Piano Technique: How To Sit At the Piano

How to sit at the piano Here’s how to sit right at the piano, for proper piano playing technique. You may have to adjust the piano bench so that its at the right height.

Take Your Time to Adjust

If you’ve seen a live piano player, you’d have noticed how they take their own sweet time to adjust the height of the keyboard bench, because its important for them to be comfortable.

Even if you’re appearing for a piano exam and have to demonstrate your skills to an examiner, please take your time to adjust the bench so that its at the right height. You don’t have to feel self-conscious and run through the process.

Sit On the Front Half of the Piano Bench

Yes, that’s how you’re supposed to sit. You don’t sit exactly in the centre, but in the front half so that your feet stay firm on the floor.

Feet Firm On the Floor

Make sure your feet is stable and relaxed when playing, ready to press the pedals when required; it should be far away from the pedals.

Knees Just Under the Keyboard

Be seated such that the keyboard just covers your knees but your thighs are NOT underneath the instrument.

Importance of Right Height at the Keys

Sitting too high can cause pain in the upper back and neck; sitting too low can cause stress in the wrists. Best position is where your forearms are parallel to the floor (thighs are almost parallel).

Also make sure sheet music is around eye-level, to reduce stress on the upper backs and neck.

Why Benches Are Important?

This why adjustable piano benches are such a great option; especially for those who’re learning to play (and growing children). Traditional piano benches may not be the perfect fit for everybody, you may need to tweak it (add height using cushions, pillows, etc.) to achieve proper piano posture. So if you’re beginner, it makes sense to invest a bit more and get yourself an adjustable bench & stand.

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