2018 Piano & Keyboards Buyer’s Guide: Reviews & Comparison Chart

Piano is and has always been one of the most awe-inspiring musical instruments around, though it may not have the loudness of some of the brass or percussion instruments. For years, people around the world have enjoyed playing it, and still continue to do so.

Ultimate Piano Keyboard Guide

There are always a size-able number of students who desire to play this beautiful instrument, or are already taking piano lessons – be it by self-studying using books or at a music school. And it’s not that these instruments are used only at home for pleasure playing; the latest digital keyboards come with cutting edge sounds and tools that are used by pros for music production and for belting out hits onstage.

Through the information published on KeytarHQ, we show you that it is all a matter of selecting the appropriate gear and then learning to use it, so that you get the best playing / creating experience out of it.

The most expensive piano may not suit someone who is probably keen on creating songs, and would like to have a wide palette of sounds and tools to modify them to his/her tastes. Similarly, a top class workstation keyboard may not be of much use to someone who just likes the sound of a real piano, and enjoys performing.

This is where you may want professional help to wade through the variety of brands/categories to help you select the appropriate piano. So just read through our user-guides and tutorials to discover more.

Various Inputs & Outputs

Functions/uses of the various inputs and outputs that you find on a digital piano keyboard.
Various ins/outs on a digital piano keyboard

Digital vs Acoustic Piano: Advantages / Disadvantages

Acoustic pianos are rarely used nowadays (used only by certain players and in certain situations). Dor most practical purposes, digital pianos and keyboards are used.
Why Choose Digital over Acoustic Piano

Various Types of Digital Pianos

Digital pianos can be compact, portable, have less than 88 keys, or look like the classic upright/grand piano.
Various Looks/Types of Digital Pianos

Touch Sensitive Keys

Most piano teachers suggest that you learn on a keyboard/piano with touch sensitive keys.
Touch-sensitive (velocity-sensitive) in keyboards explained

Piano Action (Weighted, Unweighted, and more)

Most piano teachers also suggest that you learn on a piano keyboard with fully weighted keys, if you’re serious about learning to play the piano. Here’s more on the various piano action available on digital keyboards and pianos.
Piano Action – Synth, Weighted, Graded Hammer Actions for Piano Keyboard

Buy a Music Keyboard or Digital Piano

Should you buy a nice arranger music keyboard or an 88-key digital piano with weighted keys? More questions to ask before buying a piano keyboard.
Buy Electronic Keyboard or Digital Piano.

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More articles on how to use various features.

Technology is Ever Changing
Thinking of buying a Digital Piano Keyboard Instrument?

What are you looking for?

  • An Electronic Keyboard…or a Digital Piano?
  • A Synthesizer?…or a MIDI controller Keyboard?
  • Not Sure?
  • Maybe you know to some extent what digital keyboard instrument you want to buy…but need help to decide what brand to buy, what features to look for?

    It can be a bit unnerving, since you can have keyboards just for fun playing, or you can use it for complete music production or for creating fireworks onstage.

    There’s such a huge range of digital Keyboards and Pianos available out there that it really becomes difficult to arrive at a decision on what to buy.

    You may have questions like…

  • Should I get a Synthesizer, Workstation or just a Controller Keyboard?
  • Looking for a pro keyboard to perform onstage? Want a keyboard for your home studio setup? What are my options?

  • Are Home Keyboards and Arranger Keyboards the same? What Keyboard Accessories do I need?
  • Benefits of introducing your kids to Music at an early age have been well documented. What would be a good beginner keyboard? What accessories would be required?

  • Which are the popular Brands? Is Yamaha keyboard the best? What about the Cost?
  • What do I need to know before I buy, about brands and cost?
    You’ll find answers to all these questions, you’ll also find a lot of reviews and relevant articles on this site.

    Learn the essentials of Piano Keyboard in an uncomplicated manner.

    It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3…

    upright piano

    It is easy to understand all the technical jargons that you may have encountered, with this digital piano keyboard / electronic keyboard guide.Words that you may have encountered like…

    Arranger Keyboards, Keyboard Synthesizers, Controller Keyboards, Digital Pianos, Stage Pianos, MIDI

    …will start making sense with this digital piano keyboard guide.

    My intention is to provide you with unbiased, and easy-to-understand answers to all your queries!

    Keyboard Types / Shop smart Guide

    Define, Select and Compare Piano Keyboards

    Best Digital Piano / Keyboard

    Best digital piano & keyboards for various requirements, skill levels, price ranges.

    Top 25 digital pianos & keyboards for learning, piano practice, and for amateurs.

    What Piano Accessories DO I NEED?

    Buying a digital piano is important to learn and to keep practicing, but you also need piano accessories to enjoy the playing experience. Here are the top piano accessories related articles:

    How to Learn to Play the Piano

    Here are the top resources to help you learn to play the piano:

    Find the right keyboard instrument for your needs based on features like performance, ease of use, price and even overall rating. You may want to go through the various guides to get an idea of the various keyboard instruments / categories and how do they differ from each other.

    For Beginners: Kids & Adults

    Based on Number of Keys

    Various Price Bands

    Casio & Yamaha – Popular Series / Models

    Korg & Roland

    Useful Read

    Made up your mind to start playing the keyboard? You still need to buy the right keyboard.

    • There are some beginners who want authentic piano-like feeling on the digital piano, whereas there some who get inspired by the built-in rhythms, songs and features.
    • There are some who want to start making music and would like to own a performance synthesizer with tons of tweakable tones and effects, but with a reasonable learning curve.
    • Budding composers, on the other hand, prefer arranger keyboards that offer higher-quality sounds with sophisticated backing tracks.
    • There are some who want a workstation keyboards with tools for layering tracks, recording & editing their own music right within the keyboard.
    • That’s not all! You also need a few extras — the accessories. You can choose from pedals, keyboard stands, cases/bags, benches, cables, and a keyboard amplifier.

    Here are more excellent keyboards and pianos suited for various skills and requirements.

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    Piano Accessories

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    Acoustic Pianos

    Piano Lessons

    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, having a suitable keyboard instrument is important so that you can enjoy or exploit it to the fullest. However, deciding on the right music instrument to purchase can take time and can be confusing. With countless brands and options available, it can be difficult to figure out what piano keyboard is right for you. Spending time searching online for advice and reviews on keyboards can be mentally tiring and also time consuming.

    This is where keytarhq.com comes in. Whether you are looking for a portable keyboard, upright piano, grand piano, synthesizer, midi controller, music accessories, we have all the information you need to make an informed decision on your next piano keyboard. All in one place!

    Buying a Digital Piano Keyboard is now much simpler with our well researched reviews. Find helpful guide and several pages of useful information, tips and recommendations.

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    Note: The easiest way to find about a particular electronic keyboard or a digital piano, that you are looking for, is to simply enter your search words into the search box.

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