Piano Bench Height: How Much Should It Be?

Piano Bench Height Piano Bench Height: How much should it be? Read here to know what is the standard piano bench height. The correct height for a piano stool/bench is important for maintaining the correct posture while playing the piano.

Why Its Important

There are many students who are more concerned with what’s the height of a piano, the height from the floor to the keyboard. If you are not planning to buy an adjustable bench, then probably you have to know the exact height; but if you are going to use an adjustable one it does give you the freedom to change the height of the stool by a good 5 to 6 inches.

In any case, the standard height of a large Steinway grand piano is around 28-29 inches, from the floor to the top of the white keys. Its more of a standard because most manufacturers would produce a piano with almost similar height (may be not exact but almost similar).

Piano Benches

To match that, the piano bench height on most padded benches can be varied from eighteen to twenty four inches in height; this is the usually range on most of these seating accessories. Some of them are also around, but the ones meant for upright/grand pianos tend to be several inches higher.

That’s why most teachers recommend adjustable height benches, because most pianos could vary a bit in height. It could be an inch or so but can put off most players!

However, once you have a good stool, its important to focus more on your piano playing posture and not worry much about these technicalities (exact height and so on), unless you intend to get a piano stool built for your piano.

Later on, you should focus only on practicing the piano, using the right techniques, and maintaining a good posture that feels best for your body while playing.

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Piano Stool

What is the Correct Height for a Piano Stool

There are many students who don’t use a piano bench when they begin learning to play the piano.

They choose to use some sort of chair already present at home, or if they are multi-instrumentalist they will use their music stool for playing the piano.

But then what should be the correct height for the piano stool that you use?

Most standard piano benches are around 19 to 20 inches tall, so even you should keep it at that height.

Most benches are height adjustable as well which makes them ideal for playing the piano, but if you don’t have that option, you should try the maintain the height mentioned.

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Always keep the posture in mind
Though the above are guidelines, the proper height for a piano stool should be such that it helps you maintain the correct posture when you are seated. That means, to some extent, it will also depend on your body height, so you may have to make some adjustments to be comfortably seated.

Important for playing longer sessions
Sooner or later you’ll start playing longer sessions on your piano, and it becomes even more important in that case to maintain the correct posture.

You need to be seated right and have the correct hand positioning, to prevent any piano-playing related injuries, especially when you are going to practice and perform daily for an hour or more.

An adjustable piano bench that can be adjusted to various heights, accommodates the needs of different piano players.

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