definitely expect a better vocal recording.

Some recorders come with dual microphone assembly that delivers outstanding stereo sound quality, perfect for the serious recording enthusiast. These are also perfect for recording music lessons, practice session, and band rehearsals.

You can checkout some top quality, portable digital recorders for musicians here.

Voice Recorder Reviews

Zoom H4n Handy Portable Digital Recorder
Excellent field recorder for video, can be used for recording your band practice / rehearsal sessions.
A top quality field recorder with 4 track portable studio, as well as a PC audio interface.

Olympus VN-702PC Voice Recorder
Best for recording interviews. Use it to record interview of a music celebrity, or to create a product review. This is a user friendly recorder with good recording capability and sound. Comes with a function that automatically reduces long pauses in speech.

Sony ICD-PX312 Digital Flash Voice Recorder
Good for recording college lectures, notes, minutes. Affordable, picks up the voice well without lot of background noise.

Best Sony Digital Voice Recorders

Best Olympus Digital Voice Recorders

More Useful Features

Portable Audio Recorders

Here are some useful features of these devices:

  • Compact and portable design
  • Integrated stereo mics and speakers (no need of additional equipment)
  • Headphone jack to connect earphones and listen without disturbing others
  • Repeat Function
  • Choose between stereo or mono recording
  • Record in WAV or MP3 formats
  • Some models also allow the audio to be recorded at rates up to 24-bit/96kHz for top-quality results
  • Files can be stored in internal flash memory, or stored on external pen drives
  • If you are a musician, you’ll find the standard 3.5mm mic and line inputs useful, as it lets you connect a variety of microphones, instruments, and other audio sources (including Earphones).

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