The Best Piano Lamps & Where to Find Them

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Piano lamps are useful while performing so that you can clearly see the sheet music and the piano keys. A piano lamp is an important accessory which is used to provide direct lighting onto the keys and the sheet music while you are playing. It’s not a must have for most pianos at home, but you may have to consider buying one if there’s not adequate illumination. Skip to the best piano lamp on Amazon

Best Piano Lamps, Reviews

Check-out these top quality piano lamps that are designed to assist piano playing by illuminating the sheet music / piano keys.

Cocoweb 22 Adjustable Energy Efficient LED Grand Piano Lamp

Cocoweb 22 Adjustable Energy Efficient LED Grand Piano Lamp with Bi-Rotational Shade – Black/Brass Accents. These piano lamps generate minimal heat and are energy efficient compared to traditional piano lamps. Features convenient-directional swivel shade. Longer Lasting -pre-installed LEDs last over 50,000 hours. Cocoweb LED Technology prevents eyestrain and fatigue.

Boston Harbor TL-TB-800A3L Piano Desk Lamp, Satin NickelBoston Harbor TL-TB-800A3L Piano Desk Lamp, Satin Nickel
This piano lamp comes with satin nickel finish, round base and metal shade, it comes with a rotary lampholder on/off switch. You need a 40-watt maximum T bulbs (not included with the product)

Normande Lighting BL1-103 60-Watt Banker's Lamp with Mica ShadeNormande Lighting BL1-103 60-Watt Banker’s Lamp with Mica Shade
You can also use it as a table lamp. With classic looks, it has a dark coffee painted finish with a mica shade. Lamp uses a 60W type T bulb (not included with the product). It has a pull chain on/off switch.

CONOCO 19″ Portable LED Piano Lamp, Black w/Brass Accent

CONOCO Piano Lamp Portable 19' LED Piano Lamp, Black w/Brass AccentConoco is a popular brand for piano lights, their products are built to the highest quality standards. This brass-accented lamp makes a stunning presence in any room and works well with many styles of decor. This lamp has a black finish with matte powder-coated finish to prevent scratching and marring. The neck swivels allowing for directional control of illumination while playing your piano. LED light bulbs are included.
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You also get the Conoco 22″ Adjustable LED Grand Piano Lamp GPLED22, which is wider compared to the above model, and looks beautiful on any piano. It allow adjustable height, clamp, & shade. LED light bulbs are included, and it’s not cordless.
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Piano Lamp: Buying Guide

Why Use a Piano Lamp?
Piano Lamps Have you kept your piano at a location in your room where there’s not sufficient light?

Are you finding it difficult to see the notes in the sheet music, and the piano keys while playing?

A piano lamp is the most convenient and elegant way to solve this problem.

You always have the option of relying on the ceiling light or regular room lamp but then it may not be sufficient, or provide light at the places you desire, or it may just not look elegant.

A piano lamp is a much better option that lets you practice for longer periods without having to cause any sort of stress to your eyes. At times, you may also use it as a lamp that can be used to help you with your reading and writing activities.

In the early days, people used the candelabra (set of decorative candlesticks) to provide the desired illumination, but now you have access to some classic designed lamps.

You get piano lamps that can be either battery operated or you can run them on electricity.

These lamps come in various shapes and sizes and their looks can also vary from the very simple to the most ornate. The materials used to make these lamps are brass, chrome and other metals.

Where to Place the Piano Lamp?
Most piano lamps sit on top of the piano, and the arm is usually adjustable so that you can direct the light at your preferred height or angle.

Since these are portable, occasionally you may also use it as a desk lamp in any of the rooms.

Piano Lamps

What to Look For?
Here are some of the features that you should look at when looking for a piano lamp:

  • The models with an expanding arm are more popular as it lets you bring the light closer or further away from you.
  • The heavier ones stay securely in one place because of their stable base, which is an important factor, as you want the lamp to stay still when the adjustable arm is moved.
  • Choose one with an adequate hood size so that it protects your eyes from the direct light.
  • Available in stylish designs and variety of finishes
  • Options include LED, brass, chrome, bronze, and more
  • Cost
    You can purchase piano lamps from piano stores, home furnishings stores, lighting stores, or even online. The cost of a piano lamp can vary from 50 US dollars to a few hundreds depending on the style and make of the lamp.

    You get elegant looking models as well that can really add a style element to your home, and complement the looks of your piano as well as your home decor.

    Lamps for Grand Pianos

    Grand Piano LampsBesides providing adequate light on the sheets, a grand piano lamp is designed to look exquisite, to complement the look of the beautiful grand piano.

    You also have the option for going in for a gran piano floor lamp, which sits on the floor (and not on top of the piano).

    Lamps for Upright Pianos

    Upright Piano LampsThe ones available for grand pianos will work on upright pianos as well. But for upright Pianos, you also get lights that are designed to be compact (they are practical, inexpensive, but not the most elegant).

    You can also use the floor lamps with upright pianos (although you don’t have to buy this type for your upright pianos, there are more practical and compact options available).

    LED Piano Lamps

    LEDs fit in a thin/narrow light tube and are less bulkier than other models (in case you prefer such design). Thin-line LED Piano Lamps are becoming quite popular and is a beautiful addition to your lovely piano or desk set.

    LEDs also have a high life expectancy (over 50,000 hours) so you don’t have to worry about changing bulbs for a long time.

    Types of Piano Lamps

    Piano Lamps There are a few different styles of lamps that are very popular, the first one is a lamp that sits straight on top of an upright Piano and the other one, which is useful for a grand piano, clips directly onto a music stand. Within these two types, you will get lamps in various sizes, shapes and finish.

    Here are some of the more popular options:

    1. Desk Style Piano Lamp
      This is the most common type of piano lamp and sits on top of the piano, above the keyboard. These are available in elegant designs and you have options of good-looking polished brass.

    2. Piano Floor Lamp
      This is another option (used more for grand pianos), where they stand on the floor and have adjustable poles to set them at the right height.

    3. Clip on Style
      Also known as the grand piano lamp, these can be clipped onto the piano when there is no space available to place a desk style lamp.

    4. Cordless Battery Operated Piano Lamps
      Cordless piano Lamps have no cords and works on batteries (good choice if there’s no power point where the piano is located). It gives you flexibility to place them, makes it easy to transport (to the church or to the studio).

    Here are some more features:

    Elegant Looks
    Most piano lamps, especially the ones that are made of metal, don’t just provide lighting, but they are also stylish and look quite nice against a light or dark piano finish.

    Another thing to keep in mind when purchasing: some of these may not come bundled with a bulb; you need to buy them separately.

    You get adjustable ones as well where the arm, as well as the tilt-angle, both can be adjusted. It is best to go for ones that can easily be adjusted, and those that remain stable even when adjusted to extreme angles.

    Though these are supposed to be used for lighting the keys of a piano, you could very well use these for other purposes as well, such as:

  • Use it as bed lamp / book reading lamp
  • Brighten up your computer desk, so that you can clearly see the keys and the monitor
  • House of Troy Piano Lamps

    House of Troy makes a wide range of piano & desk lamps (for upright as well as grand pianos).

    Watch: House of Troy Piano Lamps

    Old Antique Piano Lamps

    If you’re keen about owning antique stuff, you can also opt for old piano lamps. You get Victorian piano lamps, antique brass piano lamps, you can use antique piano oil lamps, etc.

    Its just that the regular piano lamp suppliers may not sell these antique lamps (though brass is available with contemporary designs as well).

    You will find these piano lamps at antique furniture marts.

    Care Instructions for Piano Lamps

    Over a period of time, even the piano lamps gather dust and will require dusting. The metal and glass components of piano lamps should be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth. Avoid using soaps or glass cleaners as some of their ingredients could damage the glass or metal finish.

    To Conclude

    If you have a piano keyboard worth a few hundred bucks, you may not use these accessories, as such keyboards are quite portable and you can move those to an area where there is more light. But if you own a high-end piano, it is important to own top class accessories as well, to complement it perfectly. Piano lamps can look classy, can be sturdy, and can serve multiple purposes as well.

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