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Warmest greetings to you from Chicago where the weather can be very cold, but the music scene will always be hot! The city is home to several great music performers and instructors, who teach piano lessons in Chicago, as well as play many live and studio sessions with voice, guitar, trumpet, sax, bass, drums, and piano. All styles of music are readily heard throughout the area, and most are happy to sit in on a jazz ensemble, Latin group, blues band, rock band, or accompany a classic music performer.

There are several music venues than one can count, such as The Cubby Bear, Martyr’s, Schuba’s, The Metro, The Vic Theatre, The Piano Man Lounge, and so many more clubs that it would be hard to visit them all in a lifetime. Nearby on Clark Street there are two famous reggae clubs, the Wild Hare and Exodus, which are adjacent to Sluggers, a club featuring Dueling Pianos every Friday night. There are several of these venues that promote this approach to piano performance that have become popular. Sometimes an unknown player displays their talents across from a famous artist, and it can be very inspiring to hear. Opportunity is almost infinite.

Billy Joel and Elton John split the bill and performed two really awesome outdoor concerts at Wrigley Field recently. It was a wonderful musical experience beyond words to hear the piano resounding from the friendly confines of the ball park throughout Lakeview.

Dave Matthews was also at the ball park a few months ago, and many other famous musicians performed at the summer street festivals which seem to occur all over Chicago. One can never tell if they will run into some celebrity in some club.

The quality of music in Chicago is unsurpassed anywhere. Perhaps it is the tried and true music of yesteryear, or the newest cutting edge development of fresh talent, but one may seek out their musical desires, and possibly discover something they would have never realized without exposure to the vibrant, robust music scene in Chicago.

There are also many behind the scenes music opportunities for up and coming artists in the theatre field, such as Brier Street Theatre where Blue Man Group performs regularly, or as a pit performer in shows such as Wicked. There are endless performance opportunities on any given night in the clubs that feature open mic nights. You can use these venues to showcase the talents and accomplishments of your piano students in Chicago. It begins as a dreamy idea for a new student, but is soon realized with dramatically inspiring results. There are even opportunities for the younger students at shows for all ages at places like the Hideout, which can host world famous artists on one day and teenage girl bands on the next day.

It is quite rewarding for teachers to work with their Chicago piano students, who take great pleasure in their accomplishments. Young piano students can play & read their own music, some write their own songs.

Even the radio stations in Chicago are the best in the world. The more popular WXRT, features local performances of new, unsigned artists every Thursday night.


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