Piano Tips – For Students And Parents

Piano Tips

Looking for Piano Tips? Here, you will find useful suggestions & FAQs aimed at piano students, teachers and parents.

Frankly speaking there is no tip that I can give… which will make you start playing the piano in a few days time.

Learning to play the piano will take its own sweet time but it would be nice to get a bigger picture of the major issues faced, as well as of the possibilities ahead as you become a better player.

For those of you who are past the beginner stage, remember that there is always more to be learnt, and if you are really passionate about music, then you will always strive for more knowledge. It could be about anything related to music, songwriting, music gear or music technology.

Most of the suggestions and piano FAQ provided here are generic in nature and are aimed at piano students, children as well as adults, teachers and parents.

piano tips & faq

Piano Tips: Suggestions For Students/Parents

This is for both… the piano student as well as for their parents!

Most of the common queries, apprehensions, and misconceptions around piano lessons have been assembled and answered here.

You will find all the help & information that is needed to learn to play the piano.

You can make optimum use of your time and resources once you start taking piano lessons, by following the piano tips suggested in these articles.

What is the right age to start taking piano lessons?
Common Concerns / Apprehensions / Misconceptions about taking Lessons
Your role as a Parent of a Piano Student!
Suggestions for Adult Piano Students
Piano Practice Tips & Techniques

Piano Tips: For The Performing Pianist

This section is for the advanced piano learner, who has already started performing or will soon have to perform for an audience.

Here you will find suggestions on various aspects of performing, and how to go about planning for your performance on the piano.

You will find information that will help you in preparing, planning, memorizing and actually performing on stage!

Process for Memorizing Music
Suggestions to handle Stage Fright
How to be in control while performing?
How to prepare for piano competitions?

Piano Tips: Other Learning Opportunities

As you further your piano learning, you will realize that there is so much to learn. And that learning need not come only from piano books and piano lessons!

You can learn a lot by learning from the experiences of others.

Those "others" could either be piano learners like you…or they could be masters who have spent years and years playing the piano. You can definitely learn a lot by interacting with them.

Here are a few other opportunities for you to expand your piano learning. Go ahead and try those out; widen your perspective!

Piano Camps & Workshops
Benefits of attending Piano Master Classes!

More Piano FAQs!
Piano FAQs – Common questions on learning the Piano!

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