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Piano & keyboard accessories Useful Piano & Keyboard Accessories, parts & supplies list: Review of all accessories, parts & supplies available for keyboard instruments – digital as well as acoustic pianos. Shop for piano accessories, including a large selection of piano benches, piano lamps, piano covers, piano dollies, and Piano Tuning Equipment.

Why You Need Accessories

There are a lot of keyboard accessories that are available for keyboard instruments. Some of them are there to protect your keyboard instrument, some to make you comfortable while playing, whereas some other helps you to express your keyboard / piano playing.

A Piano is a complex and an expensive instrument, and you have to ensure it is taken good care of. To help you take care of your piano, lot of piano accessories exists in the market. You will also find piano accessory which will help you to play the piano comfortably. We also discuss piano tuning tools and moving equipment here, besides replacement parts that you may need in case of any repair.

You may need some of these accessories now, whereas some can be deferred to a later date.

List of Keyboard Accessories

Here’s a list of all the accessories available to keyboard players. Even if you may not need them now, it is always good to know all the relevant things about your instrument.


M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal
Single-X Keyboard Stand
Dust Cover for 61/76 Keys
Table Top Keyboard Stand
Second Tier for Keyboard Stands
World Tour Keyboard Bench
Leather Piano Bench
Piano Caster Cups

Keyboard Stands
You need a stand so that you can adjust the height of your keyboard.

It is more comfortable to play by keeping your Keyboard on a stand rather than use a table or any other support. It readily collapses into a flat pack which can be carried around easily.

If you are going to play on stage, you do not have a choice except to have one!

You need to protect your instrument from shocks, knocks and scratches… so you will need this one as well as your keyboard accessory.

Depending on your model, you will need to go in for a soft case or a hard case as your keyboard accessory. All the soft cases normally have strong shoulder belts, zips and pockets to keep your power adapters, pedals, etc. so it is better to have a keyboard bag.

Power Adapters
This is what drives your Instrument. Normally, your keyboard requires a 9v or 12V DC which is provided by the power adapter/transformer.

Though a higher voltage adapter may seem to work with a lower voltage instrument, it is better to use the exact voltage adapter mentioned in your keyboard manual. This will ensure a longer life for your instrument.

Foot Pedals
Pedals are used to add various effects such as sustaining, changing the volume etc. with your feet while your hands are busy playing the notes.

A beginner keyboard player may not need these pedals and for piano buyers the pedals come attached to the instrument by default.

Keyboard Benches
Are you not comfortable sitting on a chair? Get yourself a keyboard bench!

These are comfortable to sit on and can be adjusted for height. You also get benches which are wide enough for two players, so you can jam with your friend.

This is one good thing about playing keyboards or Digital Pianos; the ability to connect headphones.

You can practice anytime according to your convenience without disturbing others. This is very handy if you have a full time job as you will, in most probability, be practicing at night.

Digital Piano & Keyboard Headphones

Cables, Patchbays & Expansion Boards
You need these for all your connection needs.

Keyboard Amplifiers/Speakers
Need more power for your keyboards? Then you need to go in for Keyboard Amplifiers.

Stage players, playing for an audience will need this accessory. For home use, your keyboards built-in speakers will suffice.

Keyboard Amplifier and Speakers

Piano Supplies
All the keyboards and Digital Pianos have a built-in metronome so you will not need a metronome but if you have an acoustic piano then it will not have the built-in metronome so you will need one.

  • Piano Lamps
  • Piano Casters

    Metronome for Piano: A metronome helps in maintaining the beat while playing. If you are learning on an acoustic piano you will need a metronome since an acoustic piano does not have a built-in metronome.

    Piano Posters & Prints: Piano posters can be ordered as is, or beautifully custom framed in just about any way you can imagine, including your choice of frame, matting, glass/glazing, mounting, and lamination.

    Walnut Satin Sheet Music Cabinet: Need more space to keep your music books and music sheets? You can find beautiful music cabinets that will help you keep all your music related sheets and books together.

    Piano Benches & Stools

    Piano Bench Keyboard Bench Piano Stool

    Keyboard & Piano Stands

    Keyboard Stands
    Keyboard Stand

    Digital Piano Stand
    Keyboard Stand Accessories
    Stand Accessories

    Gig Bags, Cases & Dust Covers

    keyboard Bags
    Gator, SKB, Yamaha Keyboard cases, Flight case
    Keyboard Cases
    Piano Keyboard Cover, Electronic Keyboard Cover, Keyboard Dust Cover
    Dust Covers

    Piano Pedals

    Piano Keyboard Sustain Pedal
    Sustain Pedal
    Keyboard Expression Pedal, Midi Expression Pedal
    Expression Pedals

    Amps, Speakers, Headphones

    Keyboard Headphones, Piano Headphones
    Keyboard Amplifier/Amp
    Amplifier, PA

    Power Supply, Surge Protectors

    Keyboard Adapters, Keyboard Adapter, Keyboard Power Adapter
    Power Adapters
    Surge Protector
    Surge Protectors

    More Piano Accessories & Supplies

    Keyboard Expansion Board
    Expansion Boards
    Piano Lamps
    Piano Lamps
    Piano Casters
    Piano Casters
    Piano Care
    Piano Care
    Piano Supplies
    More Piano Supplies

    Piano Accessories
    More Piano Accessories

    Want to maintain the correct posture right from the moment you start learning?

    Want to ensure your brand new keyboard is safe from knocks & scratches?

    Want to play your keyboard at night, without disturbing others?

    Is your Power Adapter not working or have you misplaced it?

    Not sure if you need accessories for your piano or electronic keyboard?… Read on and you would know if you need stands, adapters, benches or pedals.

    As the name suggests, electronic keyboard accessories are the extra things which you would need besides your keyboard. These would be bags, stands, adapters, pedals and so on.

    It is better if you own some of these keyboard accessories right at the beginning; some can be bought later as you become a better player.

    Keyboard accessory like a stand is a must when you start learning, since it helps you to maintain the correct posture. Accessories like bags, pedals can be bought as and when needed.

    So it may not be mandatory to have all of them at one go, but they do help you to make your playing experience more pleasurable, as well as from a convenience and precaution perspective.

    For a List of Keyboard accessories, click here

    Which Keyboard Accessory Should You Own?

    A keyboard stand, keyboard bag, and headphones are something that you need to consider when you buy a new digital piano keyboard.

    An electronic keyboard stand gives you the convenience of “height adjustment”, which is important to maintain the right posture while playing.

    A keyboard bag, on the other hand offers protection to your music keyboard from scratches and bumps. It also helps to easily carry around your portable keyboard, if needed.

    Headphone is something which can be bought depending on what time of the day or night you are going to practice. If you think you would be disturbing some people around you, it is best to go in for headphones as your keyboard accessory. Adults, usually find it very helpful!

    Power Adapter as a keyboard accessory is an absolute must, though you get one along with your new keyboard. But if you have misplaced one or if your current one is faulty, get it changed immediately. You will need a good power adapter to safely switch on your keyboard instrument.

    As your keyboard skills become better, you will need some more of these, like the pedals which give you more control over your keyboard playing.

    Finally, when you become an accomplished player, eventually you will end up owning almost all of these accessories. I am sure by then you will be getting paid for your skills and you would not mind making those investments.

    keyboard accessory, keyboard accessories

    Be Careful or You will Misplace them!

    Of all things, it is the easiest to misplace your keyboard accessory!

    Yes, that is a fact!

    Maybe not at home, but definitely if you are playing on-stage, or playing in your school or with your friends!

    The moment you take your digital piano keyboard and accessories out of your house, you risk misplacing the accessories.

    That is why, it is a good practice to make a checklist of all the accessories you are carrying along with you, when you go out to perform and make sure that you come back with all of them.

    You need to be extra careful after your first few performances as, in the excitement and euphoria, you will surely leave some of the accessories behind and come back. So be sure to carry a checklist!

    piano accessories

    Piano Accessories

    The accessories that you will need will very much depend on what sort of piano you own. If you own a portable stage piano (the more high-tech ones), then your requirement will be a bit different from what you would need assuming if you have a home piano.

    For Your Home Piano

    If you have a home piano, be it for practicing or for teaching, here are some things that you may want to consider.

    Piano Stands for the Portable Pianos
    For the portable home piano, the first thing you want is a piano stand. You may choose to go in for the X or the dual-X type of stand but then if you have an expensive piano, you may want to get better looking piano stand.
    The ones made for your digital piano are available in different colors and finishes, are easy to assemble and are quite sturdy. So you want to check out some of these digital piano stands.

    Piano Bench / Stools
    Again, this is more for those of you who have invested in a high end piano. More than complementing your piano, these padded benches can be quite comfortable and beside they are adjustable and some may even have storage space within. So you may want to consider a Piano Bench.

    You may also read more on piano stools here.

    Piano Lamps & Lights
    This is more apt if you have the traditional upright type of piano. With the more portable ones, you can carry them around and keep it near a light source, but with the bigger ones it is not possible, so you should consider getting a Piano lamp. These are easily maneuverable and will provide direct lighting onto the keys and the sheet music while you are playing.

    Piano Covers
    Another one that seems trivial, but is important especially if you live in a dusty area is the piano cover. You have options to choose upright as well as grand piano covers. If you have a portable keyboard then you should consider a keyboard piano cover; you get them in various sizes so do check them out.

    Have a really expensive piano? You may want to consider getting a Drops & Spills Protection Plan for your piano!

    Piano Pedals
    Depending on the piano you have bought, you may need a pedal. Most high-end digital pianos do come with a pedal unit attached but for the portable ones you might need a Sustain Pedal

    Foot pedals are available in a lot of variety nowadays, and you even get a three-pedal foot unit in case you want all the pedal options for your digital piano. So do check them out!

    These are quite obvious considering we are talking about digital pianos and you may need them if you intend to practice at odd hours. You can check out some cool headphones here.

    More Piano Supplies

    Find more piano supplies here including cushions, lamps, locks, parts, wires key tops, replacement keys, dolly, metronome, polish, posters, covers for your piano – both digital as well as acoustic.

    Piano Supply
    piano dolly

    Piano Dolly

    wood metronome

    Wood Metronome

    digital metronome

    Digital Metronome

    Piano Lock

    Piano Lock

    Piano Wire

    Piano Wire

    sheet music stand

    Sheet Music Stand

    piano clothing


    piano home decor

    Home Decor

    piano jewelry


    piano watches


    piano posters

    Piano Posters

    sheet music cabinet

    Sheet Music Cabinet

    These are more useful for acoustic pianos, especially for repair & replacement. Some of these accessories could apply to all pianos, for instance piano dollies, as they are very useful for moving your pianos. You will also find some excellent choices that are intended to be used as home d├ęcor or can be offered as gifts.

    You can find the most common piano keyboard accessories here, especially for your digital pianos & portable keyboards. If you are a beginner then dust covers, stands, stools, bags, pedals, adapters are some common keyboard accessories that you may require, you may also checkout keyboard amplifiers.

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