Piano Competitions – Mistakes You need to Avoid

Piano Competitions Piano Competitions – Proper planning and giving sufficient time for the needed preparation is what you need to do for comfortably appearing for a competition.

Appearing for Piano Competitions? It is great to know that you want to test yourself and are ready to show the commitment needed for appearing for these contests!

To be honest, if you want to face a competition confidently and if you want it to be fun and exciting, there is no other way than preparing for it months in advance. You heard it right, there is no other way to do it!

Doing it too little and too late will only cause you stress, anxiety and embarrassment, all of which can easily be avoided if you start early.

Preparing for Piano Competitions

All the music related materials and repertoire is usually available to the participants almost a year before the contest. This is because the organizers themselves think that preparing thoroughly would indeed take so much time.

To successfully appear for a competition, you will need to learn the various aspects of the pieces like phrasing, dynamics, pedaling and memorize those pieces.

Even after memorizing, you need to do mock performances/recital before you can appear for the competition. You can do this at home/school/church, wherever you can arrange it; the purpose is to make you comfortable on stage. Preferably, dress yourself the way you are likely to dress yourself on the day of the contest, including your shoes.

Ideally, you should be doing at least three mock recitals before an audience, and that too at least a month before the contest. This will give you sufficient time to sort out any issues that may have got in to your playing.

External Factors

  • Stiffer Keys
  • – Unlike students of other instruments, piano students have to perform on pianos on which they have not played earlier.

    This can be an issue since most of the time you would find that the keys are much stiffer than the ones on which you may have practiced.

  • Slow Down
  • – Children need to keep in mind that they need to slow down while playing. Kids normally tend to play at a faster pace when under stress. So make sure that your kids get sufficient rest the day before the contest.

  • Don’ kick yourself
  • – Most of the qualities on which judges give scores, can only be judged subjectively; various judges can have different ways of judging the same thing.

    So it is important that you take it easy if you are disappointed with your marks. Same goes for your kid’s performance as well! Just enjoy the experience and make sure that you leave the location feeling confident.

    Final Thoughts

    You must have gauged by now the level of commitment that is needed for appearing for a contest.

    If you use all the time that is available to you before the contest, the music can be learned solidly and memorized thoroughly. For this, it is imperative that you start preparing as early as possible to avoid the last moment performance related anxiety.

    Piano Competitions

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