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accordionsDigital Piano Accordion reviews. Read more on Hohner, Roland piano and button accordions, and what are the factors to look for when you buy them.

Recommended Products

Take a look at some of these best-selling accordions that you may consider buying. We have also listed some useful accessories.

Fever Piano Accordion 25 Keys 12 Bass

Accordion 25 Piano Keys 12 Bass button accordion. Has single strap hooks on each side of the accordion with plenty of room for the two PU leather padded shoulder straps (included). It comes with a case with lock and keys. Dimensions: 12.5 inches in Length, 6 Inches Width and 14 inches Height. Weighs 9.5 lbs approx.

Hohner FR-1x V-Accordion

Lightweight (weighs just over 14 lbs), tons of amazing sounds. In addition to accordion sounds, the FR-1x gives you organs, woodwinds, brass, drums, and many other instrument sounds. MIDI and USB connectivity allows the accordion to be hooked to a computer (allowing use of virtual instruments).

Roland FR-1x - Piano-type, Black
List Price: $2,199.99
Price: $2,199.99
Price Disclaimer

Hohner Piano Accordion XL Gig Bag

A sturdy gig bag for your accordion with lots of pockets.
Foam padded, Side zippers, carrying handle with adjustable shoulder straps.

Hohner Accordion Straps

Easily hold any accordion comfortably with these straps that are easy on your shoulders.
Great for both diatonic and piano accordions.

Barcelona 30-Key Piano-Style Accordion with Case

Perfect piano accordion for the beginner student and the intermediate player. 30 piano-style treble keys, 32 bass buttons divided into four rows.

Hohner Student Piano Accordion 25 Keys

For the beginner student, these are affordable and designed for playability.
Treble: 25 keys, Bass: 12 buttons, Range: g-g, Two sets of treble reeds, Four sets of bass reeds.

Hohner 26-Key Piano Accordion

A Great music instrument for beginners, experienced players and for Travellers, from a respected brand.
26 keys, range b-c, two sets of reeds, three treble registers with one repeat.

Digital Accordion

Everybody loves the sound of the accordion and is played in various countries through-out the world. If you are fond of this instrument and are looking to buy one, here is what you need to know about accordions.

As with most traditional music instruments, Accordions are also now available as digital instruments! Digital Accordion is also known as a midi accordion, electronic accordion, or an electric accordion. It has the ability to be connected to an amplifier, as well has effects like reverb and flange to go with it.

Digital Accordion is gaining popularity among accordion players, due to the benefits of the digital accordion, where most of the functions are digitized which gives flexibility and easiness in playing the accordion.

Usually a digital accordion is able to play high quality midi sounds, which is also another reason of it being a favorite.

accordion reviews

Different Types

Although there are different variations of accordions, the more common ones are the piano accordion and the diatonic button accordion.

A piano accordion is an accordion which has piano like keys, similar to the one on a piano or organ but with fewer, smaller and lighter keys.

You also get another type of accordion called the diatonic button accordion. The difference here is that instead of piano-like keys, the diatonic has one or more vertical rows of buttons – that explains the name "button box".

Meanwhile, the diatonic accordion, also known as a melodeon looks more like a small version of a piano accordion, but it differs in the keys, where piano accordion has piano-like keys on it, while the diatonic accordion has rows of vertical buttons, which is the reason why the diatonic accordion is nicknamed as the “button box”. All of these buttons can be played in two different notes, depending on the bellows, whether it is closed or not.

So which one is better? Well, both have their positive aspects.

A piano accordion’s layout is simple and if you have played on the keyboards before, you will find it very easy to use.

The negatives of a piano accordion being that it has a smaller range, and requires more finger movement to play notes that are far apart.

Accordions nowadays are digital in nature. Some of the models from Roland will let you instantly switch between classic accordions and orchestral instruments. Besides, you will also find built-in chorus, reverb, rotary, and effects.

Digital Piano Button Accordion

Best Accordions & Accessories

What to Look for?

When looking for a digital accordion, there are a few things to look for. First of all, it is important that you get an accordion based on the type of music that you play. Find out if your music is much more suitable for an electric accordion or a diatonic accordion with monotone, as well as the bass buttons, either a 12 bass up until 120 bass buttons.

You should also look for a lightweight digital accordion. If the digital accordion that you need is heavy, make sure it is fixable with extra supporting straps. If you don’t have any specific key in mind, you can opt for the “Sol” GCF key accordion.

There are plenty of options available in digital accordions; choose the one that best fits your requirement and your music.

Depending on the offer, you may get accessories such as straps, cleaning cloth and a learning method book. Gig bags are usually sold separately and are needed if you are a regular performer.

  • Palmer-Hughes Accordion Course
  • Mel Bay’s Deluxe Accordion Method
  • Mel Bay’s You Can Teach Yourself Accordion

Playing the Accordion

Depending on the type of the accordion, the right hand will play either a piano keyboard or a chromatic (button) keyboard. You use these to play the treble notes.

The left hand is used to play the bass notes and preset chords. The left hand is also used to change switches, and to operate the air button.

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