Piano Synthesizer: Perfect Balance of Synthesizer and 88 Key Keyboard

A Piano Synthesizer gives you the perfect balance of a Synthesizer and 88 key piano keyboard in one amazing instrument, something that most pianists would appreciate.

If you can play the piano as well, an 88-Key Synth should suit you well since it gives you the best of both the worlds – Synthesizer as well as the Piano!

Features Specific to the Piano Keyboard

Though most of the users of keyboard synthesizers use 61 keys or smaller sized synthesizers, if you intend to use a lot of piano in your recordings, go in for a 88 Key Synthesizer.

88-Key Synths also give you the option of Graded Hammer Keyboard, just in case you need that perfect feel.

Though most of the features would be similar to the smaller sized synthesizers, an 88-Key keyboard Synthesizer would have additional features specific to the piano.

Piano Synthesizer, 88 Key Synthesizer

Modulation for Sound Creation

A common feature of most piano synthesizer keyboards is the availability of wheels / knobs for providing modulation to the sounds. Modulation means the ability to vary the pitch of any note, and to be able to add various effects such as vibrato or wah.

This important function lets you create distinct sounds on the fly, especially useful for onstage performances. This is also one of the things that let you create the nuances and articulations for any selected sound, which forms such an important part of the synthesizer artistry.

The joystick, which you will find on most synths, is one of the most common and the easiest way to freely vary the pitch and apply the various modulation effects.

Benefits of 88 Key Piano Synthesizer Keyboards

Here are some of the important features that you can find on an 88-Key keyboard synthesizer.

  • The Perfect Balance of Synthesizer and Piano
  • Graded Hammer Keyboard – For piano-like feel & expressiveness
  • Half Damper Capability – For hardcore pianists
  • Amazing Piano Sounds – that can be found on a Synth
  • Patterns & Arpeggiator
  • All in one Instrument – Amazing sounds, patterns & sequencer
  • Multi-track Recorder for Audio & MIDI, with onboard mixer and dedicated transport controls
  • Tweak the Sounds – Knobs and Buttons to tweak the sounds as you wish
  • Interface to PC – Easily connected to a PC or Mac through the USB port

  • Free Bundled Sequencing Software

    When you buy an 88-Key Synth, you may be thrown in a free sequencing software program along with the instrument.

    So if you are planning to buy a sequencing software program, just hold on. You may get it free along with your 88 key synthesizer.

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