Best Piano Tuning Tool Kits: Includes Levers, Hammers, Pins & More

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Piano Tuning Tool Kits for piano owners & technicians: Find a comprehensive range of piano tuning levers and piano tuning kits that you need to tune your piano – be it for practicing at home or for performance. Using the appropriate, quality tools, you will protect the piano and get better results. Besides, a set of good piano tuning tools will cost less than a single professional tuning. These professional equipment is also all that you need as a professional piano tuner. Skip to the best piano tuning tool kit on Amazon.

Miriam Song Professional Piano Tuning Kit

The kit has everything you need to start tuning. Nice, high-quality tuning hammer with a nice wooden handle on it. The kit has more in it than you would probably need.
Includes 1 Lever Wrench Hammer or Key with star Head + 3 Rubber Wedge Mute + 1 Felt Mute + 1 Mute Clamp + 1 Temperament Strip+ Case.

Piano Tuning Hammer, Mute Kit, Gooseneck Tuning Lever by Schaff

This piano tuning and mute kit is a great tool/help for beginning tuners. It has got everything that you need to do your first piano tuning. Its also perfect for those who want to own a hammer and mutes for the occasional touch-ups.

6 Tools Piano Tuning Jujube Hammer Wrench Spanner Mute Kit

6 Tools Piano Tuning Jujube Hammer Wrench Spanner Mute KitThe 6 Tools Piano Tuning Jujube Hammer Wrench Spanner Mute Kit includes 1 x Tuning hammer, 2 x Mutes with handles, 2 x Mutes, 1 x Temperament strip and 1 x Tool Bag. The kit comes with Rubber mutes for more easily muting the section, Jujube wrench hammer for ease and comfort of use, Temperament strip used to mute off the outside strings, one is enough to tune two octaves at a time.

  • Hammer size: handle length-about 29cm, head length-about 7.5cm, star diameter-about 0.8cm
  • Temperament strip size: length: about 110cm, thickness: about0.3cm, width: about1.7-3cm
  • Rubber mute size: Approx. 8.7 x 1.3cm (L x W)
  • Rubber mute with handle size: total length: approx. 20.5cm, handle length: approx. 15.5cm

SumDirect Piano Tuning Felt Temperament Strip Tapered Mute

Piano Tuning Felt Temperament Strip Tapered Mute. The wider section of the felt is used to dampen the bass strings, whereas the narrower end is used to dampen the treble. Overall, a good quality piano tuning felt for the home piano tuner.

Korg CA-40 Large Display Auto Chromatic Tuner

The Korg CA40 Chromatic Tuner is an excellent tuner for tuning a band or orchestra instrument including wind, string, and keyboard instruments, where exact intonation is under the control of the performer. It comes with like LCD needle-style display, the stand on the back lets you place the tuner on any surface. It is accurate, responsive (will lock onto staccato notes), can produce a user-selectable reference tone and can be calibrated in 1 Hz steps from A=410 to A=480.

Peterson AutoStrobe 490ST Piano Stretch Tuner

Peterson strobe tuners respond at the speed of light to display relative tuning of any audio source to 0.1 of a cent (1/1000 of a semitone) accuracy! Can be used by students, technicians, and musicians for fast, accurate tuning of instruments. You can use it for enhanced tuning of string or percussion instruments, such as piano, bass, guitar, marimba, steel pan, and others.

Tuning Levers, Hammers, Pins

Already own some tools and don’t want the entire kit? In that case, you may choose from this selection of Piano tuning lever, hammers & pins available for your needs…

You can choose from “economy” levers to the higher-end semi-pro and professional models. You can choose from levers with standard 1-1/4 inch at 5 degrees head or the much better performing 1-3/4 inch 15 degrees head. You can also buy a custom storage case separately for easy storage and protection of your piano tuning lever.

Piano Tuning Levers, Hammers

German Made Professional Piano Tuning Hammer Lever Wrench by K&M

This one is a professional grade, German made piano wrench that will work with most pianos. You cannot however remove the Hammer head on this one to replace a different sized one. Its made of High Quality steel and comes with a polished wooden handle. It seems quite sturdy and is comfortable to use. You don’t have to be a professional piano tuner to do a decent job with this piano hammer.

Piano Tuning Pins

Piano Tuning Pin Bushings (Set of 12)

If you have loose tuning pins, you can use these. Its easy to install; you just have to push the bushings into the hole up to the shoulder, and then drive the tuning pin in. One bushing is equal to two sizes larger tuning pin.

Piano Tuning Pin for Upright & Grand Piano 6.9cm

Suitable for Upright & Grand Pianos. This 6.9cm piano tuning pin is great for long time use.

90 Pieces Piano Tuning Pin Bushings Solid Wood 9mm High

Its made of solid wood and has dimensions – Diameter: 1.2cm, Height: 9mm. Solidly built and durable.

Piano Tuning Tool Kits: Guide

Piano tuning is an essential maintenance activity that needs to be carried out on a regular basis. Don’t want the dependency on a professional tuner to get your acoustic piano tuned? Want to attempt tuning your piano on your own? This piano tuning kits should make the job much easy for you.

A tuning kit has all the equipment required that you need to tune a piano.

If you’ve never tuned a piano before, you may have to spend some time initially reading about tuning and watching lots of videos. Once you understand how it needs to be done, doing it yourself will be far less expensive than calling a piano tuning guy.

Even if you’re a professional tuner, this kit can serve as a good backup option, though you may want to use something more professional. But for DIY kind of jobs, these are some great tools to have at your disposal.

To Summarize

Though these activities are best left to professionals, you can also attempt it all by yourself. You’ll need to see some reading before you try it; checkout some videos as well. Some people also use a piano tuning software to calculate the optimal tuning for your piano.

Piano Servicing, Tuning, and Rebuilding by Artur A. Reblitz

This is a great book written by Dennis Kurk, RPT, in case you’re really serious about doing this activity. From repinning flanges to setting temperaments, from fitting and drilling a new pinblock to proper let-off distance, it’s all explained nicely in this book.

A complete Piano Tuning Kit includes High Quality Tuning Hammer, Rubber Mutes with handles, Rubber Mutes, Tuning Fork, Tuning Pins, Muting Felt temperament strip, Wool Strip Mute, Fleece lined pouch.

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