Best Piano Magazines & Best Keyboard/Synth Magazines: Feature Lessons, Music & Artists

Best Piano Magazines & Best Keyboard/Synth Magazines that feature latest news, music reviews, artist interviews, master classes, lessons, and more. Piano magazines for piano players of all levels and ages. Each issue features sheet music, tutorials, and advice for people who love to play the piano or are planning to buy a piano. It has interviews with famous artists, both from past and present. Know about the hottest music & artists. Find a list of the popular magazines.

The Best Piano Magazine

Here are popular piano magazines that contain interviews, reviews, masterclasses, and updated news on piano events & competitions.

International Piano
Its for those who’re interested in classical piano and anything piano-related. Besides in-depth reviews of classical concerts, CDs and new music scores, it also includes music scores for piano students/players. Just browse through its content and you would agree that it’s among the best.

International Piano
List Price: £8.99
Price: £8.99
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Pianist Magazine
Another great classical-themed piano magazine that comes with a CD that contains recordings, by a professional pianist, of the music scores that are contained in the magazine (plus a few additional pieces from recently released music by well-known pianists featured within the magazine). This magazine is perfect for beginner-to-early advanced pianists and students. The selection of music ranges from Bach & Scarlatti to contemporary, and there’s plenty of good advice on how to approach the pieces. As far as the non-classical section is concerned, there’s a beginner section on playing jazz.

Price: $35.99
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So International Piano or Pianist magazine?
Well, you may chose either of them, or better still, if you’re really interested in classical piano music, go for both. Bear in mind, these’re British magazines, so your front cover is likely to feature a British or European pianist (rather than an American/Canadian pianist). These magazines also carry articles on digital pianos.

Clavier Companion (used to be Keyboard Companion)
American magazine that includes everything in good proportions. Although it touches on everything, it’s inclined more towards pedagogy. With more focus on piano teachers, every issue comments on the latest “hot issues” of the teaching world, and a thorough review of newly published material for teaching. Also included in each issue is “Piano adventurer”, a small magazine for students, that makes learning classical music fun for children, with profiles of composers, works by students, games. Clavier Companion focuses on teaching piano and is associated with the Frances Clarke Center for Keyboard Pedagogy.

Piano News
A German magazine with lots of usefl information on the piano, with focus on classical music.

The Best Keyboard / Synth Magazine

Here are popular Keyboard magazines that contain in-depth review on Keyboards, Synthesizers, MIDI gear besides interviews and masterclasses. Helps you to understand music technology better!

Keyboard Player

Organ and Keyboard Cavalcade

Beginning Synthesizer (Keyboard Magazine Library for Electronic Musicians)

Keyboards Recording

Piano Magazines Buying Guide

best piano magazines

  • Want to check out the latest piano music?
  • Want to read about the experiences of some great contemporary pianists?
  • Want to know about the latest Pianos… or want to know the dates for some important Piano competitions?

There are some really good magazines on Pianos which will give you the latest updates in the Piano world. If you are seriously into Piano, subscribing to some of these Piano magazines can be of immense help as it will keep you updated with the latest developments.

Contents of Piano Magazines?

Most of these magazines would cover the following:

  • Interviews
  • – Interview with some great pianist of today! Learn from their experiences and struggle.

  • Piano Lessons/Tutorials
  • – Piano Lessons for different levels, usually with an accompaniment CD.

  • Music/Book Reviews
  • – Review of the latest Piano, DVDs, Books!

  • History
  • – Review of music/artist of some particular era.

  • Readers Q & A
  • – Answers to common questions asked by readers in the earlier version.

  • Latest Updates
  • – Latest updates on piano competitions, events. Classifieds featuring job openings, buying / selling of pianos, etc.

    Keyboard Magazine no more?

    Keyboard magazine, one of the best magazines for Keyboards and electronic music, will no longer be published.

    Although there’s no official announcement yet from owner NewBay Media yet, NewBay shared this message with people immediately impacted by the decision earlier today.

    “Today we are introducing the new Electronic Musician, a publication uniting the best of Keyboard and Electronic Musician magazines into a single brand, to better serve the continued transformation of music and technology.”

    Keyboard magazine has been around for 42 years and covered news from the keyboard and electronic music world, featuring interviews, product reviews, music reviews, masterclasses and more.

    Subscribing to Keyboard was a must for pro keyboard players, who savored the articles.

    Electronic Musician will now cover topics from both magazines, and provide insight into how artists and producers use technology (including synths and keyboards) to create today’s best music.

    As with the Keyboard magazine, music lessons and techniques for recording, producing, and performing musicians who primarily use keyboard, will be covered in Electronic Musician.

    To Conclude

    As you can see, piano magazines contain lot of varied information related to the piano. It is a must if you are professionally associated with the Piano Besides the valuable information, you can also learn and draw inspiration from the interviews of the featured artists.

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