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Play piano online using your computer keyboard with these software programs. Learn the piano notes and play some simple songs using these online piano software that will allow your computer keyboard to simulate a piano keyboard.


If you are curious to know how a piano keyboard sounds, you can definitely try it out online without having to buy a piano.

Of course, this is only for fun!

You cannot be serious about learning to play the piano with these programs, but they definitely will help you get accustomed to the looks of the piano, and the layout of the keys.

You can even enjoy playing some very simple songs on these online piano software using your computer keyboard.

Called by Various Names

There are several terms used for these software programs – virtual piano keyboard, flash piano, computer piano keyboard, piano emulator, piano simulator, piano machine, and more.

So search for these terms ad you will be able to find many such software that will let you play online piano keyboard using your computer keyboard.

Your computer Keyboard Becomes the Piano

Here, I have listed some online software/apps (virtual keyboards) that will allow your computer keyboard to simulate a piano keyboard, so that you can familiarize yourself with the notes of a piano. Some of these have to be downloaded while some can be played online.

In these piano software apps, the various notes of the piano can be triggered by pressing the keys of your computer. All you have to do is hit the right key on your computer (as indicated by the software) and the piano notes will play.

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Features of these Piano Simulators

  • Usually, each letter on your computer keyboard corresponds to a key (note) on the piano
  • You can even record your piano playing and re-play it afterward
  • Some of the software can be played online, whereas some have to be installed before you can play
  • The software may ask you to have Java or Flash player installed before you can play it
  • You need to have your computer’s speakers switched on to hear your piano playing
  • Various Virtual Keyboards

    Demo of a piano software called ‘virtual piano’ that you can try using your computer’s keyboard.

    Play Piano with Computer Keyboard using Freeware: Electronic Piano.
    Download it here

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    Virtual keyboard – Serafim Keybo (SVK-01A) – Doubles as Piano

    The Serafim Keybo (SVK-01A) is a patented virtual projection keyboard that can project a keyboard onto a flat surface, allowing the user to type with ease. Besides serving as a typical computer keyboard, the product can also project a virtual piano, allowing you to play a piano.

    Serafim Keybo projection keyboard

    You Will Need a Piano Keyboard Eventually

    These piano simulators are fun to play, but you cannot become good at playing the keyboard/piano using these.

    Also, the overall sound quality is okay. Then there’s this irritating delay (when you press the notes and when you hear the notes) because of the computer’s hardware (its sound-card is not made for music).

    So sooner or later you will need the real thing, if you want to improve your piano skills further.

    Checkout these beginner arranger music keyboards.

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