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Piano FAQ & Tips Find the most common questions related to buying and learning to play the piano keyboard. Acoustic pianos is not affordable and not practical for most buyers. Electronic/digital piano keyboards are affordable but have many features/specs which can confuse first time buyers. Then there’s a big learning curve, not just on how to use the keyboard instrument, but to actually learn to play the piano/keyboard and learners want to know the most efficient methods to improve their skills (techniques, books, resources, etc). This is the place to ask questions and you will also find answers to most commonly asked questions on the piano.

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Learning the piano is a dream for many, but most don’t even get to the first step, which is buying a keyboard instrument so that they could learn. Earlier, cost would be deterrent as a piano was expensive compared to other instruments. But today, with so many options affordable available in electronic keyboards, there’s no excuse for you.

There are several ways to learn the piano – some pick it up on their own from books and DVDs, some go to music schools and some like instructions from a personal teacher. There are others who want to learn but are not sure whether they would be able to do it at their age.

The Piano FAQs page brings together some of the most commonly asked questions on keyboard instruments and on learning the piano by buyers.

Buying the Piano

What are the different types of electronic/electric music keyboards?
Portables, arrangers, synthesizers, workstations, midi controllers, there are different variants of the music keyboard. Read here for more on types of Electronic Keyboards

What are the different types of Digital Pianos
While the high-end digital pianos try to emulate the real acoustic piano in looks and feel so you get digital pianos that look like uprights and grand pianos, at the lower end you have the more compact versions. Read here for more on different variants of digital pianos

You can read more on buying a digital piano keyboard here.

Ques: I want my children to start taking piano lessons. What kind of starter piano should I buy for my kids?
Ans: I would say start with a digital keyboard, see how it goes for the next 12-18 months and then take a call.
Read: Piano Keyboards for various price ranges.

Ques: If I go in for an electronic/digital keyboard, do I need to buy the full length 88 keys keyboard?
Ans: Not really! You get 4-5 octave keyboards as well. A 5-octave keyboard would be ideal to start on, since you can practice lessons using both your hands. You can buy and connect an external pedal as well to electronic keyboards.
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Using the Various Features

Learning the Piano

Ques: What is the right age for my kids to start taking piano lessons?
Ans: Your kids can start as early as when they are 4 years old.

Ques: I am adult aged 50 years. Can I learn the piano at this age? Can I learn the piano without going to a personal teacher?
Ans: You can start taking piano lessons at any age you like! Learning to play the piano is like learning any other skill and there is no reason why you should not be able to do it.

You can definitely start learning the piano from method books and DVDs. In fact, for adults it could be a better way to begin just because of time commitments. You can then switch over to a personal teacher for intermediate/advanced lessons.

Ques: What are the various ways in which the accompaniment can be used?
Piano Accompaniment Patterns: How to use styles, accompaniment, fingered mode

Piano FAQ & Tips

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