Piano & Keyboard Dust Covers: Various types for different keyboard instruments

piano and bench cover

Here we take a look at the various types of Piano dust covers available to provide protection to the different keyboard instruments. Though the basic purpose is the same (protect against dust, liquid spills, scratches and so on), some of these are available in elegant fabric and finishes, especially the ones for upright and grand pianos. Skip to this best selling dust cover (for 88 Keys-Keyboard) on Amazon

Best Piano Dust Covers

On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 61 or 76 Key Keyboards, spandex
On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 61 or 76 Key Keyboards
List Price: $25.99
Price: $12.95
You Save: $13.04
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Piano Dust Covers for 88 Key-keyboards

BALFER Stretchable Velvet Piano Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Keys-Keyboard
Fits most key models: Size 5 inch (L) x 20 inch to 26 inch (W, Stretchable)x 5 inch (H) large with Nylon cord to tighten. Ideal fits for 88 keyboard models – Yamaha, Williams and other 88 keys piano keyboard (less than size 56 inch (L)x 20 inch (B)) are perfectly suitable.
Velvet fabric material. Machine washable (do not wash with other material clothing, hand wash is recommended).

On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key Keyboards
A popular dust cover that fits most 76-88 key models. Its perfect to keep dust and moisture from settling on your keyboard instrument. Comes with a built-in bag, plastic cord and locking clasp.

On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key Keyboards
List Price: $25.99
Price: $13.95
You Save: $12.04
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Dust Cover for 88 Key-keyboard by QMG
Stretchable Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key-keyboard. Works best for all Digital Pianos & Consoles. It snugly fits the keyboard, and protects it from dust, cat fur, spills, especially when the keyboard doesn’t get used much.

Dimensions – 49″×17″×6″. Comes with an adjustable Elastic Cord; Its machine Washable. You also get a FREE Piano Chords Ebook.

61 or 76-Key keyboard Dust Cover
On stage (61, 76-Key, 88-Key) keyboard Dust Cover

On Stage Keyboard Dust covers are perfect for your portable keyboard or stage piano. Easy to put on, and does the basic job of covering the piano and keeps away dust.

This keyboard dust cover fits most keyboards like a glove and is quite easy to put it on or remove it. It comes with storage back, so it goes back in that storage bag when not in use.

Why Use Piano Covers?

These are meant for the portable keyboard instruments, and are available for 61 keys as well as for 88 key keyboards.

These are made of stretchable material, and can be used for keyboards of different brands.

Here are a few important reasons for choosing a good quality cover for your piano or keyboard:

  • Piano care is important for the long life of your keyboard instrument
  • Piano Covers protect from Dust, Liquid Spills, Chipping and Scratches
  • A piano cover help an acoustic piano to stay in tune longer
  • Overall, it definitely reduces the maintenance cost of the piano
  • Increase the resale value of your piano
  • Available in Various Types & attractive Designs
  • It helps to increase the resale value of your piano

  • Grand Piano Covers
    Grand Piano Covers…

    Types of Keyboard & Piano Dust Covers

    If you have played only the electronic keyboards, then you may not have probably come across some of these. However, you get covers to cover almost all the parts of a piano, and for various keyboard instruments.

    Here are some of the popular ones:

    • Music Keyboard Covers
    • Grand Piano Covers
    • Spinet Covers
    • Upright Piano Covers
    • Organ Covers
    • Piano String & Action Covers
    • Piano Bench and Leg Covers

    Piano Cover (Half Size) Knit Fabric
    100% Polyester in wine-red color, knit fabric, & fit for 121-132cm height piano. It doesn’t include the chair cover, its made in Japan.

    Advanced Lace Piano Bench & Keyboard Dust Cover
    Elegant classic floral fabrics, layers of lace, simple and beautiful. You get a piano keyboard dust cover and a Double piano stool cover.

    Grand Piano CoversGrand Piano Cover
    Attractive & high quality black quilted grand piano cover, manufactured with high quality nylon and with a soft, snag-proof polypropylene backing to provide soft contact with the piano finish. Provides dust and scratch protection, perfect for churches, concert halls, classrooms, etc.

    Upright Piano Cover
    These are to be used for the upright pianos and are available in different fabrics and colors. You can select from various lengths.

    Grand Piano Cover
    These are designed for grand pianos and are available in different fabrics, colors and lengths. You can get it custom-made.

    Piano Covers

    Piano Bench Cover
    In addition to the various piano bench cushions, you do get covers for the piano bench as well. You may buy one in case you live in a dusty area, or just to complement your piano cover.

    To Conclude

    Piano CoversFor the more expensive products, be it for Upright or Grand Pianos, be it Organs, Acoustic or Digital pianos, be it for Home, Music studio or for the stage , you can select from several fabrics, you can even get it custom-made usually for no extra charge.

    Upright Piano Full Covers: Protect your piano from moving, scratches and spills using piano covers. You can find quality upright or grand piano covers for any piano.


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    1. Hi,

      I just bought a newly released (2016 model) of Roland RP501R digital piano. It’s similar in dimensions and looks to its predecessor RP501R. The measurement you are asking for the digital piano cover don’t include the measurement of the slid on the top of piano cover to fit in the music notes stand that are permanently mounted on RP401R and RP501R pianos. It also doesn’t mention the potential cover option for the notes stand. Could you please let me know if you had any experience in the past creating cover for Roland RP401R piano and if you can make the slid in the top of the piano cover to make sure I can slide through it the music notes stand.

    2. Korg IP-350 digital piano dust cover does not close slowly. Is this possible to fix at home?

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