Piano Masterclass – Great Opportunity to Learn

Piano Masterclass – Try to attend master classes whenever you get an opportunity, there is plenty that you could learn.

As you start learning the piano, from time to time you will need to look for opportunities to get charged up and energized so that you keep on going.

You should also try to find and bond with people of similar interests. It is much easy to learn from the experiences of people who have already done things before.

Attending a master class gives you that opportunity!

An opportunity to learn from somebody who has spent years mastering his craft as well as to make friendship with students sharing a passion for the piano. Who knows, you may end up doing something great, together with one of the students there at the workshop.

Piano Master Class – Where does it happen?

A master class, as the name suggests, is given by a master, who is a well recognized performer, musician or an educator.

The experiences that these people possess, and the challenges that they have faced in their professional career, make them an invaluable source of information.

A master class could be organized for various reasons!

It could be organized by an organization as part of some annual musical event or to support some cause. Attendance at the master classes is usually free, or you may be charged some nominal amount; it would normally be advertised in your local newspapers/radios or your local library.

Whatever be the reasons for organizing, you make sure to attend those piano master classes!

How does it Work?

Usually, the audience would have students across various age groups and skill levels.

In a typical master class, some of the students would come forward and perform songs from memory, which would be analyzed by the master teacher.

The teacher would then give his/her expert comments and ideas to make it better, perhaps asking the student to play the piece again with those new ideas.

Piano MasterClasses – Things to keep in mind

Certain things to keep in mind whenever you attend a masterclass!

If you do not agree to the views of the master, there is no need to argue; instead you need to look at it as another perspective / opinion. At the same time, there is nothing to fear since all these teachers are very gentle while giving their views.

After the class is done, as a good protocol, express thanks to the master teacher for the time spent. If you find the class very useful, send a thank-you note to the sponsors / organizers so that they continue organizing such classes.

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