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Piano brands – Here is a list of the major piano makers of traditional upright and grand acoustic pianos! Some of these manufacture digital pianos as well.

We all know that traditionally, acoustic pianos have been a complex instrument to manufacture, and it is still today. It may have gone through various iterations over centuries but the modern piano still requires a good amount of skills to make. If you have seen, how pianos work, you can appreciate the amount of effort that goes into the making of this fine music instrument.

So how many brands of pianos are you aware of?

There are many who have heard about the Steinway brand, but there are many more powerful and expensive piano brands. Let’s take a look at some of the best piano brands.

Bosendorfer Pianos

Location – Europe (Austria)
Bosendorfer is a renowned piano brand that has been building handcrafted pianos since 1828 (its one of the oldest manufacturers of pianos). Based in Vienna, Austria, Bosendorfer is popular among those who want to build opulent piano collections; you will find one in grand concert halls.

Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano – The World’s Most Expensive Piano

A question asked by one of the viewers after watching this video of the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand Piano…
Question: How is this piano compared to casio ma 150? I was looking for a piano to buy, I’m confused between Casio ma150 and the one shown in this video.
Answers: The answers ranged from lol to ‘I think you should get the Casio keyboard if you ask this question.’

Did you know that the Bösendorfer Imperial Grand has 97 keys? (the usual pianos are all 88-keys long). Its believed that this piano was originally built as a custom built piano for Ferruccio Busoni, who wanted to transcribe an organ piece and few notes went below the lowest C on the regular 88-key keyboard. This Bösendorfer Imperial Grand piano later was added to the common product catalogue and went on to become one of the world’s most loved concert grands.


Fazioli is named after Paolo Fazioli, a talented musician and furniture maker. Working alongside top-class technicians, Fazioli creates some of the biggest and most powerful pianos in the world today. Fazioli’s are among the most expensive pianos in the world, because of the quality of construction and the quality of the workmanship!

Watch: Fazioli Pianos

Most of these brands have been making pianos for over a century, so the audience have been more or less conditioned to believe that certain brands and sounds are the best. When you try something different, it may feel different (just lie driving someone else’s car).

However, the Fazioli has great depth to the sound, and elegance that cannot be matched by any other brand in the world. But then, you have to give yourself sufficient time on the keys to be able to see it.

I have a Fazioli at home, practice about an hour a day. My dad who is an active piano player himself and bought the Fazioli in 1992. It is a F228 number 332 produced and it is a fantastic piano! Each time I play on a Steinway it is a big disappointment, because the clarity and the mass of the sound in Fazioli is way greater.


Charles R. Walter

Named after Charles Walter, he introduced his first piano in 1975. Charles R. Walter pianos are known for their high quality pianos made of luxury woods that ooze out rustic wooden charm and countryside feel.

Steinway & Sons

Steinway (founded in 1853) is one of the most well-known piano brands. The Steinway and Sons brand includes high-end pianos. Steinway also has two budget brands – Essex, a piano fashioned for the entry-level market and Boston for the mid-level market.

More Piano Brands

If you have been playing digital keyboards and pianos then you will come up with names like Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Korg and Kurzweil. May be some of you may throw in a few more names like Kawai, Williams, and Suzuki. A few others may have heard of names like Steinway, because they are one of the more expensive pianos around, though definitely not the most expensive.

But if you have owned an acoustic piano and have been actively playing the piano for a few years now, you will appreciate the fact that there are lots of more piano brands out there that make quality pianos; some of them are more focused in particular regions of the world.

Piano Brands

Again, some of them are more into upright pianos, whereas others make uprights as well as grand pianos. So here are a few names of piano manufacturers:

Steinway, Mason & Hamlin, Mason & Risch, Sohmer, Baldwin, Knabe, Bush & Lane, McPhail, Haines Bros., Foster, Ivers & Pond, Henry F. Miller, Hallet & Davis, Kranich & Bach, Decker, Gibbons & Stone, Young Chang, Kurtzman, Weber, Schomacker, Blasius, Esteys, Fischer, Heintzman, Bennet, Schimmel, Stieff, George Steck. Knabe, Chickering, Kemble, Seiler, gulbransen, Kimball, Bechstein, Bluthner, Bosendorfer…

Piano Manufacturers

Do you have a piano that doesn’t fall in this list? I’m sure this is not the exhaustive list and you surely would have something that is a good brand. If you have been trying to get it refurbished or intend to sell it off, it may be wise to consult a good piano technician and seek his/her opinion to get the best deal for your acoustic piano.

All the names mentioned here are big companies, and have existed for several decades now. You can see that most of these piano makers of upright and grand pianos are based in US, Germany, Japan and a few in other European countries.

Here are some of the big piano names (grouped by country):


Location – American

Baldwin Pianos from Gibson

Chickering Pianos


Location – Europe (Germany)

Bluthner Piano Centre

Location – Europe (Germany)

Broadwood & Sons

Location – Europe (UK)

Chavanne Pianos

Location – Europe (France)

Ed. Seiler Pianos

Location – Europe (Germany)

Gors & Kallmann Pianos

Location – Europe (UK)

Ibach Sohn

Location – Europe (Germany)

Kemble & Co Ltd

Location – Europe (UK)

Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Location – American

Period Piano Company

Location – Europe (UK)

Piano Brands Manufacturers – Makers of Leading Acoustic Upright and Grand Pianos

Schimmel Pianos

Location – Europe (Germany)

Schulze Pollmann

Location – Europe (Italy)

Steingraeber & Söhne

Location – Europe (Germany)


Location – Europe (UK)

Steinway Pianos – Steinway & Sons

Location – American

Weber Pianos

Location – Europe (UK)

Weber Pianos

Yamaha Pianos

Location – Asia (Japan)

Young Chang Pianos

Location – American


The purpose of this article is not just to educate you on the various brands of pianos that exist in the market but also to let you know that if you are looking for a used piano, then you may consider one of these piano brands. You still need to go through the regular due diligence process. In case you own one of these pianos and it has not been in the greatest of shape, rebuilding the piano can transform it into a much better piano. And if you can play the piano really well, you will be amazed to hear how good your newly rebuilt piano could sound.

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  1. Baldwin has stopped making pianos in the US since 2008. All their pianos are now made in China. And Steinway is not the best, its more of a mid-tier brand.

    1. Most piano companies now have manufacturing units in China, to reduce the cost and to cater to clients in Asia.

  2. I like Stuart and Sons, Steingraeber and Sohne for their clean and clear tone.

  3. Fazioli and Bosendorfer are the best and sublime to play. I am not a big fan of Steinway or Yamaha.

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