Pop Piano: How to Play

Learn to Play Pop Piano & Play Your Favorite Super Hit Songs Now

How to Play Pop Piano – Know what it takes to play your favorite songs in this style of music.

This style of playing simply means playing the songs that you like the most…In fact, whenever you refer to pop-music, it would normally mean a song which is in the Top-20 or Top-40 of any TV/Radio channel.

All these songs would normally be sung by your favorite singers like Elton John, Celine Dion, Sting, etc. (just to name a few).

And I am sure you would love to play some of these songs ASAP!

Learn How to Play Pop Piano


You will notice that most of the popular songs are Ballads, which is nothing but slow, sentimental songs.

An important aspect of playing Pop Piano is to be able to play intervals with your right hand, especially the sixth interval.

The reason being, the sixth interval (where the melody note is on the top) gives a romantic touch to the melody.

Again, any new thing that needs to be learnt will need practice! Besides this, there are some additional things, as mentioned below, which you will need to learn in order to make your playing more interesting and soothing.

Here’s a video that plays through 10 pop songs


The following are the characteristics of Pop Piano. It should not be very difficult to start using these in your playing!

  • Right Hand Intervals – You need to know intervals such as thirds and sixths. Use them with the melody notes.
  • Rhythmic – You need to learn some interesting rhythmic patterns for your left hand.
  • Arpeggios – Use them as fill-ins or as accompaniment for your left hand.
  • Broken Chords – Learn how to play broken chords with your left hand.

Recommended Books!

The Pop Piano Book: by Mark Harrison (Composer) – Perfect for intermediate/ advanced players who aspire to improve their playing in contemporary styles – for pop, ballad, rock, funk, new age, country and gospel styles.

Pop/Rock Piano Hits for Dummies: A Reference for the Rest of Us: by Hal Leonard Corp – Great collection of Songs… All in one book

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